Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

   So it took me a long while to finish this book not because it was a bad book, but because of school and all of the homework. It actually ticked me off a great deal because I just wanted to keep reading this amazing book, but I have finally finished it! Okay don't laugh at me, but for some reason I thought this was a trilogy series... It wasn't until around one hundred pages left when I was like 'okay, this book cannot end like this'. But, I am so happy that this book wasn't the last one because that means the story keeps going!
   Anyway, to the people who haven't read this series or book yet, I highly suggest you read it if you like the fantasy genre that has a hint of mystery in it. The mystery was more in the first and second book and this one had more of an emotional twist to it. And can I just say: THE FEELS. I just love how Sarah J. Maas writes her books and how she formats everything and just everything she does(don't judge). The Throne of Glass novels are so original from all of the other books I have read. Not to be stereotypical or anything, but there are few books that have a strong female character from the beginning of the book to the end. But Celaena Sardothian is a freaking assassin! Of course, Jennifer L. Armentrout's female character in the Covenant series is a strong woman, too. Or Max from James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. Both have very strong female characters that are kick-ass, but having an actual girl assassin is just something new. There are so many things that I just want to give away but it will totally ruin the whole series for you and everyone will hate me... so it's a lose-lose situation.
   I don't know how Sarah does it, but this series just catches you from the moment you open the book and it never lets go. You don't want it to let go. I love how all of the characters have just a huge role in everything whether its direct or indirectly. Everything just circles together and like the City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, you end up sitting back in your chair thinking "Mind F!" So if you haven't read this series, read it! There are a little gruesome scenes in the series (she's an assassin so what can you expect?) for anyone who isn't a fan of blood. It's just written so well its like you right there with Celaena and company.
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book:)
   Okay, so can I just say how much I love Rowan??? Of course, I am team Chaol for Celaena... and Rowan is practically family, but Rowan is just such a perfect mach for her to control her powers! In the beginning, I didn't like him that much but I knew he would eventually warm up to Celaena;) When he told Celaena/ Aelin about his lover who died, I immediately took back every mean thing I thought about him and I cannot even explain how sad I was when he was telling her the story. But even though they had a special moment, Rowan still makes her work hard and doesn't make it any easier in her training.
   Meanwhile, Dorian is trying to control his magic and is still wondering why he has it. Aedion comes from a journey and stays in the castle. Chaol and Dorian don't particularly like him, but Chaol notices how alike his eyes are to Celaena and realizes that they are cousins. At first, Chaol thinks that Aedion is under control of the king because he's wearing the black ring that lets the king control his people, but when Chaol and Aedion cross paths in an alleyway, Aedion explains that it's a fake. Okay, when the POV changed to Aedion at that point and he figured out that Aelin was alive I'm like YAYYYYYYYY! I was so glad that after all this time, he is still loyal to Aelin/ Celaena and still loves her so much.
   Dorian meets Sorscha in the medical area of the castle and he notices how pretty and sweet she is so he makes excuses to keep seeing her. I was really happy that Dorian found someone because I felt really bad for being a Team Chaol and he had no one. But now he does! And when he kissed him, I'm like OMG FINALLY GIRL!
   While all of that is going on, Aelin/ Celaena is still with Rowan and she's trying to control her fire at the festival when she suddenly gets sucked into the magic. Rowan tries to get her to snap out of it but it doesn't work. He carries her WHILE SHES BURNING HIM and never lets her go until she's in cold water. She keeps burning it up and he keeps freezing it. When they strip her clothes and he sees the scars on her back and she explains everything I like cried. Just the way she explains it and how Rowan never let her go and how he stormed out because he was so mad at Maeve and how he thought no one should've treated her like that. It was so sad I just couldn't hold back the tears.
   So back in Adarlan, Aedion, Chaol, Dorian and Sorscha all get caught and are brought to the king. When they get there, Aedion takes the blame for everyone and goes to the chambers because the king want Aelin to be there when he kills Aedion. But the king knows who the real traitor is. And that who is Sorscha. She was sending letters to the rebels about the kings whereabouts and so the king orders his men to slice her head off. And picturing the look of devastation on Dorian's face was heartbreaking! He just found someone that he really cared about that wasn't Celaena! So of course, in Dorian fashion, he uses his magic to push the king onto the floor while he orders Chaol to leave so at least someone can leave alive. Chaol leaves.
   And Dorian. Oh. My. Effing. God. The king gets the upper hand and his guards hold him while the king puts a collar around Dorian made out of the same black stuff that let shim control people. AND DORIAN IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain couldn't even process that. I kept re-reading that part thinking I miss the part when Aedion or Chaol came rushing back to save him. But it never came and I just sat there for a moment like what just happened?!
   And that's not all. Rowan and Celaena are fighting the big monster things. Celaena walks past the force field and tries to fight the monsters while Rowan helps defend the castle. Celaena holds her own for a good while and Rowans 'friends' come rushing. They all surge forward to help the castle. Celaena is growing week and by the time Rowan comes back out to help her, she's already on the ground and the big monsters that eat on fear is carrying her up. They were orders to just take 'little sips' so she doesn't die automatically. Instead, she's going through her life and living the worst of her memories. Here, we truly see in great detail how she got to being an assassin and what exactly happened after her parents' death. And this is the point when I am bawling my eyes out. Okay, maybe not that much but you get the point. All of the sacrifices that people made for her. Her babysitter/ maid. That was truly heartbreaking. But she realizes that she has to embrace the hard times. And she does.
   Rowan is still out there being held by his friends so he won't run to help Celaena and while they are telling him that she's dead, they see golden light shooting out and then Celaena is standing there fighting again. And Rowan runs so her and they share their powers with one another that makes them stronger and they defeat the monsters. I think that was the most emotional battle I have ever read about in my life. That legit made me cry and my mom was staring at me like I was crazy. Psh... noo...
   After the huge battle, Celaena and Rowan have to go see Maeve. This is like the oh shit moment for Rowan because he knows that nothing good can come out of this for him. When they meet her, Celaena demands her information before she shows Maeve what she has learned. Celaena, being the smart girl that she is, puts pieces together. But Maeve learns that Celaena knows where the third wyrdkey is, unwilling to tell her. So Maeve sends her people to whip Chaol until Celaena complies. And instead of obliging to tell her the secret, Celaena instead shows Maeve how well she's trained.
   And let me tell you how badd-ass it is. She heats up the room but doesn't burn anyone. The water is boiling along with Chaol's blood that dripped on the floor. And she took away all of the light in the city. Celaena tells Maeve the real truth. That instead of helping with the wyrdkeys, she was trying to steal them. And when Maeve's lover found out, he went against her and she killed him. But he kept the ring that he had and Maeve was trying to find it. And Celaena did. In the cave with the red-eyed monster, the sword and the ring was found there and Celaena used that to her advantage by making a a trade with Maeve. For the ring, Maeve has to release Rowan from his blood-oath to her and set him free or she will melt the ring right in front of her. After contemplating it for a few minutes, Maeve agrees. And Rowan. OMG ROWAN. He stalks up to Celaena and wants to swear a blood-oath to her!!!! I am like HOLY CRAP YES! Celaena doesn't want him to be a slave but he insists to do it and they do. And I am like IN YOUR FACE MAEVE!
   After the battle, Celaena goes on a boat back to Adarlan without Roland since he can't use magic there. And thats the end<3 So there's this other POV with the witch of Manon but throughout the book- besides the parts when she goes against her grandmother- it wasn't significant to the plot. I am positive that Manon and the witches will be huge part in the future, but in this book it wasn't all that much. So I decided not to put that in for the fact that it would take me for.ever!
   This book was truly amazing. I have been waiting since last year for this book to come out and it totally didn't disappoint my expectations! I was so happy that it wasn't one of those books where Chaol dated another girl just to see if he could get over Celaena. And that this book stayed true to the fantasy and action and didn't get too much into the romance part (there was a perfect about of romance in the book to make me swoon a little). Is it bad that I am trying so hard to find something to criticize about this book? I just cannot find anything. The writing was fantastic and the storyline was flawless<3 So all we gotta do is wait for the fourth book to come out! Hope its not too far along!


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