TMI turned into a TV Show???

   So recent update, The Mortal Instruments is going to be turned into a TV show! From the information that I got, the series will start from the beginning (City of Bones) and Cassandra Clare doesn't know if there will a new cast or not.
   Honestly, I feel like this will be good... I hope. I mean on one hand, there was a movie out that wasn't the greatest because it wasn't the same as the book. But on the other hand, it will be a good fresh start for TMI as long as they make the series exactly like the book. I really liked the cast for TMI but if there are different cast that play the characters right, then I think that I will be fine (Jace has to be hot and arrogant, Clary has the be the pretty stubborn redhead, etc.).
   There are a lot of people on twitter that don't want this to turn into a TV show, but I think that it would give the director a good opportunity to put in the small details that don't matter because in the end, they actually do matter (if that makes sense...). I am really curious to watch if it does turn out to be a good TV show because if it does, I really want them to make a TID show!!! THAT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE! We would actually see Jem and Will as real people and the fight between Wessa and Jessa would be HUGE because both of them are just so perfect.
   Anyway, if you guys have any new news about TMI show, let me know!:)
   Good night fangirls/boys<3


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