New Themes...

   Good morning everyone! (or good evening to those of you on the other side of the world:))
   As you can obviously see, the theme of my website is different! Don't worry this is still the website you were looking for (I hope:D). For the next few months, I will be changing my themes from here to there. I eventually want to make my own theme -probably in the summer when I have more time to make it-  but right now, I'm just playing around to see what I like and what I don't like so when I do have my own, original theme, it will be perfect<3
   I want something that goes with the blog name. Books are more than just books. They are something more. Something magical. Beyond something from earth...(haha aliens).
   If you guys have any suggestions I am totally willing to try them out! And who knows, maybe it will be up sometime;) And, if you want to comment about one of the themes I'm trying out, feel free! I'm totally open to opinions, suggestions, random commentsxD just comment below:)
   On that note, I am off to start the day reading<3


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