Alienated by Melissa Landers

   The day before yesterday, I went to the mall with my best friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. The great thing about them is that they all love reading. Well, one of them is just a fan of Harry Potter and Divergent but I still count that. Towards the end of our shopping time, we went to the book store- because we would be crazy to leave without visiting. Walking around, my Harry Potter fanatic friend bought the Harry Potter Film Wizerdry book. The birthday girl got Champion- the last book in the Legend trilogy- and I jumped around like a girl meeting her favorite celebrity when I saw Alienated on the shelves. Of course I would get another copy of it... Aelyx and Cara were just begging me to pick the book up! So I thought it would only be fitting to write a book review for this amazing, loving, and suspenseful science fiction novel.
   Alienated is one of my favorite sci-fi books about a girl, Cara, who has a L'eihr living in her home. Having Aelyx in her home will be a perfect opportunity for her to find out how the L'eihr live. But what she doesn't know is how hard she will fall for him... or the secret that he's keeping from her that may or may not destroy Earth. And on top of that, Cara is getting nasty and threatening notes in her locker from the kids at school that aren't so pro-L'eihr and the two of them have to be escorted to school by a police officer.  Tough choices have to be made and it seems to all rest on Cara and Aelyx.
   If you are a fan of sci-fi and have never read this book, I highly suggest you do! From all of the books I have read so far, I have never read a book about an exchange student from another planet. Alienated is so original with a star-crossed love and a lot of suspense. It makes you want to keep on reading and leaves you begging for more. 
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book:)
   The thing I love about Cara is that she isn't afraid to have a passion about something and doesn't care if almost everyone else hates it. Cara is a strong girl and very smart. She is actually the smartest girl in school. With her whole life planned out, she's ready to have the first ever L'eihr coming down to Earth and sharing a house together. But she doesn't expect how attractive he is. And Aelyx definitely doesn't expect to start liking Earth.
   Thinking that Earth was a terrible place, he and his friends plan on destroying it. But when he finds out he loves Cara and the Earth, it's too late to take everything back. 
   In Aelyx's planted, everything is dull. The same clothes, color, and hair. So when he comes to Earth, he sees everything as vibrant and intense. And tasting the food makes him want to throw up. Almost everything about culture is different. Even kissing. 
   The kissing scene in Aelyx's room is probably going to be my favorite part of the book. Cara and Aelyx are just starting to talk to each other more and realize that maybe they have feelings for each other. When they start talking about relationships. Aelyx shows Cara how the L'eihr show their affection and Cara shows Aelyx how to kiss. And when they do, it's like fireworks going off on the Fourth of July. Reading it just gave me butterflies because finally they realize they have feelings for each other! 
   But then Aelyx feels guilty about the secret he's been hiding. And when Cara finds out about what he did and that he kept it from her all this time, she feels so angry and disappointed. And I don't blame her. Loving someone that has started to destroy the world is mind-shattering. But since the book is two perspective, I can sort of see where Aelyx was coming from and I feel bad for him for losing Cara and trying to destroy the human race.
   When Aelyx sacrifices himself to save Cara and the people on Earth, Cara realizes that she still loves Aelyx and doesn't want him to die. In the end though, Aelyx has to return to Earth to fix the alliance while Cara stays on L'eihr until he gets back. And it won't be until the next book, Invaded, comes out before we find out what happens to Aelyx and Cara. 
   To me. this book showed that no matter who you are, people make mistakes and if you fight hard enough, it's not too late to make it right. And it also showed that we humans are scared of something we have no knowledge of. We are afraid of the unknown and that's okay, but it makes most of us do things we might regret and sometimes the unknown isn't so bad as long as you give it the chance to be known.
   Reading this book gave me a rollar coaster of feels. Love, confusion, suspense, sadness. And that is what makes a good book. When you feel something, it means the author did such an amazing job writing that you feel like you are with the characters, feeling the same things they are or just connecting with them. To me, knowing that you cry or the feeling of wanting to punch a wall is a good thing because that means a great character development. 
   Melissa did an amazing job with all of characters in Alienated and I cannot wait for Invaded to come out in February! I know it will be just as good:)


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