Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

   As I promised on Twitter, I am going to write a book review for The Kiss of Deception! So here's the deal: it's supposed to snow all tomorrow and Tuesday morning. If I get school off on Tuesday, I am going to write another review of THIS SHATTERED WORLD since I finished that a couple days ago. One of my new year's resolution is to post more on my blog! So here I am, trying! Let's see how long this lastsxD
   Okay, I think this book had the biggest plot twist EVER. For the people who have read this book, some of you probably figured it out, but I didn't and I was like
and a little like
And I totally wish that I could just say it already! But for those of you who haven't read this book, well... I don't want to spoil the fun! 
   One of the many things that I loved about this book was that the protagonist in this book is smart, strong, and independent. She's a princess that runs away because she doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love. So I expected her to be wimpy and scared. And yes, she was scared, but she didn't shy away from her problems. I'd like to think that I would be as brave as her to run away from her family and have three kingdoms looking for you, but I don't think I am.
   And the two men in this book... wow. I mean... wow. I honestly... I don't have any words for those two. Throughout the whole book, you are wondering, is he the assassin? Or the prince? You think you're right, but then they do something you didn't think they would do and you're like "no... he can't be him. He's gotta be the other one". You're chasing your thoughts and you're going in circles, wondering who's who. Grabbing all your pieces and trying to put them together, but you really don't know if your puzzle is right until the author tells you. So who's the prince and who's the assassin? I guess you just have to read the book;)
   Out of 5 stars? I would give this book a 10. I loved the writing, the way I kept on wondering the identity of the men. Loved how the protagonist wasn't annoying. Loved the total cliff-hanger at the end of the book (okay, it was annoying because I wanted to keep reading... but I made an exception). Loved just everything about it. I honestly didn't have any bad critique about this book!!! So if you haven't, go get it. Right. Now. Go. Do it. xD
   Seriously though, if this stays through the whole series, it will be one of my top favorites ever. So I would highly suggest you get it! I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Aftermath by Jen Alexander

   Good evening peoples! So as promised, I am back with a book review! I am so glad that I have a chance to do this:) Originally, I was going to post a review next week after my midterms, but they got cancelled because of the snow we had and the teachers are not allowed to give any tests out next week unless its on the current unit we are learning so YAY! I only have a test in World History I believe so I don't have to study so much. It's such a relief to stop studying. All last week I was staying up so late studying for the midterms and now that I don't, it's kind of annoying that I stayed up but hey, at least there are no tests.
   Can I just say that this cover is absolutely amazing? I don't normally favor pink (I had way too much of it during my childhood) but I really love this cover. It just represents the story. I think if it was like a dark blue or a red, it would be better but the shade of pink was really good. Haha, I'm talking about the shades of pink.
   Anyways, we dont judge a book by it's cover. At least, we try not to. The wrapping of this book is  really cool. But I'm sad to say that the substance inside the present wasn't all that. I think I would give this book a 2.5-3 starts out of 5. I am kind of stuck between the two.
   The story itself is very unique. Nothing I've read before. I know I haven't read a fraction of the books out there but like come on, the summary was just captivating (I suck at summaries so if you would like to read it click here). When I opened the book and started reading, I was thinking it was a mix of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games and Uninvited. Not saying it was like those three series, but it reminded me of them. When Claudia is changing between two people, I was really confused about what happened and how she was in different perspectives. What were memories and what were different views? When I finally understood, it was towards the middle of the book. I know that if I reread this, I would enjoy the book more because I knew how the writing was.
   Another thing I didn't like was that the main protagonist didn't really have any depth to him until just a slither of a part in the end of the book. The whole time, he was either hiding something (it's always like that with one of the characters) or Claudia finding out he was lying. I just wish his character was more dynamic than what he was. Hopefully I see that in the second book of this series.
   I was also not really loving some parts of Claudia, either. The two protagonists, grow attached to each other but she doesn't really trust him and is always thinking the worst of Declan. I get that she shouldn't trust anyone after what she has been through on account that he is lying to her, but she was being a hypocrite by holding a huge part of her back, too. Yes, she can be mad at him but probably not to the extreme she was at. They just met and no one just spills their secrets after saying hi. Especially since she knows he has an end game that doesn't make since, she should expect he's hiding something. Claudia started trusting a guy that tried to kill her way faster than the guy trying to help her and obviously cares for her. I found that odd on account that she obviously cares for Declan too, but she was stuck between liking him and not trusting him. She kept hugging him one second and then pushing him away the other and it was a tad bit annoying (make up your mind woman!) for me and probably Declan, too.
   What I did like about this book was that Claudia wasn't the typical weak girl. I was glad that she was tough and strong and an independent person who thinks about others before herself. Even though she has trust issues with Declan and the people she does consider friends might hate her, she still chooses to help them. I liked the fact that aside from the secrets, she wasn't that annoying. In most parts, she thought the same things I did about some situations that she came across. I liked that Claudia still knew how to defend herself and not hiding and needing someone to be her knight in shining armor. Even though that would be very romantic (<3), it wouldn't have fit for this book.
   After my huge confusion, the book was actually pretty interesting to me! I liked the story and enjoyed the characters. I really got captured at the end of the book with the many plot-twists. I thought this author was very original in this story and I really hope I enjoy the second book like I did at the end of this one.
   I read this as a fast read to get my mind ready for the end of Dragonfly In Amber and I think this was a good book for that. Although it had a lot of little quirks, it was a very unique story and it has a lot of potential:) I wasn't too disappointed with this book and I want to read the next one in hopes of less confusing writing and the characters having more shape to them. If you guys haven't read this book, who knows? Maybe you won't get as confused as me and you enjoy the book morexD

   I hope this review wasn't to bad for you guys. This is the first book that I've reviewed that was below a 4 out of 5 stars. If you guys have any opinions you would like to share, feel free to comment!!!:) and if you haven't read my last post about my theme changes, you should read it!:D It would mean a lot<3
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book:)
   Okay so can I just ask, how did she not know that Olivia looked just like her when she was in her mind? I mean, I know she was looking into her POV so she couldn't see the face at first, but she was bound to see a mirror or reflection of Olivia! The reflection on the window in the car, or on a table, or on a door. Or looking in the mirror somewhere in a building. Maybe she wasn't looking closely enough?
  Another question, what if we are all part of some reality game and we have yet to realize that? Like the video game version of The Game of Life... but more complicated and detailed, of course.
What if there's someone controlling me to write this and someone controlling you to read this? Or better yet, what if we are all part of some book someone is reading and we don't know it? That's a whole new mind-blown. That means that while we are reading, our thoughts and images of the book goes somewhere!

   ... Okay that was more like three questions. But like what if? Those were the questions I was thinking about while I was readingxD.
   Okay, so if Claudia is part of these games because she had this "violent" gene, but she hates how she killed people and her sister is not part of these games but she can pay it off to play instead of being a part of the games, how does that work? That means that either they planned this to happen to corrupt the games, or they seriously just hate each other. Maybe they planned it because how else would Olivia know Declan? Unless they met up and made an agreement... but... wasn't Declan part of the games? Does that mean Claudia and Declan went in together planning on coming out together even though they lost their memories? Did Declan, Claudia, and Wesley come together? How did Declan get out of the game? Who was his player? Are they working for them, too?
   Ah! SO MANY QUESTIONS! Ahaha. At least that keeps me wanting more of the series! I'm still confused (obviously, with all these questions) but I think that's normal, right? It ended in kind of a cliff-hanger. "I'm Olivia Lancaster." LIKE WHAT
   Seriously! I'm not sure if I like this sister of hers or not. Why would she go to the scientists if its her sister she's saving? Doesn't she want her to remember? Can't she go into Claudia's dream again and tell her it's her?
   Okay, I need to stop asking more questions (I'm sure it's getting pretty annoying).
   I really see the potential for the next book and I hope it meets that. Hopefully my review wasn't too terrible for you guys.

   I'm going to go now and start reading a little bit before bed:) Hopefully everyone had a good MLK Day:)
   Good night, book lovers<3

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Themes...

   Good morning everyone! (or good evening to those of you on the other side of the world:))
   As you can obviously see, the theme of my website is different! Don't worry this is still the website you were looking for (I hope:D). For the next few months, I will be changing my themes from here to there. I eventually want to make my own theme -probably in the summer when I have more time to make it-  but right now, I'm just playing around to see what I like and what I don't like so when I do have my own, original theme, it will be perfect<3
   I want something that goes with the blog name. Books are more than just books. They are something more. Something magical. Beyond something from earth...(haha aliens).
   If you guys have any suggestions I am totally willing to try them out! And who knows, maybe it will be up sometime;) And, if you want to comment about one of the themes I'm trying out, feel free! I'm totally open to opinions, suggestions, random commentsxD just comment below:)
   On that note, I am off to start the day reading<3

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My New Obsession...

   Okay, so I am currently on book 2 of the Outlander series (the book not the show) and I LOVE it SO MUCH! This is my first historical fiction type novel that I love and I can't get enough of it! Maybe it has something to do with... Jamie Fraser (aka: Sam Heughan);) Let me just refresh some people's memory if you don't have a clear picture of him
Or we can look at a shirtless Jamie...
But I really love it because of the chemistry between one of my favorite OTPs (one cannot have just one OTP) Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall/Fraser
   But more or less, I love these books. I can't watch the show because it's on Starz and I don't have that channel so I have to get it some other way like Netflix or buy it or something (I will find a way!) but I really want to watch it! Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows how much I love Outlander! But just because I don't watch the movies, doesn't mean I can't imagine Sam/ Jamie in a kilt... just a kilt.... 
   Anyway, if anyone wants to talk to my about this series TALK TO MEEE I don't have a life so I have the timexD 
   Just thought I would help your day get better with these pictures;) And also, CONGRATS to Outlander for winning the award for Best Cable TV in the sci-fi/fantasy genre! Bye for now!

Until Midnight by Melissa Landers

   Hey everyone, I'm back! I am so so sooo sorry that I have been away for what seems like forever. I know I said I would post this review on Christmas but I was so busy with school and my internet and computer sucks right now so I didn't have the time to post it and I'm borrowing my brothers older laptop. Anyways, I hope every had a very merry holiday! I have been off school for almost a full week because of all the snow I have, but I know I will have to go back tomorrow:/ I basically just read all of winter break and visited family a lot... I don't really have what you call a life... What did you guys do over the break?:)
   Until Midnight is a short story after the book Alienated so if you haven't read it, I think you should! Until Midnight would make a lot more sense! So it goes Alienated(book 1), Until Midnight(book 1.5), Invaded(book 2). On that note, the reason why I wanted to post this on Christmas is because, well, it takes place on Christmas... in space;)
   Aelyx and Cara are about to be separated and Aelyx wants to do something special for her before he leaves. Which is to give Cara her favorite holiday. Christmas. Now, aliens don't really know what Christmas is so he's trying to find out what Christmas is and what people do on this festive holiday. But things kind of take a turn and not the way Aelyx wanted it to go. Still, time is precious and Cara and determined to spend every second with Aelyx. If only they had more time.
   I would give this short story a 15 out of 5 stars. It is just so cute and adorable and makes you just really hate some people and love others. If an author can twist and play with your emotions while your reading, it's definitely a great book and Melissa did just that. I laughed and teared up and got frustrated and most of all, felt the love between Aelyx and Cara. Everything Aelyx does for Cara is just out of pure love and he's just so amazing like that! Even when he messes something up, it's so cute and makes me crack up! I realllllly want and Aelyx for Christmas. If I don't have him forever, I want him to be here at least for a Christmas! This book is filled with love and joy and everything that Christmas stands for.
   Christmas is a time for giving and love and happiness and this book really did capture that. It's not always going to be a perfect Christmas, most people should know that, but it's magical all the same if your spending it with people you love.

   Now that I have a working computer, I will be posting more frequently! I hope everyone had a great holiday and this new year brings happiness and love to everyone out there<3