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   Okay, so I am currently on book 2 of the Outlander series (the book not the show) and I LOVE it SO MUCH! This is my first historical fiction type novel that I love and I can't get enough of it! Maybe it has something to do with... Jamie Fraser (aka: Sam Heughan);) Let me just refresh some people's memory if you don't have a clear picture of him
Or we can look at a shirtless Jamie...
But I really love it because of the chemistry between one of my favorite OTPs (one cannot have just one OTP) Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall/Fraser
   But more or less, I love these books. I can't watch the show because it's on Starz and I don't have that channel so I have to get it some other way like Netflix or buy it or something (I will find a way!) but I really want to watch it! Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows how much I love Outlander! But just because I don't watch the movies, doesn't mean I can't imagine Sam/ Jamie in a kilt... just a kilt.... 
   Anyway, if anyone wants to talk to my about this series TALK TO MEEE I don't have a life so I have the timexD 
   Just thought I would help your day get better with these pictures;) And also, CONGRATS to Outlander for winning the award for Best Cable TV in the sci-fi/fantasy genre! Bye for now!


  1. Oh yeah! I absolutely love those books. I keep meaning to reread them but I have so much other stuff to read that I haven't gotten around to it. I saw Diana Gabaldon last time she was on tour, for the most recent book, and it was a lot of fun. My mom always read these books when I was growing up so we kinda fangirl about it together. The show is pretty great. I wasn't too set on the casting at first but I think it's working out.

    1. You are one lucky person to meet Diana! How was it??? And I totally understand not having enough time to reread! Back when I wasn't a huge reader, I used to reread the same series over and over again (The Maximum Ride series and the Wings saga). Now that I have about 200 in my TBR I can't reread the ones I really want to (Legend series, and much more). I'm currently getting myself ready to read the third book. It makes me feel overwhelmed because its much bigger than the first two and I'm half scared of all the feels it will put me through xD But I think next month, I will dedicate all my time on the third one (JAMIE MIGHT BE ALIVE!... well of course he's alive, theres about 5 other books after this one!). I really want to watch the shows, but unfortunately, I don't have the Starz channel :/ I'm trying to talk my mom into getting it so I can watch it though (wish me luck)! Haha. Is it sad that I didn't know there were hard cover versions of the series until halfway through the second book?


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