Daemon and Katy Are Back!

Hey book lovers!
   I am so happy to announce that Opposition will be released tomorrow! If you guys don't know, Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of my all time favorite authors and Oppostion is the last book in the Lux Series. I am so sad to see the series end because this series was what got me falling in love with science-fiction and it is just such a great read. But I am also very excited to read more about the Luxen and how Daemon and Katy will handle everything! As long as they're together, I'm sure everything will be fine... I hope.
   I can talk on and on forever about the Lux series but I wouldn't want to bore you or spoil anything if you haven't read it! If you are not a fan of science-fiction, these books will get you to love them more than Mom's spaghetti! So if you haven't picked these books up yet, I highly suggest you do!:)
   And on that note I will end this short post here:) Byeee<3


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