Destined for Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

   So I just wanted to say how amazing and special these books are to me. When I broke my leg about a month ago, I was stuck in the hospital with nothing to do. You guys might think that it was awesome to just lay in bed all day but no. No, it was terrible. I couldn't move around and someone had to be there every second of the day. And the room felt like it was getting smaller each day. But, thanks to Sasha Aslberg, I opened up my kindle and started reading Doon. When I started reading it, I literallu couldn't stop. And although the nurses were fantastic, I was so happy to escape the little room I stayed in and travel to Scotland! And I want to take this time to say: Thank you so much Carey and Lorie! I don't think you know how much it has helped me<3 Reading Doon helped me go through all the sitting and overthinking I did while at the hospital. I stopped thinking how stupid I was and how much money it would be. I let go and let the book take me into a far away place called Doon...
   So for the people who haven't yet read this series, the first book is called Doon (I suggest you read that one first;)). In the first book, the POV is mostly on Veronica, who has dark brown hair and is super smart and dances. She starts having these 'visions' about a specific boy in a kilt;) but tries to assume she's crazy while she flies off to Scotland with her best friend Kenna. But when she gets there, she realizes that he's not so imaginary after all. 
   In THIS book, the POV is mostly with Kenna. Reading this book, it was just as great as the first one. With the perfect amount of romance and an amazing plot, I couldn't put this book down. The only thing I want to say about it is in the beginning, when Kenna talks about her different plays and musicals, it was a tad bit annoying. But once I got used to it, then it was fine:) Other thank that, the book was flawless. The ending left at a huge freaking cliff-hanger like omg! I NEED the third book NOW!!! But I guess I have to wait just like everyone else... Anyways, if you haven't already, you should read this series so we can fangirl/boy about it together!<3
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book:)
   Okay, so Doon left off when Kenna goes back to Chicago and leave Duncan at the bridge. While in Chicago, she finds out the Finn was Duncan the whole time and she's had a Calling ever since she was little. Now, Duncan surprises Kenna in her dressing-room and tells her that Veronica needs her to return to Doon. When Duncan first arrived, I knew he wasn't going to be all warm and snuggly. And when Weston walked in and interrupted their conversation, I was like oh sh*t things are about to go down. I was so annoyed at Kenna when she didn't say anything about him not being her actual boyfriend because if she's going to Doon, it was highly likely she would lose her job anyway, so whats the point?? Or when they were traveling to Doon, every time Duncan mentioned her 'boyfriend' and she's about to tell him it wasn't true, but she stops I'm like COME ONNNNN! But of course, there just has to be that chasm between them. I was also annoyed at Duncan because can't you just let her talk for just ONE minute?! *sigh* 
   When they finally come to Doon and Kenna is trying to get past the guards, I somehow found that totally hilarious. And Duncan is just standing there observing everything, silently laughing. Even then, I could tell that he was still in love with Kenna. 
   A couple days later, the whole team has a meeting and thinks that a good way to cover up why Kenna is back in Doon at the same as Duncan, they would tell everyone that they had a Calling and they would 'pretend' to be in love. And I say 'pretend' because of course they still actually love each other. They just have to stop denying it. Meanwhile with Veronica, she is really stressed with ruling and the mysterious disappearances and how she feels that Jamie is controlling everything for her. I kind of agree with Veronica because even though he will co-rule with her one day, he isn't ruling yet and she's trying to get the people of Doon to respect her, but she can't do that with Jamie telling her how she should do things and protecting her over every turn in the road. But, I also know that Jamie is madly in love with Vee and that he feels like he's doing what he can to protect her because he can't imagine life without her. 
   Eventually, Kenna and Veronica have a plan to seek the underground tunnels to find a weapon that can destroy the black things that are destroying not only Doon, but also the land outside of it. When they go down, they find it. But, the princes are down there with them so they couldn't pick it up without them wondering why they are taking it. When Veronica touches it, she has a vision of Kenna striking a slab of stone (the source of the magic) with the sword and she knows that it was the right weapon. When Vee decides not to tell Jamie or Duncan about their plan, I thought that was wrong because of course, no good can come out of hiding the truth. They weren't doing anything wrong, they just didn't want the boys to worry. But of course they will worry! I think Vee just needed to have a little more fait in Jamie and give him creds that at least he compromised. And if they didn't succeed, he will never know what went down and wonder for years. 
   When Fiona and Fergus' wedding day comes, they know it's time to leave. And they are about to, but Vee and Kenna get captured by the people that resent Vee. They are brought back to the castle and everyone witnesses the scene and how Duncan and Kenna were just pretending and there is magic out there destroying the lands. They confess that they are trying to save them but are running out of time. So the captivators bring Duncan and Jamie with them to where Kenna and Vee need to go to kill the magic. 
   On their journey they see and smell things terrible. But when they finally get there, they find Addie. The witch that they fought last time. She runs away and in her place, there is an exact replica of Vee. Telling her that she shouldn't have left. Then her grandma, blaming her for not fulfilling her dying wish. And then.. Duncan. Saying he left her and broke his heart. While she goes through her fears, Vee is telling to overcome them. And Kenna does. When she went through all of the three people, I felt so bad for her. Knowing that's what she thought on the inside, it wasn't her fault. Yes, she left Duncan, but with everything going on, she thought that that was the right thing to do at the time and she knows that it was obviously wrong. So she does overcome her thoughts and destroys whatever the shapeshifting thing was. And lastly, she slices the stone. 
   When they get back, the captivators are terribly sorry for what they did. And the Kenna and leaving, Duncan escorting her away. At first, I thought she was actually leaving or that Duncan was coming the real world with her. But no!:) He stops her and confesses his love to her. And what he says is just the sweetest thing ever! And finally, when Kenna says Weston wasn't really her boyfriend, Duncan grabs her and kisses her like his life depended on it. And I was totally fangirling by that point. 
   Kenna decides to stay in Doon with Duncan. Coming back, Veronica rushes down to meet her, and when she does, she faints. And then the book ends. LIKE WHAT JUST FREAKING HAPPENED?! AHHHHH I NEED THE NEXT BOOK LORIE AND CAREY!!!!! That was just a steep cliff-hanger (Get it? Steep cliff... steep cliff-hanger...yeah, never mind). I had to read the last paragraph like twenty times before it hit me that that was the end of the book. AHHhHH! Like what happened to Veronica?! Omg. 
  Haha, besides that huge cliff-hanger, the book was sooooooo good! I didn't expect anything less of the book and I was so happy to have Duncan and Kenna finally together! Lorie and Carey did another excellent job with this series and I am so freaking excited for the next one as you can imagine;D I am so glad I found my way to Doon<3


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