The Beginning of Everything...

   Hi, my name is Caitlin and I just started this blog today. I have wanted to make one for a while because reading has become a big part of my life- a huge part, actually- and I enjoy talking about books to anyone who likes to listen and fangirl/boy about them with me. So why not start a blog, where I can talk about books forever?
   I am sure things are going to change in the future, but just to get started and see where to go from here, I am going to post a book review on a book that I have read on the first day of each month. Which means that my first book review will be up on July 1st, my second on August 1st and so on.
   If you have any book or review recommendations, please let me know and I will see what I can do :)

Let us see how this turns out! :)


  1. Hi Caitlin, I am from Mexico, I like reading book, I have a blog in spanish, I only wrote one post in english, but I hope to write more, I usually read one or two book per month.

    1. That is really cool! I'll be sure to check it out sometime:)


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