Trip to the Hospital

   So apparently, running after your longboard down a hill isn't the most brilliant idea. After six days at the hospital, I am finally home to share with you the story of how I broke my femur.
   Tuesday night and hanging out with my brother, we were rolling down a hill long boarding. The hill wasn't that steep but it was long and curved and felt really awesome. I'm not the best skateboarder ever and my brother was trying to teach me for a few weeks before he said I have the hang of it and just need more practice. So that tuesday, seeing the hill made me kind of wary to skate on it because even though it wasn't steep, it was big. 
   My brother, taking no for an answer, rode down the hill without any troubles to show me that it was fine. And it was. When it was my turn, there were cars coming back and forth so it took me a while to actually go down it. But eventually I did and it felt amazing. About halfway down the hill, there is a three-way intersection in the little mall area we were at so I turned in there and slowed down.
   After a few minutes, my brother decided to take a break and relax with my mom and her frined at the part of the hill with the intersection. Riding on my own, I wanted to skate down the whole hill starting at the intersection area. Strike one. It felt amazing but a car was coming so i decided to jump off to the side. Unfortunately, longboards (or any boards for that matter) don't know how to stop on a hill. My board kept going and I was afraid it would hit the incoming car and the driving would get mad at me. So with my very stupid brain, I thought to run after it and catch it. Strike two. Of course, the speed gets faster the longer you go. I was running and leaning down to catch it but kept missing. One time, I felt like I was close enough to catch it so I leaned in closer. Strike three.
   All at once, I tumbled over and landed someone on the side of the street with my right leg bent over my left leg that was straight. It looked like I was doing one of those stretching exercises, but my right thigh looked really weird and so instinct was to not move it. Siting, the car that was coming up parked next to me while I was there trying to scream and get my mom. The guy got out and asked if I needed any help (no duh) and asked if I wanted my mom (did you not just here me screaming for her?). After telling him my name and where my mom was, he walked up the hill and got her. When my brother and her finally reached me, I told them I probably dislocated my leg or tore some muscle since I wasn't crying. They didn't know what to do and my mom's friend finally came saying she thinks I dislocated my leg. Thinking it wasn't that big of an injury, the picked me up and put me in the car... It was more painful than my leg.
   The car ride to the INOVA Hospital wasn't too bad but getting me into the wheel chair when I got there. It took two nurses and the security officer to help me in it:P When they took me to the ER, they gave me meds to help with the pain (who remembers all of those medical names?) and told us it was a torn muscle or a dislocation. They didn't want to move me to the bed unless I was better because they didn't want to put me in more pain. But I could tell that they were impatient so they can give me X-rays so after I thought I was okay enough I told them I could try. They were really surprised but they helped and I got on.
   When I meet the girls doing my X-rays, I knew I liked them. They were so funny (even though it's probably to keep my mind off the pain) and nice that I just wanted to hug them... obviously I couldn't.
   After a long fifteen minutes, they rolled me back to the ER and I waited- with my still bent leg- until they came back with the pictures. And damn, they almost made me cry. Apparently, I broke my femur clean right in the middle.
   Putting me to sleep, I wake up with a straight leg and a huge nauseating headache. They rode me up the elevator and into pediatrics (since I am still a minor) and all of the nurses there almost made me pee my pants because I was laughing so hard but maybe that was the medicine.
   After a long night, I finally go to sleep for a couple hours.
   I swear the pediatric nurses are the best. Amy, Melissa, Jennifer, Henry, Debby, Bazu and so many more were the greatest nurses ever. My doctor and surgeon, Shah and Khan were so helpful too when they took me to surgery two days later to put a rod in me.
   After leg pains, bathroom breaks, and medication, I finally broke down on the fifth day. I felt like I wasn't doing any better with Physical Therapy and what I did that tuesday evening was so stupid. Who runs after a skateboard while a car is coming at you? Who cares if the driver is mad at you, at least your leg didn't break. I told my mom I just needed time alone so she slipped out of the room while I cried. After a while, my nurses started trickling in and they noticed my puffy eyes. They told me I was doing great and they couldn't handle their leg breaking if it was them. Well of course they would, I was in shock so I didn't cry.
   At the end of the day, I was able to move all the way across my room to the couch without feeling dizzy or throwing up. I cried again, but this time in tears of joy. I think I just needed a huge cry that day because it felt so good after and I got myself to move more than I thought I was before. I hate crying- but you know... books- and I hate being so useless but I made work that day and I was truly happy.
   On the last day of being at the hospital, I was worried that they were going to tell me to stay but they said I could go home! I was going to miss the nurses and doctors so much! I didn't get to see all of them, but I got a picture will Bazu, Henry and Melissa<3 They led me down to the back side of the hospital where my mom parked the car. Seeing them for the last time honestly made me sad. Melissa gave me a spa treatment and they were all there right when I needed them. Debby used to be in the army and I don't know if it's from being in the Armed Forces but she has a rod in from her neck to her shoulder and she has a metal cage on her back. And she was one of the funniest people I know. Henry had his own kind of humor and taught me so many cool things about the equipment they used on me. He was very kind too. At first I thought that it would be awkward having a male nurse but it was actually not as different as I thought it would be.
   All of them were a big part of my recovery and I seriously don't think I would be here at home without their humor and care.
   Going home was fun and I met my brother at the front door. Now, I am sitting on the couch the next day giving you a story that you may or may not read. This has absolutely nothing to do with books but I felt the need to share this story with you guys and show how grateful I am for the staff- the janitors and chefs too- because I have no other way to show the gratitude I want to.
   So thank you for taking the time to read this very weird story if you decided to read. One of the few things I learned, don't run after your skateboard down a hill.


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