TTP Book Singing Experience

   Today was the day. Waking up at 6:30 to go to Maryland and meet my favorite author in the entire world! I decided to wear my obsidian necklace in honor of the Lux series. I couldn't sleep last night and this morning I felt like jumping off the walls in excitement. Shiloh Walker was also there and I wanted to meet her, too!
   My friend came with us to get Jennifer's signature and we talked about books the whole hour to Boonsboro, MD. The ride there was not long considering I was with a friend. There were lots of views of farms and mountains and rivers that were beautiful. The closer we got, the more jumpy I was. I was about to meet the person that wrote the books that made me fall in love with sci-fi. The one that wrote the Covenant series and currently writing The Dark Elements series along with Don't Look Back. All amazing books.
   When we got to Boonsboro, the first thing I thought was a cute little town where everyone knew everyone else. Everyone we meet was so nice and sweet there. The line for the Turn The Page bookstore was already long so my mom and brother stood in line while my friend and I went into a vintage store that sold so many cute things. There was a really pretty mirror and a cute lace dress. Princess tiaras and rings with huge jeweled flowers on top. Mini bird baths. Tea sets. I honestly don't think I would buy anything I need in a vintage store but I wish we had more vintage stores where I lived so just so I can walk about and look at things.
   Back in line, we went into the book store to get our books. It was so crowded in that little book store! It turns out there were a lot more adults and a lot less teenagers than I thought. All of the adults were there mostly for the Nora Roberts books and some for Jennifer L. Armentrout. While getting the Lux Beginnings and Consequences, a woman asked if it was worth buying the Lux series since she heard it was really amazing. Of course I told her it was more than worth it. I just got someone to be a Daemon Black fan!!!
   While in line to check out (it was a line that literally weaved throughout the whole store) we met another girl that loves Jennifer L. Armentrout almost as much as we do. She noticed I was wearing an obsidian necklace and we talked about the Lux series and the Wait For You series.
   After we checked out our books, we went to eat Subway for lunch and went back to the vintage store so my mom could check it out. Then we got back in line to wait until we could go back in and get our signatures and pictures. In line, I spotted Jennifer and that was probably the moment it sunk in that I was meeting Jennifer for the first time. Moving closer, Shiloh Walker signed my two books and my bag. Shiloh is really nice and friendly it made me smile:) And right next to her was Jennifer L. Armentrout.
   She signed the three books I bought and talked about complimented my necklace I was wearing. When I told her it was obsidian, she said "See, I thought so." and showed me her obsidian ring she was wearing. Then, she told us about the Baltimore Book Festival she was attending. Marissa Meyer would also be attending so hopefully I can go! She took a picture with me and signed and complimented my bag.
   The whole time I couldn't stop smiling. I just met Jennifer L. Armentrout. It was like I just met a celebrity. Well, she is a celebrity to me. I knew she is a great writer but Jennifer is also so nice and so down to earth. It's amazing she wrote a character like Daemon Black.
   Going home, I read what Shiloh and Jennifer said and smiled when I saw just what they said.
   I had such a great time going and meeting everyone there and I can't wait to meet them again! Waiting in the heat for more than an hour was so worth it!


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