Until Midnight by Melissa Landers

   Hey everyone, I'm back! I am so so sooo sorry that I have been away for what seems like forever. I know I said I would post this review on Christmas but I was so busy with school and my internet and computer sucks right now so I didn't have the time to post it and I'm borrowing my brothers older laptop. Anyways, I hope every had a very merry holiday! I have been off school for almost a full week because of all the snow I have, but I know I will have to go back tomorrow:/ I basically just read all of winter break and visited family a lot... I don't really have what you call a life... What did you guys do over the break?:)
   Until Midnight is a short story after the book Alienated so if you haven't read it, I think you should! Until Midnight would make a lot more sense! So it goes Alienated(book 1), Until Midnight(book 1.5), Invaded(book 2). On that note, the reason why I wanted to post this on Christmas is because, well, it takes place on Christmas... in space;)
   Aelyx and Cara are about to be separated and Aelyx wants to do something special for her before he leaves. Which is to give Cara her favorite holiday. Christmas. Now, aliens don't really know what Christmas is so he's trying to find out what Christmas is and what people do on this festive holiday. But things kind of take a turn and not the way Aelyx wanted it to go. Still, time is precious and Cara and determined to spend every second with Aelyx. If only they had more time.
   I would give this short story a 15 out of 5 stars. It is just so cute and adorable and makes you just really hate some people and love others. If an author can twist and play with your emotions while your reading, it's definitely a great book and Melissa did just that. I laughed and teared up and got frustrated and most of all, felt the love between Aelyx and Cara. Everything Aelyx does for Cara is just out of pure love and he's just so amazing like that! Even when he messes something up, it's so cute and makes me crack up! I realllllly want and Aelyx for Christmas. If I don't have him forever, I want him to be here at least for a Christmas! This book is filled with love and joy and everything that Christmas stands for.
   Christmas is a time for giving and love and happiness and this book really did capture that. It's not always going to be a perfect Christmas, most people should know that, but it's magical all the same if your spending it with people you love.

   Now that I have a working computer, I will be posting more frequently! I hope everyone had a great holiday and this new year brings happiness and love to everyone out there<3


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