Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

   It has been roughly two weeks since Opposition and I finally get to write my review. I would've done this right after I finished this amazing book (which was two days prior to the release date) but I figured very few people have the book much less finished it. So after a long two weeks, here I am typing!
   As you my or may not know, Jennifer L. Armentrout is my favorite author ever so I expected this book to be amazing. And she didn't disappoint. Opposition was action-packed from beginning to end. Starting from chapter 2 and throughout the whole book, there was one major event to the next. I felt so bad for Daemon and Katy because they never got a break from fighting against the world.... Well, Daemon made time if you know what I mean;) The book was amazing because even though they were in the middle of a war against the Luxen and some of the government, there was still a good amount of romance for Daemon and Katy (my OTP<3) and nothing stopped Daemon from getting what he wants. 
   On one hand, I was so sad to read the book, knowing that this will be the last of Daemon and Katy and Dee and Dawson and all of the amazing characters that have been a big part of me throughout the years. Sometimes it would just hit me that I was reading the very last book, and I would get so sad. But on the other hand, I was so excited for what came next after each chapter and be happy that at least this book is a good ending to the series.
   I can't say all the things I want to say for those of you who haven't read the book yet, but if you haven't read the Lux series yet, you MUST pick them up! I wasn't a fan of science fiction until I kept seeing Obsidian popping up on Instagram and finally decided to pick it up (so thank you Instagram).
   If you have read the series but not Opposition yet, well finish the series! Oppostition is a great ending to the Lux series and I am 99% sure you won't be disappointed. With so many mind- blowing discoveries, it's hard not to get excited and fangirl/boy about it. 
   Jennifer L. Armentrout did an amazing job ending the series and I am so glad that this wasn't a disappointment. I am so glad that whenever I miss Daemon and Katy, I can just pick up Obsidian and re-read the stories that have been a part of my life for so long. 
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book:)
   As I have said, I love how much action this book had. It was insane that it just kept going from one fight to the next. So action-packed and yet so much one on one time with Daemon and Katy;) 
   In the beginning, Katy is stuck in a house with Archer and Luc and Beth. When Katy goes upstairs and finds out that Beth is pregnant, I thought that was so funny how everyone knew (even us readers) but her. I was reading it and I was like "I'm pretty sure I already knew that." and when Katy found out that Archer and Luc already knew, I literally laughed out loud. I could picture the expression on Katy's face and it was hilarious.
   That, of course, led Katy and Archer to the grocery store to get some meds for Beth since she wasn't feeling well. And this is where all of the action came in. The one thing I love about Katy is that she will do what she thinks is right even if it seems stupid or will definitely put her in danger. So when she tries to get the little kid away from the Luxen, I thought that was stupid, yet verrry brave of her to do. And these Luxen aren't like that ones that we know. They are more violent and arrogant and can do some nasty things to these humans. Saving the kid put Katy and Archer surrounded by a bunch of these new Luxen that came down to Earth and they fought their way through it until they found an opening. And once they got free, Katy saw Daemon. And then Dawson knocks her out.
   At first, I could've sworn that the brothers were turned and will kill Katy. But when Daemon heals her, I was like "Oh thank goodness." because now we know that he still has his feelings for Katy. I just love how strong their love is. But apparently, Dee is the only one of the triplets to have turned. 
   After Katy finds out that Sadie is an Origin and Luc takes them in, Daemon and Katy soon find out that they aren't really connected like they thought they were. That was seriously the most mind-blowing statements throughout this whole series. The whole time, they thought they were connected and if one died, the other would too. But that wasn't true and I had to read that sentence a million times before it sunk in. Katy spent a good amount of time pushing Daemon away because she thought it was only the connection and not actual love that he was feeling. And now they find out they aren't and it's just like... WHAT JUST HAPPENED! I felt so bad for the two of them and just hearing that would've put me in a daze. On the bright side, the other won't die.. but then they have to live life without the other:/ 
   They also find out the the government is bombing the big cities, wiping out all of the electricity. Which means phones and computers go dead. Cars, busses, trucks, etc. stop moving. No warmth or coolness. No lights. And all because the bombs send these frequencies that kill all of the Luxen... even the innocent ones. But Daemon gets an idea that won't involve killing innocent Luxen or harming the humans. And that is to work with the Arum.
   The Arum hate the Luxen and feed off of them. So Daemon's plan is to talk to them and ask to help in this war. Fortunately, Luc knows an Arum that can get them in to see the leader of the Arum;) Fortunately, that Arum is Hunter!!!! And unfortunately, Lotho- the Arum leader- likes playing games. For some odd reason, this part of this book is one of the funniest parts even though I highly dislike Lotho and seeing Daemo struggle is never a good experience. When Hunter gets Daemon, Archer and Katy in, they find Lotho sitting on a throne of bones... Luxen bones. When Daemon first proposes the idea, he is surprisingly polite... until he finishes it with a snarky remark. Lotho originally says hell no. But then Katy, being the strong-headed, brave person she is, speaks up and tells the Arum and Luxen how stupid they are being because they keep blaming each other for whatever reason. Her speech surprised everyone. So Lotho agrees to help... on one condition. He wants to feed off of Katy. One or three times. Daemon immediately says no but Katy eventually convinced him that this would be the only way to help. So Lotho takes them to his bedroom... and changes into a ridiculous outfit with no shirt on. Obviously, this sends Daemon over the edge but he manages to hold it in... for two minutes. Right before Lotho goes to feed off of Katy, Daemon stops everything and says he can't let this happen. And being Lotho, he laughed and said that he was seeing how far they were willing to go to have his help. So in the end, Daemon and Katy passed the test and they got the Arum to help. 
   After that whole fiasco, Hunter lets the three of them stay at his brother's house for a while. While the Arum are out, Dee and a few other Luxen pay a visit to her siblings and Katy. Katy fights Dee, not wanting Daemon to have to (maybe) kill her. While the brothers are fighting the other Luxen there is a huge cat fight going on with the two who used to be best friends (get it? Cat fight... Katy...Kiteen...). Obviously not wanting to kill Dee, Katy tries to talk to her about what the two did together as best friends. As sisters. Trying to get her humanity back (or whatever you want to call it), Katy still doesn't back down from Dee who is trying to kill her. After a bit of flinging Katy through a wall, Dee finally sees Katy. As a friend. Mentioning Ash and Andrew did something to Dee and it brought her back<3 I was so glad that Dee was back. Even if she was acting like a bitch, it wasn't really her. I definitely didn't want her to die. She was such a good friend to Katy and without her, there wouldn't have been a Daemon and Katy. 
   When the Arum come back, they are very surprised about the new house decor but they aren't as upset as I thought they would be. Leaving, Daemon, Dawson and Dee plan on going back to West Virginia to find the leader of the Luxen and pretending to have turned again. This gives Katy the idea of seeing her mother one more time to make sure she is all right. What they find is a Luxen that has taken over her mothers body. Daemon quickly kills her, their plan forgotten. Honestly, I kind of figured that Katy's mom would die eventually. I mean, she wasn't that big of a character throughout the series and if Katy lived to go on, she would either tell her mom but have her in danger, or not tell her mom and keep this huge secret from her mother. It was so sad seeing her mom die, because who wants to see that? But it's the last book in the series and someone has to die, and I a guiltily grateful it wasn't someone else.
   And to top it all off, Ethan Smith walks into the room. To be honest, I don't recall hearing his name in any of the other books but it did sound vaguely familiar. Anyway, Ethan Smith walks into the room, the leader of all of the Luxen. And he explains why he hates the humans so much. Ethan was part of the first batch of Origins, the ones that have no real power. He grew up in a lab run my humans. And the humans killed his parents when they didn't need him anymore. I know that sucks for him (like Daemon said) but that doesn't give him a good reason to fight tooth and nail against the humans and any other species that isn't a Luxen or Origin. I mean, like Katy said, that's insane. After trying the use Katy as hostage and fails, Ethan runs. But Katy uses her gun and shoots him. Kills him.
   The bad Luxen and the Black's fight against each other while Katy runs and tries to get a runaway. But that runaway leads her toward a while community of evil Luxen. They are all staring at her and she knows this is the end. Thankfully, Daemon is right behind her and at least they go down together. Except that's not the case. The Arum come just in time to attack the Luxen and it is like a huge flock of birds coming in.
   After the Arum defeat the Luxen and leave, Katy goes out to get some fresh air. Archer gets a call from Luc saying that Nacey has been missing but not anywhere near her Origin babies. Daemon realizes that she is probably trying to search for them and that Katy is outside and not safe. He runs outside and sees Nacey holding a gun and aiming it at Katy. And because he would give his life for Katy, he rushes to her and takes the hit. At this moment, I cannot breathe. Out of everyone in this book, Jennifer cannot kill off Daemon. She just can't... It's Daemon Black we are talking about. After everything the two went through, he can't just die because of Nancy
   Katy looks at Daemon, begging him to stay. But when he goes unconscious, she also blacks out. Waking up in the hospital, she sees that Dee is with her and everything comes rushing back to her. She looks to her side and finds Daemon laying in to bed next to her, still unconscious. Katy walks over to him and he opens his eyes and I swear it made me cry all over again. I knew that he couldn't have died! But how he wakes but and the love you feel between the two, it is just so emotional (...to me at least).
   Both alive and well, Daemon and Katy both decided to go to college. Archer and Dee come over and go over to Dawson and Beth's house and spend time with them and Ashley, their baby girl. Luc comes in and the whole gang is together in one happy house<3 
   I loved this book so much, it was a really great way to end the series. The only thing I am going to say is that I wish the ending was more... emotional. It was very happy but nothing really happened. But knowing Jennifer, I know she typically likes her endings to be happy because she doesn't like the cry tests even though we always do anyway;) Other than that, I don't have any other criticism to this book and I thank her soooo so much for giving us a great story. Of sharing Daemon and Katy with all of us. This series is what got me interested in book blogging and liking cats and science fiction books. So thank you. Thank you Jennifer for writing this amazing book. It was truly a ten out of five stars<3


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