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AMANI: Reveal by Lydhia Marie

*The e-copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

   Amya Priam is a Seraph; she has the ability to send her soul to Sojourn into other people's bodies. And for some unknown reason, she is valuable to a group of Rascals, creatures who look like normal human beings but feed on humanity.
   She, her friend, Samera Cohen, and Xander Macfrey have returned safely to the Protecters of Amani Headquarters after their escapade in England. But this feeling of security is soon shattered when Protecters from all around the world insist that Xander receive the death penalty for crimes he hasn't committed. 
   Before any solution can be worked out, however, a bigger problem arises. HQ falls under attack, forcing the trio seek safety in a small Canadian city called Sherbrooke, where new discoveries and danger lurk around every street corner. 

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   I'm back! I have less than one week until school starts again and I'm trying to get as much reading, writing, and (unsuccessfully) blogging in as possible. I'm definitely more busy than I originally thought this break, but it's been amazing not having to think about homework and tests. Unfortunately, I started studying recently for a test that I have the day I get back... why, oh why?
   Anyway, I have some awesome news! My brother got me a microphone and webcam for me to start BookTubing! I'm really nervous because I don't really out myself out there and this is really.... putting myself out there. But I'm excited to be starting this summer! So if any of you wanna watch my first (probably terrible) video, I'll update you guys about it soon!
   I was so excited when Lydhia Marie emailed me and asked me to review her second book for her. It's always an honor to hear from past authors I've reviewed for. In her email, she also notified me that she's now selling cover designs for authors that are in need of them! They're pretty cheap and they all look really awesome. If you don't like anything, you can also make a custom design and you and Lydhia will be able to work something out together. I think it's a fantastic idea; if I ever need a cover, she'd be the first I go to! If you want to check her website out, click here.
   Okay, onto the review. I was so happy when I had the chance to read this book! Amya and Xander are so good together, honestly don't know why she hasn't given him a chance yet. It's obvious that Amya likes him and he's there waiting for her this whole time. I mean, I guess I can understand Amya. Actually... Now that I think about it, this is the best thing about Amya. In most books, the girl is sitting there thinking about the guy she likes so much that she forgets about this bigger problems at hand. With Amya, she puts everything aside until the threat is over and then she thinks about everything else in life. Which can be a good and bad thing. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break from all the negative things and focus on more... teenager troubles.
   There were just three things I didn't really love about this book. The first one is that it incorporated Judaism into the book. Now, I would've been totally fine that it did, that's not what I was confused about. I just didn't... see the point in adding that in there? I mean it didn't have anything to do with the story line and had a very small significance to the story. Who knows, maybe we'll find out in the next book!
   Another thing that didn't particularly favor me was that there was a lot of story line and not enough action. I love a great story line and character development, but compared to the first book I felt this one was a bit more slower paced. I hope the next book has a lot more fighting because how it ended, there's just got to be, haha.
   The last thing I didn't really favor was the way some of the words were put together... or lack thereof. Contractions were lacking when there was dialog. So if someone would normally say "don't", the dialog would be "do not" and make the person speaking sound not as smooth as a normal person would be.
   Other than that, the book was phenomenal. I really enjoyed the plot twists in this book; the way I learned something new about the protagonist in almost every chapter. She is definitely an interesting person ;)
   I would really love it if you guy went and got this book! It would do Lydhia a huge favor so she can keep self-publishing! This series is definitely one of a kind and I'm so glad I had the chance to follow the story!
   Also, don't forget about the book covers that she's selling on her website!
   Okay everyone, I have to go to a brunch with my family now, but I hope you all have a happy new year! I'm so grateful of you guys for reading my blog. Thank you, I love you guys!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Dream Literary Collection

   I'm back, everyone!
   So a couple weeks ago Ryan, a man from, reached out to me and asked me to write a post about what my dream literary collection would be! I was so honored that he asked me and I feel so bad that it's not until now that I'm posting this! But I just spent most of my day looking through their website and let me tell you, they have some very fascinating stuff! But without further ado, let's get to my dream literary collection.
   So the first thing that caught my eye was the very first edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Of course, it would be doubly awesome if it was signed but I could always visit JKR for that ;)
   Confession: when I tried to read this series when I was younger, I did not like this series at all. Then I watched the movies and it was awesome, so my best friend finally demanded that I read the series again. Well obviously I did and I loved it!!! It would be amazing if I had this book and my said friend would be insanely jealous (I guess I can let her borrow it ;) )
   This next book is a book about Helen Keller (obviously) and I find Helen a really intriguing person. Apparently this book is written by one of Helen's old friends named Bess Hay and has her signature! Which is so cool.
   I'm taking American Sign Language in school and we've talked about Helen Keller a few times about her deafness. I also take AP Psych and we've talked about Helen in more depth and just fascinated me even more. So yeah, I'd love to get my hands on this book and read more about her, written by someone close to her!
   One book I wish I saw but didn't was a first edition of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I have a pretty cool version I bought from Books-A-Million, but it'd be so amazing if I just had the first edition of this one. Honestly, I haven't been able to finish the book because of school, but so far the book is AMAZING! I love it and I hope to get back to it soon.

   These are just a tiny fraction to what Invaluable has. If you love antiques, they're the place to go! And they don't just have first edition books, I also looked at a few maps they have along with some antique items and it's all very amazing! Thank you again Ryan for letting me write my dream literary collection using some of the books you have on your website! It was so fun looking though everything :)
  Well that's all for today! I'll be back with a review ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

C.E Wilson's Book Promo

   Good Evening, Everyone!

   This evening I'm doing a book promo for a friend of mine, C.E. Wilson. I've recently reviewed her book Five Seven Five: The Boy With Words and I absolutely LOVED it! She is currently writing the second book in the series called To Nowhere and I'm SOOO excited to get my hands on it! I can tell you that the cover is definitely way better than the first book's cover :D
   C.E. has asked me to help promote her two books and I gladly took the chance to spread the word about this amazing series. So without further ado, here are FIVE teasers from Five Seven Five!!!

Teaser #1
The Creators. Entities in the Unknown. No one but the Chosen Ones knew if they were real beings or simply legends to be worshiped and feared. Only the Chosen Ones got to see what existed in the Unknown. For the rest of us, all we knew was black and gray. Candlelight and the crack of white in Zone Five. The Chosen Ones were the strongest of our people and they were the ones who went out once a month for an entire week to gather supplies from the Unknown.
The Creators were always watching us.
The Creators were always to be feared.
They created us and they could easily destroy us if we drew attention to ourselves.
I huffed because none of that vague information mattered. All that mattered was Shade had finally come back from his week-long journey and he hadn't had time to recover. Whoever Penny Lincoln thought she was, she ticked me off. My cousin needed to rest. He and twenty or so others were the ones who had to risk their lives once a month to venture out and gather supplies. Usually they all came back, but we lost two or three people a year from those journeys. Sometimes more. A few years ago there was the massacre... but Shade doesn't like when I talk about it.
When Shade and the others ventured out into the Unknown, they were only allowed to gather what could be used and what was needed. Anything gathered and brought back needed a purpose and had to go unnoticed by the Creators – they were always watching. Papers with hidden messages served no purpose, but I loved when my cousin brought them back. They were the only clues I had to what was in the Unknown.
That and the crack in Zone Five.
I still had so long to wait before I could have a chance to become a Chosen One. I wasn't turning nineteen for another month and the youngest Chosen ever selected had been twenty-two. The standard age requirement was twenty-six to thirty-six and while there were exceptions, a nineteen-year-old girl probably wasn't going to be one of them. Shade trained me to be strong – one of the strongest girls in the colony – but that wasn't enough to become a Chosen.
I bit my lip hard as I collapsed back in bed and looked up at the ceiling.
So many words. So many messages. Occasionally I would recognize familiar terms from the Documentation of our Creation, but most were fantastical. I knew blue and I knew skies, but I didn't know a blue sky. I knew pink and I knew black, but I didn't know how a sky could look pink. And I had no idea what a rainbow was. I knew what a bow was because I wore one on my head sometimes, but as far as rain... I drew a blank.
And it killed me because Shade knew. He knew the secrets because he was a Chosen.
“Red horizons,” I whispered, as my dark eyes scanned over the texts of the paper above my head. “Heavy rains. Corn fields and freckled dogs.” My brow furrowed. Nothing. I wanted to know what the words meant, but since I was not a Chosen, there was no way I could obtain the knowledge.
 Teaser #2
I was so desperate for the knowledge he so obviously had, but didn't so readily divulge.
“Please,” I tried one last time. “What are the Creators? What are they really? Did they actually write the Documentation of our Creation or did someone like President Copper write it? One of our own? Someone who wanted us to be afraid—you must at least know the true answer to that, Shade.”
He swallowed. “The scriptures...” his eyes searched mine. He wanted me to back down, but that was not going to happen. I leaned towards him and his shoulders seemed to slump. “It is a combination of the two.”
My face blanched. “Seriously?”
“I have to go,” he said. “Please... tell no one. I don't want... just... tell no one.”
“My lips are sealed,” I promised. I lunged forward and embraced my cousin tightly. He stiffened at first, but eventually his long and thick arms wound around my slender frame. “Be careful,” I whispered into his chest. “You're my only family. You're all I have now. Come back in a few days, you hear me?” I pushed away so I could look at him. “Come home... and tell me more.”
I expected him to put up a fight, but he only pulled me closer. The fear he felt about going back out was palpable. I suddenly realized that he must feel this way every time. My ribs cried out in agony from his tight embrace, but I held onto him like my life and his depended on it.
And then he nodded, squeezing harder.
“I'll tell you,” he muttered. He was broken at last. “I'll tell you everything when I get back.”
 Teaser #3
I yelped in surprise as someone plunked a large hand on my shoulder.
“White Frost?”
I nodded hard. The man was a stranger, but I could tell he worked with the President. Like the Chosens with a red badge on their chests, those who worked directly for the president were tagged with a large silver button. An old face was engraved on the heavy looking item, but it looked weightless against the man's large chest. “Who are you?”
“Fresh,” he said. His voice was low and it rumbled in my stomach. “I was sent out to find White Frost, and after asking around, they pointed you out. You are White Frost, correct?”
“Yes,” I said with exasperation. “What's going on? And who are you?”
“Come with me.” He reached out, roughly grabbed my elbow and pulled me towards one of the yellow curtains.
I stammered to find words as several people watched as I got pulled past. Pepper. Pebbles. A few acquaintances from my education classes. I frowned and looked up at the massive shoulder of the stranger who continued to drag me along.
“What's this about?” I hissed. “Are the Chosens back?”
“Yes.” His voice was terse and simple.
“And did they find Penny Lincoln?”
“We believe so.”
“You believe so?” I grumbled. “How can that be? Either you found her or you didn't. How can you not be sure?”
“What we have may not be enough evidence to prove that it is indeed Ms. Penny Lincoln.” His voice started to lose that hard edge as he bumped a few people out of his way.
My eyes widened. “Was there an attack?”
Teaser #4
“You wanted to see something that could get me in trouble,” he continued softly. “Here it is.”
“And what... is it?” I asked tentatively.
Salt spun around. He came up close and thrust the paper into my hands before I had a chance to react.
“This,” he said. He took a few quick steps away from me.
The new paper was so much different than the others. Thinner. Smoother. Almost slimy to the touch. My thumb and fingers passed over the surface a few times like a blind person as I stared at Salt.
“This is what you want, isn't it?” Salt's voice was hoarse as though it hadn't been used in years. As though he didn't come to my room every night and try to start a conversation with me. “You wanted something beyond the words. You wanted something that could get me into just as much as trouble as you.” He swallowed hard. “You wanted something to prove there's more to the world than what you see in front and above you. This is it.” He took a heavy seat on the bed. “Look at it.”
My eyes lowered. I squinted. I didn't understand what was on the slippery paper.
“What is this?” I whispered.
Salt smiled. “The world.”
Teaser #5
“Trust comes from a leap of faith,” Salt said vaguely. “Your cousin trusted me to look after you.”
“How can I know that's true?” I muttered. “Shade never spoke about you. He never spoke about anyone—”
“You can decide whether or not you want to trust me,” Salt said softly. “Tell me... are you looking for a way out?”
My eyes watered. I didn't know why he bothered to ask. If he knew my cousin as well as he said he did, then he must have already known. He knew I wanted more than a stupid life of dark passages and secrecy. I frowned and looked away. I wouldn't let a stranger see me cry, but Salt nodded out of the corner of my eye.
“Leap with me, White. I can help.” He pushed the curtain aside. “I'll be back tomorrow with dinner.”
I sniffed. “But wait—” I started.
He was already gone.

That's all of them! Intriguing right? ;) Trust me, it's super worth it! If you want to check out my review of Five Seven Five, you can check it out here
Don't forget, To Nowhere and Five Seven Five is on sale right now for a limited time! Be sure to pick it up while the price is still low!!! 

Hope you guys enjoy :) <3 

Just A Few Inches by Tara St. Pierre

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

   All Carrie Roberts wants is to be a little bit smaller. 
   To fit into the perfect dress for the Valentine's Day Dance. To look beautiful for her boyfriend, the school's star basketball player. To keep his jealous ex-girlfriend, a rival cheerleader, away from him. And to be noticed by her classmates. 
   Exercising and dieting didn't work, but an advertisement for weight loss pills promises a quicker solution to her problem. As time runs out, she takes more than the recommended dose until she's just a few inches slimmer. Heads turn when she arrives at the dance, and the wonderful night with her boyfriend is beyond what she dreamed it would be.
   Days later, Carrie discovers that her body is changing in ways that should be impossible. While her doctor searches for a cure, she desperately turns to her friends and family for support. Everyone is noticing her now whether she likes it or not, and even the media is intrigued by her incredible story. Getting everything she once wanted has created new problems- problems that are growing more terrifying everyday. 
   Because Carrie Roberts is shrinking. 

   I'm back! Wow, it's been too long! I know I said I'd have my Mockingjay Part 2 up, but school has gotten in the way of my free-time, unfortunately. But I know I'll have it up, I promise! I'll also have another special surprise for you guys soon ;) So stay tuned! 
   A lot has been going on in my life, and I'm excited to get back to writing since my winter break just started! I absolutely love the holidays <3 I just watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie with my friend, Ben! It was sooo so good! Honestly, I'm not a Star Wars fan because the last time I watched the series when I was little, I thought those alien creatures were creepy haha, but now that I'm older, I actually enjoyed it! So now my family is starting a Star Wars marathon ;) haha yesss. 
   Okay so Tara St. Pierre, the author of this book, is a self-published author! I don't know about you, but I think that's very admirable. I've talked to Lydhia Marie, another self-published author, and she was telling me the difficulties of getting your book out there and, of course, the cost. So when Tara emailed me saying she was one, I really respected that. What really helps them, though, is buying their bookssss ;)

   Anyway, it's time to start my review! Just A Few Inches is a very unique book. I honestly have no idea how Tara came up with this intriguing idea, but she did, and I'm so happy for it! As said in the synopsis, this novel is about a girl who doesn't lost weight like she wanted, she actually shrinks! Sounds weird, right? But Tara uses believable (but obviously fake... maybe ;) ) science to explain the reasonings behind Carrie's unfortunate... happenings.
   Just A Few Inches isn't just about a teenage girl shrinking. It hits many different problems that teens face these days like wanting to fit into the 'norm', having the desire to be skinnier, and the constant annoyance of family.
   The whole reason why Carrie uses the weight loss pills is because felt insecure about herself and her relationship with her boyfriend. I know the majority of us teens, even me at times, feel insecure about ourselves. It's understandable, but also unneeded. This book really shows how unimportant thinking about fitting in and wanting to be skinnier really is. We should all just appreciate who we are because we are all beautiful. It's really what matters on the inside than what's on the outside that counts.
   Carrie also has a very common family I guess you could say. A very protective mother, an annoying little sister, and an even littler sister that doesn't understand anything that's going on. I personally didn't like any of the sisters for the majority of the book. The older of the two was so snooty and spoiled and the littlest one was just plain annoying to me. Eventually I grew to like the older one and realized that she just needed time to understand where Carrie was coming from. But oh my gosh their little sister... I just wanted to shake her a little... Which isn't good because I know from taking Psychology that they're just egocentric and don't understand anything yet. Still...
   The writing of the book was really good, but when I was reading, there wasn't really a sense of time. It was hard to get of sense of how far apart events were because it didn't say, making the book just seem like one huge event back to back instead of breaks in-between. I mean there were some senses of time now and then, but for the majority of the time, I found myself surprised an event came so fast but then realize it was probably weeks later.
   Other than that, the book was super good and intriguing. I think the best thing I like about the book is the message behind it. Like I said, it really made me appreciate who I am and how amazing my family and friends are for being there for me. I may not be the hottest person or the skinniest, but I'm me and I'm proud of that. So thank you Tara for making this book for other girls and just people in general to see that every one of them are beautiful <3
   I hope you guys pick this book up and help Tara with her self-publishing! This book is very unique and I wish there was another book! Unfortunately, I believe it's just a standalone :(
   Well I hope you guys liked my review! I'll be back tonight with a special surprise post so stay tuned!! 

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Five Seven Five by C.E. Wilson

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

   Take only what can be used. Take only what won't be missed. The Creators are watching all of us. White Frost lives in a world cloaked in darkness and ignorance. While most people in her society are content to live in fearful peace, White's cousin brings her words from the mysterious Unknown. Strange collections of written words that teaser her that there may be more to the world than candlelight and dank hallways. But when tragedy strikes, White can no longer rely on the words to give her solace. She must discover what lies beyond the only world she's ever known... no matter the cost. Eventually, White finds her way to the skies and there she discovers that the tantalizing clues of her words are only pale reflections of the massive and wondrous world above. Colors she never thought possible. Blinding light. And an impossible being who may or may not be the Creator of it all. But this information comes at a price White Frost is not sure she can pay. White's hunger for knowledge proves to be her greatest strength and weakness as she strives to learn more. But as she learns, she has to wonder- is there such a thing as too much information? And what will happen as it brings her closer to a being who could destroy everything she's ever known? Find out in Five Seven Five, the first book in a two part series entitled The Boy With Words.

   Good evening! It has been a long while since I've posted something! I deeply apologize for that and blame it entirely on school. I take my second SAT this upcoming Saturday and I have to study a lot for that. And just about every class gives me a boat load of homework :P Junior year is definitely something.
   Anyway, I'm really excited to be reviewing again! I have my Mockingjay Part2 review coming up, since I just say it today, so stay tuned for that :)
   I haven't reviewed a lot of books for authors and/or publishers in a while since I've been so busy and haven't requested to review any, but I was so happy to hear from C.E. Wilson about her book! It honestly couldn't have come at a better time since I've been on break for five days. Since it's been a while for me, bear with me on this review!
   Honestly, the book cover doesn't do it justice. I personally don't like it because it doesn't look like the  book holds a serious factor to it. When I opened the book, I was surprised to see that the writing was actually pretty good! Very few spelling and/or grammatical mistakes that I saw, which I was very pleased about.
   The only problem I had was the protagonist, White... which is actually isn't good at all, but nothing too serious. From the beginning, White rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn't until about halfway through the book where I actually started to like her.
   In the beginning of the book, she was very... demanding of everyone. She expected that if she asked a question or told someone to do something, it would be answered or done. Now, I understand that there was a huge tragedy in her life and she needed to be angry and grieve, but I just kept thinking to myself, who does she think she is? She isn't anyone special in her society, to be honest. She was just like the rest of everyone else, not a higher-ranking person. She stomped her foot to get what she wanted, and a pouty girl isn't something I enjoy reading. Yes, everyone has their own way of grieving, but damn girl if you aren't taxing.
   This next explanation is hard to write without giving anything away, but I'll try... Okay, so her cousin would bring her words from the big Unknown. When he gave her stuff, I felt that all she cared about were the words she didn't even understand more than her cousin. I felt she was ungrateful, saying 'thank you' only after he points it out. And after the tragedy that happened, I still felt like all she wanted was information. Maybe that was her way of dealing with everything, but I just found it odd. Later on in the book, I did read how hard it was for White to talk about her grief, so I understand now, but the beginning was rough.
   Once I reached the middle of the book, I slowly started to feel for White. I believe that it just took me a while to warm up to the character. She is definitely unique from other protagonists I've read. I've never read about anyone so bold, and I admire that about her :)
   THE ENDING THOUGH. Okay, I was so glad when I contacted C.E. Wilson and confirmed that there is, indeed, a sequel to this book. Because if that was it, I would've been so mad. BECAUSE THAT JUST COULDN'T BE THE END.

   Haha, seriously though, after I knew there was a second book, I loved the ending... even though it's a MAJOR cliff hanger! I NEED MORE KES. Haha.
   The plot was also very distinct. It was sooooo cool finding out exactly what she is, who the 'Creators' are, and everything in between. White discovers the grass, thunder, the stars, and everything in between. She is so fascinated with everything, and like Kes (another character in the book) implies, it really makes you appreciate life and everything around us. We take for granted everything we have, and this book made me realize just how much I have.
   That's my favorite thing about this book, the message that I saw behind it. It may not be what C.E. meant to put out there, but that's what I got from Five Seven Five, haha so oh well. But anyway, besides Winter's rough first impression on me, everything was to my liking and I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good, unique story :) I hope you like it as much as I do!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Updated Chapter!

Hey everyone! It's been a long awaited event, but chapter 10 of Dream Catcher is finally up on Wattpad! Here's the link:

Dream Catcher: Chapter 10

It's a shorter chapter than before. I wish I could've written more, but I didn't have the time :/ Fortunately, Thanksgiving Break is just a couple weeks away and I'll be writing and reading nonstop!

I know that some people have forgotten about my story because I haven't updated it, but it's okay because I really just write for my amusement and hope I also get good feedback in the process so I can become a better writer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to comment here, on Wattpad, email me, or anywhere else to let me know how you felt and if have good feedback for me to improve on my writing!

Thanks guys :) <3

Monday, November 2, 2015

The New Wild by Holly Brasher

*The publisher gave me an e-ARC of this book for an honest review*

Jackie is loving her last year of summer camp, despite new-guy Xander, jerk extraordinaire. That is, until disaster strikes on the senior backpacking trip. At first, it seems like a nightmare, but Jackie quickly realizes that the huge fire and resulting carnage around her are as real as real gets. 
Miraculously (and infuriatingly, in Jackie's opinion), Xander survives the burning, too, but that's the least of her worries. Mother Nature has wiped out millions and burned cities to the ground, plants are growing at a crazy-rapid rate, and fairytale creatures are very real- and very dangerous. 
Jackie and Xander must learn to survive sans food, shelter, and soap, and battle their way across the wild American landscape in search of their families- all without killing each other. Along the way, the duo learns that maybe the other isn't so terrible after all, but going months without toothpaste isn't exactly a recipe for romance. Will the journey be too much for their growing relationship? Will it even be worth it at all? Or will their homes and families be burned to a crisp? 

Links to Buy:
Barnes & Noble

   How is everyone? You may be surprised that I'm writing another book review, but you'll be even more surprised when you find out I'm writing three today! It's weird, I get these spurts of reviews, and then I go MIA for a month... well in this case, it's only been half a month, so I'm pretty proud of myself. Haha, school's been hectic, so I'm glad I get today and tomorrow off! Then I get time to write my book!
   Okay, I'm so upset to say that I was very disappointed in this book. The cover is so cool and awesome, the synopsis makes me want to read the book, but the actual book did not meet my expectations. It's like a beautifully wrapped present, but when you open it, all you find is nothing. I understand that what I say and what I will say may be a bit candid, so if you liked this book and don't want to read a bad review on it, you should probably skip this review.
   Jackie isn't so bad. I liked her and how logical and independent she is. She's strong and funny at times, but has a vulnerable side when it comes to her family back home... and eventually Xander.
   Xander is... not as handy as Jackie. Though he puts on a big show, he doesn't know without Jackie, he'd be dead. Then again, without that elder women to show her the way, Jackie would be dead too. He's witty and annoying to Jackie, but obviously that's his way of showing that he likes her. And okay, when they were just about to kiss OMG WHY JACKIE WHY? SERIOUSLY?! UGH.
   Haha anyway, yeah, with Jackie and Xander (besides that part when they were about to kiss), I didn't really feel nay chemistry between them. When they're making out or holding hands or saving each other's lives, I didn't feel a tug at my heart like I do when I feel chemistry between two characters. Don't get me wrong, it's hard to make that connection between two characters with just using words. I have a hard time too, and I know a lot of other people do too. But it would've been nice to have that.
   Holly had a good idea going with the whole "mother nature got rid of everything that harming the earth" theme, but everything else felt too... fake? Unicorns, bubbles that held trees and flowers, flowers that bloomed to be as tall as them. All of that felt too much. I feel like if it was written better, it would've been on the contrary very cool to have all of that. Everything was too over the top and didn't feel realistic at all. And you all know how I love the realistic feel of books.
   I think the cover and synopsis made me have high standards for this book that once I read it, it didn't meet my expectations. I didn't feel anything in the book, even in the suspense part. It just didn't capture my attention and make me want to keep on reading it.
   Judging by her unique idea for this book, I know Holly will come up with some other terrific ideas for other books. I just hope it's carried out better than this one.

The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel

*The publisher gave me an e-ARC of this book for and honest review*

   Beyond the fence. I am alive. Barely. 
   My name is Ivy Westfall. I am sixteen years old and a traitor. Three months ago, I was forced to marry the president's son, Bishop Lattimer- as all daughters of the losing side of the war are sold off in marriage to the sons of the winners. But I was different. I had a mission- to kill Bishop. 
   Instead, I fell in love with him.
   Now I am an outcast, left to survive the brutal savagery of the lands outside of civilization. Yet even out here, there is hope. There is life beyond the fence. But I can't outrun my past. For my actions have set off a treasonous chain of events in Westfall that will change all of our fates- especially Bishop's.
   All this time, it is not enough to just survive. 

Links to Buy:
Barnes & Noble

   Wow, I can't even talk about my life like I normally do because I just need to talk about this book. Now.
   I love everything about this book: from the storyline, to the love, to the writing. I have been waiting for this book ever since I finished The Book of Ivy (which was also an amazing start to this series), so I had high expectations. I can happily say that this book didn't disappoint!
   Like the first book, The Revolution of Ivy, wasn't totally filled with action, though I believe that it did more so than The Book of Ivy. But the fighting and action parts of the book aren't why people read the book. It's the storyline. Man, it's totally the storyline. Amy Engel is so great at creating such a magnificent book with characters that are so dynamic that it's like you know them yourself.
   Ivy has left her life. Her family, friends, loved one. Even though she didn't like where she lived, with people telling her what to do, she misses it too. At least it had showers and food you didn't have to hunt kill yourself. It's rough out there, but once she finds that there is life outside of the fence, she realizes that it's not so bad- if you have the right people around you, of course. Ivy is one of my favorite female protagonists ever. Unlike others, she's smart, independent, strong, and can love truly. Not that other female characters can't, but Amy is so good at blending that all in without making her annoying and too narrow-minded. She was a bit confusing in the book, but then again, she was confused herself. She didn't understand herself and I liked that about her. She didn't know what she was feeling, and instead of pretending like she knew, she understood that she didn't.
   Ivy hangs out with two important people in this book. They're the ones that helped her survive outside of the fence. Without Ash and Caleb, Ivy would most likely be dead. Even though Ivy is a fighter, a surviver, she would never have learned to skin a deer or throw a knife if it weren't for them. Since they're new characters in this series, it's hard not to spoil them. But I love Ash's need to help people and Caleb's overprotective nature around her. They're a team, and though they can't stand each other at times, they couldn't deal with being apart. That's family. I'm sure when you guys read the book, you'll love them as much as I do ;)
   Bishop is my babe. Seriously, could you ask for a better guy?! It's so hard to talk about him without giving anything away. Let's just say, his love for Ivy is so... pure. It makes me jealous of Ivy, a fictional girl, that she has that love haha xD Like Ivy, everything about him is perfect. He's the shoulder you can cry on, someone you go to when you just need someone to listen, and the guy you go to when you need a badass guy to fight for you.
   As the story progresses, the four of them find trust and love between each other. Their loyalty is what leads them all to follow Ivy in her revolution at Westfall. Ivy only went back for one thing, or person. But it somehow ended up with her and Bishop and Bishop's mom standing in front of the people, telling them that everything is going to change... hopefully that wasn't a spoiler...
   The ending is so good! Everything is perfect as they stand together, away from all the bad things in life. I couldn't have asked for a more happier ending <3 My only question is... is this the last of the series? Will there be another? Because I can see how there can be another book, but at the same time, this ending was so perfect, it'd be amazing if it left off like this. Though, I gotta say, I'm gonna miss Bishop and Ivy and Ash and Caleb so much <3
   I hope you guys pick this book up! And if you haven't read book 1, pick that up first!!!! The Revolution of Ivy releases TOMORROW!!! So gogogo! It's WAY worth the read!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Changed Email!

Good evening, everyone!

I just wanted to inform you all that I've changed my email to for those of you who would like to contact me by email :)

The reason for this is because, honestly, I've wanted to change it for a while. It's easier for people to remember and it just matches everything else. My old email was kind of random, now that I've changed the blog name from The Books and Beyond to Book Haven.

I'm working on notifying all of my social media places so most people know :)

Alright, well I have a big day tomorrow! I'll be back with a review for The Revolution of Ivy ;)

Good night! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wonderwall by M H Soars

*The author gave me an e-ARC of this book for an honest review*

   There is something magical when best friends fall in love. Live and Sebastian used to be inseparable until circumstances beyond their control destroyed their fairytale romance to dust.  
   Live hasn't seen Sebastian since he walked out of her life five years ago. When she accepted her internship in London, she never dreamed their paths would cross again. Not when Sebastian is a celebrity, a singer in one of the most popular boy bands of all times. Living in the same city, their worlds couldn't be farther apart. But when two people are destined to be together, they can't outrun fate. 

Links to Buy:

   I am so happy to be typing up this review. I haven't been able to type any book related stuff (my stories, the plots for my stories... etc.) in what feels like forever! So being able to type about anything book related sends me some serotonin in my body. Haha not a lot of you will get that, but I'm taking AP Psych right now and I'm trying to incorporate things I learned in class into life so I can better understand Psychology... it's tough, man... I'm such a nerd.
   Anyway, this is actually a special post. Maybe not really, but it is to me. M. H. Soars reached out to me and asked me to review her book. I told her I could, but because of how busy I was, I said the review probably wouldn't be done until the release date (October 24). She said that that was fine, and sent me an e-ARC of the book.
   Well one day, as I was graciously procrastinating on homework, I opened my Kindle to Wonderwall. Thinking that I'd just read a few pages to get a feel of the book, I started to read. As it turns out, I ended up finishing the book in just a couple of days xD I actually finished reading this book a week ago, but haven't been able to type up my review until now. I'm just pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it.
   With contemporary romance novels, I'm very picky with how much story line there is. Some book I've read and all it consisted of was sex, or thoughts of sex. And though the writing was great, I needed more of a story line. I'm so glad that while reading this book, it had a story line! A huge, great, heart-throbbing storyline. I loved how Michelle put in both Liv's and Sebastian's POV's in there so I had a glimpse of what both of them were thinking. In this book, I thought it was crucial to know both sides, or else you wouldn't have understood anything at all.
   Liv is a girl with a broken heart. She fell in love, thought she fell out of love, but realized she's loved her best friend the whole time. With Liv, you can see her desperately trying to do the right thing, but her love overcomes everything else. In some cases, it was good and sweet. Other times it tended to be annoying and I didn't agree with some of her methods. I don't know, I like Liv and how conservative or questioning she can be, because it reminds me of me in some ways. But her rush to risk her job or life for the sake of love felt a little overwhelming. I've never been in love, but I can't see myself doing that. Therefore, I didn't really connect with her at times.
   Sebastian also has a broken heart, though his runs deeper than just his love for a girl. Something tragic happened in his life, causing him to make some unwise decisions. One of the many things I loved about Sebastian is how hurt and broken we was. Not that it brought be joy, but I got to see and understand him. I knew that that's the reason why he is where he is in life. With him, his mistakes, while not justified, felt less critical than Liv's. His emotional and heart-wrentching background made me feel more empathy for him than for Liv, and for that, I enjoyed reading his POV better... also because it's interesting to read how guys are so tough on the outside but they're marshmallows on the inside for the people they love xD
   Surprisingly enough, I didn't come across any part of the book that made me want to throw my phone across the room... as I normally do with contemporary romance. I enjoyed how the book was more story than sex, and even though they both thought of each other constantly, they weren't super-glued together throughout the book. Also, the fights they had weren't just fluff, but they both had good reasons to be mad and annoyed at the other. Whereas other books have just one story line, this one actually had many other ones too. Liv's friends had mini stories that gave you a break from Liv's relationship and got you interested in other people other than the two main characters. It made the book more realistic because as much as some people love to believe it, not everything revolves around a sole person. I loved the realistic part of the book, if you couldn't tell already ;) It made reading more riveting and just an easier read overall.
   Sebastian's choices through the book were the only things I didn't appreciate in this novel. Though I did say that his actions were more understandable because of the situation he was in, it still doesn't take away moral respect for other people. Breaking promises, breaking hearts, breaking noses. Sebastian had a bratty side to him that he didn't have as an adolescent, but something he probably acquired after the incident. Whenever it was, his need for love was so strong that he didn't properly see the whole picture, which is how everything just hit the fan all the time.
   Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied with almost everything about the Wonderwall. When I got to the end, I was SO HAPPY to learn that Sebastian's best friend, Oliver, and Liv's best friend, Saylor, are going to have their own novel! The little excerpt Michelle leaves you at the end of the book is filled with so much hotness and chemistry between the two, I already know Wreck of the Day will be just as amazing as this one, if not more than.
   So happy that I got to read and review this book early! I cannot wait to read more of Soars' books :D

Thursday, October 8, 2015


   I'm back everyone! I have been DYING to post this review!!! As you can see, the formatting of my post is way different. Today we’re celebrating the release of BRAZEN by Christina Farley! Brazen is the third and final book in the Gilded series about a sixteen-year old girl who must use her martial art skills and wits to save her family, friends, and country from an evil Korean god.

   To learn more about this series, visit the Gilded Series websiteWatch GILDED's book trailer here!

   Be sure to pick up the letter for this stop at the end of this post to earn extra points in the Kindle Fire or $50 Amazon gift card giveaway! Collect all the letters during the blog tour to spell out the secret message to earn more points.

About the Book:

Find it: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads | Indie

My Review:

*The author gave me an ARC of this book for an honest review*

   As I said, my formatting of this review is different. This is my very first blog tour and I'm so happy to be a part of it! Christina has been super nice and helpful during my struggles to understand the blog tour concept, haha. So without further a do, let's begin!
   Brazen was honestly my favorite book out of the three. The first two dealt with Korean myths and stories and how they came true. Don't get me wrong, that was really interesting to learn about. I honestly haven't thought about different culture's myths, but the Gilded series really enraptured me in the Korean myths.
   The last book, Brazen, is a continuous of the second book, which left us off at a huge cliff-hanger. I enjoyed this book more than the others just because it has so much more action in it, and the chemistry between Jae Hwa and Marc was just so much more defined, in my opinion.
   Unlike the others, this one held a lot more action and a lot less story line. Maybe I'm wrong, but every page was filled with plotting against Kud, trying to get Marc back, or fighting in her badass ninja way. Each page was filled with so many lively events or conversations that I couldn't put the book down. So, I highly suggest you go grab this book if you guys love enthralling storylines.
   Christina Farley did such a better job at capturing Jae and Marc's love in this book. They might have been apart for a good chunk of the book, but in the previous books, Jae became somewhat annoying every time she thought of him or got annoyed with his protective nature. Though on the other hand, Marc was vexing when he became too overprotective. This differs from Brazen, where I understood Jae's longing for love, not just with Marc, but for her father and best friend, too. And I also liked Marc's obvious war within himself between protecting the girl he loves and doing what's required of him.
   Marc and Jae's love conflict is SO ON POINT. The deal with me is, in books, the more realistic it is, the better. I don't like when everything is too perfect, or they both get mad over the littlest things. Being a writer myself, I understand the struggle it is to capture a realistic scene on a page of black and white. So if they're both separated, one good and one 'evil', they shouldn't be all "la de da, I know they're good inside". I feel as if they should do exactly what Christina did in Brazen! So thank you, Christina, for capturing that great friction of love.
    Brazen, had me intrigued through the whole series. Truly. Okay honestly, I didn't know if Christina was going to pull a huge plot twist and change the outcome of who Jae actually falls for. My heart was with the right one, but I'm not going to lie, I was intrigued to think about how it would be like if somehow, she picked...the other ;)
   Besides the obvious curiosity of the outcome, I was also intrigued by the different faces of Kud, the antagonist of the story. Not literally, since he does have many faces... but the little messages he sent out that made you feel like maybe all he wanted (besides ultimate power) was love. Man, I normally hate the antagonist, but for some reason, he just made me want to read more about him. Which shows as to how good Christina was at making her characters very dynamic instead of just having one personality.
   Overall, I was really fond of this book. It's not everyday I read a book about Korean myths, and I'm so grateful to be reviewing this book. The story pulls you in, and doesn't let you go until you're on the last page, sighing because of that awesome ending <3
   I want to thank Christina again for allowing me to read her book and be a part of this awesome- and my first ever- blog tour! It's been a blast to see everyone's review :D
   Now to all of my readers, be sure to pick up a copy of Brazen! Links are above! If you haven't started the series yet, you really need to! I found myself pleasantly surprised how emotional I got in some parts of the book xD
   That's my review for today! But don't forget, we also have a giveaway below!!! You guys do NOT want to pass this one up!

About the Author:

CHRISTINA FARLEY is the author of the Gilded series, a YA contemporary fantasy series set in Korea. GILDED was nominated for Korea's 2014 Morning Calm, Ohio's 2015 Buckeye award, and the Tome’s It List. As a child, she loved to explore, which later inspired her to jump on a plane and travel the world. Christina's adventures sparked her to write stories, infusing the real world with fantasy. Currently she writes from home in Clermont, FL with her husband and two sons—that is until the travel itch whisks her off to a new unknown.

Find Christina Here:

The Giveaway:

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To celebrate the release of BRAZEN, Christina is giving away a Kindle Fire (US only) and a $50 Amazon gift card (international). The letter for this stop is ACollect all the letters from the blog tour to earn more points!

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Illuminate by Tracy Clark

*The publishing company gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*

   Can one girl be the light in a world spiraling towards darkness? 
   Haunted by the loss of her loved ones, Cora Sandoval, one of the remaining few of an extraordinary raced known as the Scintilla, holds the key to disentangling the biggest conspiracy in human history... and its link to the fate of the human race. As Cora follows a trail of entries-old clues and secrets, she collides with the truth not only shocking, but dangerous. 
   With enemies known and unknown hot on her trail, Cora must locate each of the ancient clues hidden in the art, religions, and mythology of humankind. And through it all, she must keep her heart from being torn apart by the two boys she loves most. One is Scintilla. One is Arrazi.
   Save herself. Save Scintilla. Save the world. 
   Or die trying...

Links to buy:
Barnes & Noble

   Wow... It has seriously been a LONG time since I've written a review! This is so exciting, it's like my first time all over again! Soon I'll have BRAZEN's review up for Christina's blog tour and then Queen of Shadows' book review. Haha so much, this is awesome. So since it's been a while... about a month or two, I apologize in advance if I'm a little rusty ;)
   Okay, so this series honestly got me on the wrong foot. I requested to review this book, unwisely not looking into it, and thought that it was a stand-a-lone or the first book in the series. When I opened it, I realized I knew nothing of what they were saying. I finally looked it up, realizing I have three books I need to read before writing my review!
   It was a struggle, not going to lie. But I'm actually really appreciative that I requested to review this book.
   What I like about all three books overall was the concept of the story. The idea that there are auras, the good and bad, takers and givers of the world, etc., is all so fascinating. It's always intriguing to open a book and read about the author's take on life and death, good and evil. Whether it's realistic fiction or fantasy, it's there somewhere.
   Illuminate is the third- and last- book in the series, and it's the only book out of the three that made me feel some sort of emotion. I felt that Cora's connection to the two men in her life and her drive to find answers wasn't as annoying as the previous books. Before, everything she did felt ill-judged and she didn't think things through before she did anything. In this book, she was the same way, but Tracy Clark had a way of blending that into something good.
   Another aspect I liked about Cora was her strength, both mentally and physically. Throughout the book, hurt and torn, she pushes both Finn and Giovanni away. It was a pleasant surprise that I felt, on account that I felt her connection with Finn felt too obsessive. In most books these days, the girl spends her time kissing or yelling at her love interest right in the middle of a life or death situation. Cora, on the other hand, did a marvelous job at keeping them both at bay. Of course, she always had them on her mind, but she stayed on track, just like she needed to.
    Her connection to Giovanni was more pronounced in Illuminate, making me extremely happy, since I'm totally Team Giovanni. I felt that Cora's love for Finn didn't consume her as much as the previous books. It made me feel a deeper connection between the two, especially with Giovanni's POV.
   Though I now understand Cora and Finn's attraction to each other, I still felt as if their relationship was too excessive too fast. I know now why, but it's a reason why something didn't sit right with Finn for me. Their love was sweet and scorching, but at the same time, annoying every time I'm reading one of their POV's and I have to listen to them talk about their never-ending love. Which is why I longed to read Giovanni's POV. Though his did have a lot of Cora in it, I didn't feel the obsession I felt with Finn.
   As for the story in general, I did love all of the plot-twists it held. It surprised me when I anticipated one thing and it didn't happen. I wish I can divulge the awesomeness, but I CAN'T YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK.
   The entire time I was reading the book, I was thinking "Damn, Tracy really knows how to put the pieces together." This book was just filled with puzzle pieces that Ms. Clark would only give one at a time, probably smiling evilly while at it, waiting for us to finally get the whole picture.
   There were a few things I had to read over a few times because I was confused with what was going on, but overall, it was a very enjoyable ride.
   I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read this book, thank you Entangled!!! And I cannot wait to read more from Tracy. If you guys like a book that really get's your brain thinking, this would be the perfect book for you ;)
   Alright, everyone, that's all for tonight! I'll see you Thursday! :D