The Aftermath by Jen Alexander

   Good evening peoples! So as promised, I am back with a book review! I am so glad that I have a chance to do this:) Originally, I was going to post a review next week after my midterms, but they got cancelled because of the snow we had and the teachers are not allowed to give any tests out next week unless its on the current unit we are learning so YAY! I only have a test in World History I believe so I don't have to study so much. It's such a relief to stop studying. All last week I was staying up so late studying for the midterms and now that I don't, it's kind of annoying that I stayed up but hey, at least there are no tests.
   Can I just say that this cover is absolutely amazing? I don't normally favor pink (I had way too much of it during my childhood) but I really love this cover. It just represents the story. I think if it was like a dark blue or a red, it would be better but the shade of pink was really good. Haha, I'm talking about the shades of pink.
   Anyways, we dont judge a book by it's cover. At least, we try not to. The wrapping of this book is  really cool. But I'm sad to say that the substance inside the present wasn't all that. I think I would give this book a 2.5-3 starts out of 5. I am kind of stuck between the two.
   The story itself is very unique. Nothing I've read before. I know I haven't read a fraction of the books out there but like come on, the summary was just captivating (I suck at summaries so if you would like to read it click here). When I opened the book and started reading, I was thinking it was a mix of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games and Uninvited. Not saying it was like those three series, but it reminded me of them. When Claudia is changing between two people, I was really confused about what happened and how she was in different perspectives. What were memories and what were different views? When I finally understood, it was towards the middle of the book. I know that if I reread this, I would enjoy the book more because I knew how the writing was.
   Another thing I didn't like was that the main protagonist didn't really have any depth to him until just a slither of a part in the end of the book. The whole time, he was either hiding something (it's always like that with one of the characters) or Claudia finding out he was lying. I just wish his character was more dynamic than what he was. Hopefully I see that in the second book of this series.
   I was also not really loving some parts of Claudia, either. The two protagonists, grow attached to each other but she doesn't really trust him and is always thinking the worst of Declan. I get that she shouldn't trust anyone after what she has been through on account that he is lying to her, but she was being a hypocrite by holding a huge part of her back, too. Yes, she can be mad at him but probably not to the extreme she was at. They just met and no one just spills their secrets after saying hi. Especially since she knows he has an end game that doesn't make since, she should expect he's hiding something. Claudia started trusting a guy that tried to kill her way faster than the guy trying to help her and obviously cares for her. I found that odd on account that she obviously cares for Declan too, but she was stuck between liking him and not trusting him. She kept hugging him one second and then pushing him away the other and it was a tad bit annoying (make up your mind woman!) for me and probably Declan, too.
   What I did like about this book was that Claudia wasn't the typical weak girl. I was glad that she was tough and strong and an independent person who thinks about others before herself. Even though she has trust issues with Declan and the people she does consider friends might hate her, she still chooses to help them. I liked the fact that aside from the secrets, she wasn't that annoying. In most parts, she thought the same things I did about some situations that she came across. I liked that Claudia still knew how to defend herself and not hiding and needing someone to be her knight in shining armor. Even though that would be very romantic (<3), it wouldn't have fit for this book.
   After my huge confusion, the book was actually pretty interesting to me! I liked the story and enjoyed the characters. I really got captured at the end of the book with the many plot-twists. I thought this author was very original in this story and I really hope I enjoy the second book like I did at the end of this one.
   I read this as a fast read to get my mind ready for the end of Dragonfly In Amber and I think this was a good book for that. Although it had a lot of little quirks, it was a very unique story and it has a lot of potential:) I wasn't too disappointed with this book and I want to read the next one in hopes of less confusing writing and the characters having more shape to them. If you guys haven't read this book, who knows? Maybe you won't get as confused as me and you enjoy the book morexD

   I hope this review wasn't to bad for you guys. This is the first book that I've reviewed that was below a 4 out of 5 stars. If you guys have any opinions you would like to share, feel free to comment!!!:) and if you haven't read my last post about my theme changes, you should read it!:D It would mean a lot<3
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book:)
   Okay so can I just ask, how did she not know that Olivia looked just like her when she was in her mind? I mean, I know she was looking into her POV so she couldn't see the face at first, but she was bound to see a mirror or reflection of Olivia! The reflection on the window in the car, or on a table, or on a door. Or looking in the mirror somewhere in a building. Maybe she wasn't looking closely enough?
  Another question, what if we are all part of some reality game and we have yet to realize that? Like the video game version of The Game of Life... but more complicated and detailed, of course.
What if there's someone controlling me to write this and someone controlling you to read this? Or better yet, what if we are all part of some book someone is reading and we don't know it? That's a whole new mind-blown. That means that while we are reading, our thoughts and images of the book goes somewhere!

   ... Okay that was more like three questions. But like what if? Those were the questions I was thinking about while I was readingxD.
   Okay, so if Claudia is part of these games because she had this "violent" gene, but she hates how she killed people and her sister is not part of these games but she can pay it off to play instead of being a part of the games, how does that work? That means that either they planned this to happen to corrupt the games, or they seriously just hate each other. Maybe they planned it because how else would Olivia know Declan? Unless they met up and made an agreement... but... wasn't Declan part of the games? Does that mean Claudia and Declan went in together planning on coming out together even though they lost their memories? Did Declan, Claudia, and Wesley come together? How did Declan get out of the game? Who was his player? Are they working for them, too?
   Ah! SO MANY QUESTIONS! Ahaha. At least that keeps me wanting more of the series! I'm still confused (obviously, with all these questions) but I think that's normal, right? It ended in kind of a cliff-hanger. "I'm Olivia Lancaster." LIKE WHAT
   Seriously! I'm not sure if I like this sister of hers or not. Why would she go to the scientists if its her sister she's saving? Doesn't she want her to remember? Can't she go into Claudia's dream again and tell her it's her?
   Okay, I need to stop asking more questions (I'm sure it's getting pretty annoying).
   I really see the potential for the next book and I hope it meets that. Hopefully my review wasn't too terrible for you guys.

   I'm going to go now and start reading a little bit before bed:) Hopefully everyone had a good MLK Day:)
   Good night, book lovers<3


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