Mockingjay Part1 Movie

   I'm back! I know I haven't posted anything in a very long time, but I blame it all on school. I actually should be doing homework right now but... eh it can wait. I seriously am so ready for the Thanksgiving break, I want to just read non-stop. Someone commented on here (finally!<3) saying that they want me to post more and I don't think that person knows how much that meant to me<3 It totally woke me up so I am making time today to review the Mockingjay Part1 movie that came out Thursday! I don't think this review will have a spoiler part because Mockingjay is still pretty new out to the world and I don't want to give anything away;)
   So there are a lot of reviews out there saying Mockingjay wasn't good because it was more "political" and not about the games anymore, but if you actually read the book, you would see that the last book wasn't about the games either. It was so funny because those reviews and the comments on twitter from the different fandoms were so different from each other. I personally loved the movies because there was just so much emotion with Katniss that you just felt the pain with her. I think my eyes watered like 5 times during the movie I was literally mentally yelling at myself not to let the tears fall. It was good to the book... I think? It's been a while since I read THG trilogy so I forgot some stuff, but from what I remember, it was pretty good;) I feel so bad for Gale though because you can totally see that he's truly in love with her and she's in love with Peeta. In the books, I was always #TeamPeeta but in the movies... seeing Gale's emotions and hurt, I don't know anymore! Thats another thing about the movies, Katniss may have had the most emotion, but it was there with all three of them and the chemistry in the movie was palpable.
   The movie overall was phenomenal and I can't really say that I would do anything different. I would highly suggest to everyone to watch it if you've seen there previous movies or read the books. Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutchinson were just so amazing along with all of the other cast. The only thing I can really say that I wished was different was President Coin, and thats not even major. I just felt like I wanted her to be more strict than what she was. I would totally rate this movie a 4.99 out of 5<3

   I apologize again for not posting a lot (stupid school). Since Thanksgiving Break is starting tomorrow so I will definitely be starting my book review soon, I promise;) Good night, everyone<3


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