The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

   As I promised on Twitter, I am going to write a book review for The Kiss of Deception! So here's the deal: it's supposed to snow all tomorrow and Tuesday morning. If I get school off on Tuesday, I am going to write another review of THIS SHATTERED WORLD since I finished that a couple days ago. One of my new year's resolution is to post more on my blog! So here I am, trying! Let's see how long this lastsxD
   Okay, I think this book had the biggest plot twist EVER. For the people who have read this book, some of you probably figured it out, but I didn't and I was like
and a little like
And I totally wish that I could just say it already! But for those of you who haven't read this book, well... I don't want to spoil the fun! 
   One of the many things that I loved about this book was that the protagonist in this book is smart, strong, and independent. She's a princess that runs away because she doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love. So I expected her to be wimpy and scared. And yes, she was scared, but she didn't shy away from her problems. I'd like to think that I would be as brave as her to run away from her family and have three kingdoms looking for you, but I don't think I am.
   And the two men in this book... wow. I mean... wow. I honestly... I don't have any words for those two. Throughout the whole book, you are wondering, is he the assassin? Or the prince? You think you're right, but then they do something you didn't think they would do and you're like "no... he can't be him. He's gotta be the other one". You're chasing your thoughts and you're going in circles, wondering who's who. Grabbing all your pieces and trying to put them together, but you really don't know if your puzzle is right until the author tells you. So who's the prince and who's the assassin? I guess you just have to read the book;)
   Out of 5 stars? I would give this book a 10. I loved the writing, the way I kept on wondering the identity of the men. Loved how the protagonist wasn't annoying. Loved the total cliff-hanger at the end of the book (okay, it was annoying because I wanted to keep reading... but I made an exception). Loved just everything about it. I honestly didn't have any bad critique about this book!!! So if you haven't, go get it. Right. Now. Go. Do it. xD
   Seriously though, if this stays through the whole series, it will be one of my top favorites ever. So I would highly suggest you get it! I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 


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