Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jennifer's Giveaways

   So I just recently finished Stone Cold Touch by the one and only Jennifer L. Armentrout! And I gotta say that this book just made me want to punch everyone and tell them to shut up so I could finish this book... sorry to anyone who faced my wrath. But this book was so good! I just wanted to quickly say that to anyone who doesn't know, Jennifer has currently 2 giveaways out right now and you can to enter and win on her website. And, if you have finished Stone Cold Touch, you can vote who Layla will choose in the next book, Every Last Breath HERE.
   I think I have a book hang-over... I need a few days to just let everything sink in. But when I'm back and more people have finished the book, I will definitely post a review for Stone Cold Touch. So stay tuned;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L Armentrout is FINALLY OUT!

   As you already know, Jennifer L Armentrout is my all-time favorite author. And just yesterday, her sequel in the Dark Elements series came out! I actually got the book about a week before it came out because I won a contest on Twitter! Anyways, I'm almost done with the book and so far, I am loving everything about this book! I love they way I hate some things and I love the way I just squeal at other things. And I love both Zayne and Roth but I am stuck on one! I don't want to tell because I don't want to influence your decision (bad or good) but once you read this series, you'll be begging for more!
   So if you haven't read any of the Dark Elements books, I suggest you haul you butt to the book store and read it! IT WILL CHANGE YOU FOREVER!
   And just recently, Jennifer has announced that she will be giving away a copy of Stone Cold Touch with notes in it!!! Go to her website to enter and hopefully win!
   I seriously am in love with all of Jennifer's books. Theres no denying it anymore. And I love how she's also a fan of SUPERNATURAL. Like omg we love the same series!!! But thats besides the point. If you guys finish Stone Cold Touch, tell me! We have to talk about Zayne and Roth and Bambi!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

TMI turned into a TV Show???

   So recent update, The Mortal Instruments is going to be turned into a TV show! From the information that I got, the series will start from the beginning (City of Bones) and Cassandra Clare doesn't know if there will a new cast or not.
   Honestly, I feel like this will be good... I hope. I mean on one hand, there was a movie out that wasn't the greatest because it wasn't the same as the book. But on the other hand, it will be a good fresh start for TMI as long as they make the series exactly like the book. I really liked the cast for TMI but if there are different cast that play the characters right, then I think that I will be fine (Jace has to be hot and arrogant, Clary has the be the pretty stubborn redhead, etc.).
   There are a lot of people on twitter that don't want this to turn into a TV show, but I think that it would give the director a good opportunity to put in the small details that don't matter because in the end, they actually do matter (if that makes sense...). I am really curious to watch if it does turn out to be a good TV show because if it does, I really want them to make a TID show!!! THAT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE! We would actually see Jem and Will as real people and the fight between Wessa and Jessa would be HUGE because both of them are just so perfect.
   Anyway, if you guys have any new news about TMI show, let me know!:)
   Good night fangirls/boys<3

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

HoO Comes To An End...

   So The Bloods of Olympus just came out today!!! I am so exited to finally read it! But honestly, I don't want to read it until tomorrow (...Or tonight since I kind of can't wait) because this is the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series and I don't know if he it going to be making another spin-off to the Percy Jackson series and AHHH! WHAT IF THIS IS THE END?! Seriously, Percy Jackson has been there for as long as I can remember. Not before I was born (of course) but just ever since I've been really into books, its been there. Even when I wasn't back when I was stupid to not like reading, Percy Jackson was there. I mean Harry Potter has been here WAY longer, at least JKR is writing the play and everything. WE DONT KNOW IF RICK RIORDAN IS DOING MORE!
   That's why I am both scared and excited to be reading this book o.O I have no idea what's in store in this book but hopefully no one I like (Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Jason, Hazel, Piper, Leo, Blackjack...) dies... It'll probably happen anyways but a fangirl can dream right?
   On that note, wish me luck on this mythology adventure! And good luck to the people who are currently reading it, too! When you finish maybe we can just cry together:D

The Maze Runner Movie

   So you guys all might hate me, but I just watched The Maze Runner for the first time last night with my group of friends. Now, I actually have an excuse! Might be stupid, but my leg is still healing so I never had the time to watch If I Stay or What If or The Maze Runner or any other huge movie that came out that I can't think of right now. But we all did a triple date at the movies last night and can I just say how annoying some people can be? I mean seriously you don't talk when theres an intense part in the movie and you don't laugh obnoxiously when someone dies. This is why I don't socialize and I stay holed up with my books.
   Other than those people, the movie was amazing. For the people who haven't read the book or seen the movie, it was a pretty good adaptation. I mean, it wasn't as good as Catching Fire or The Fault In Our Stars but it was pretty amazing! They changed some stuff, but the things that they did change, wasn't a big deal to fuss over about. I really think that you should read the book whether it's before or after you see the movie because there's two other books in the series and it is just so good!
   Don't get me wrong I love The Maze Runner, but the beginning of the book was kind of boring to me and it didn't get better until the middle of the book. But in the movie, it is so much better! I think it's just that James Dashner took his time creating the life of the Maze (which is amazing) so it seemed really slow.
   Anyway, read the books, watch the movie, and enjoy the ride because they both were pretty epic;)
   Please do not continue reading until you have seen the movie:)
   Okay so can we just all fangirl for a minute for Dylan O'Brien?! AHH!
   *1 minute later*
   Okay so like omg that movie was pretty good! I was actually really scared that it would be just another terrible book to movie adaptation and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't! The Thomas and Teresa thing was kind of really switched around but I am curious how they will play that out in The Scorch Trials. And I think I liked Newt better in this one than in the book to be honest xD But if you asked the one thing I was most curious about, you can probably guess that I would say the Grievers. And wow they looked a lot like what I pictured in my head! They didn't roll as much as I thought they would from the book, but they poked a lot like how I imagined in my head.
   When we meet Teresa, and she's throwing random things at the boys, everyone in the theater was cracking up xD and there was that one Glader that was like "Are all girls like this?" haha!... Yes... Yes we are. And then there was that time when Mino takes the tracker out of the Griever, that was so nasty like ugh. And speaking of Mino, I swear I've seen him in some other movie before but I can't put a name on it. And it's been bugging me since forever! So if you know where he's from, let me know!
   Okay, back to the book, I think what was really great about it was how they portrayed each character. I love how they just emphasized the people well and they all went along with the book. Sometimes, they don't make someone as bad as they were in the book (like Jeanine Matthews) or the protagonist isn't that great. But in this movie, they did an excellent job!
   I seriously think the movie was great, but can I just say how much they changed the ending?! Sure, of course Chuck and Galley die but W.C.K.D and their whole plan was just so different than the book. I mean I'm pretty sure it was... It's been a while since I've read the book so correct me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty sure the lady was there in front of them and not on a screen. And the people in the room were all alive at the time. And the Gladers left in a bus instead of a plane...? I don't know, but I know that that is what they changed the most.
   Other than that, the movie was definitely watch worthy! I would rate it a 4 out of 5 just because I read the book and I think they could have explained things a little but better. But I cannot wait for The Scorch Trials to come out!!! AH! So good job directors and producers and scriptwriters, etc.