BBF Cancelled:'( and I got my Instagram back!

Good Evening Book Lovers,
   So since I broke my leg this summer (...or last summer?...) I unfortunately cannot walk until October. Which means I have to cancel my Baltimore Book Festival signing! I've been seriously crying on the inside ever since I found out about a week ago.
   Jennifer L. Armentrout, Diana Peterfreund, and Marrisa Meyer are all going to be there and I seriously wanted to meet Jennifer again and meet the others for the first time. But if any of you want to meet them on the Eastern side of the US, then September 26th is the time to go!
   Hopefully, I can make it to other signings that I wanted to go to during the year, though.

   Also, I got my Instagram back! I had an Instagram about two years ago but I never used it so I got rid of it XD Now that I have a blog and a twitter, I have decided to get it back (and because my lovely boyfriend really wanted me to have one)! My Instagram is my personal account so if any of you care about what is going on in my everyday life (which you probably don't), go check it out!

Instagram: @caitlin_luong

Alright, night guys<3


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