Apprentice by Rachel E Carter

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   As promised, a review for Apprentice! Fist, I want to say how deeply honored I am to be writing a review of this book before it comes out on the 17th! Thank you so much Rachel for giving me this amazing chance:) Secondly, I want to note that the first book is out for only $.99 so go get it NOW!!!
   Okay, so this review will be kind of hard considering that I want to spill so much but I can't! I literally just finished it an hour or so ago and it's still running through my head! AHHHHH! If I would I would cover this book with stars because it's worth that many... But it would ruin the book and I wouldn't want to do that. 
   Apprentice is the sequel to First Year in the Black Mage series. I was caught on these two books from the beginning and each page was filled with action and romance and friendship. It was a balance between love and hate, friends and enemies, laughs and cries and screams and I think that is what was so great about it. It had me on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next emotion to hit me. It's like you think something's going going to go one way and the next, it's the total opposite. Then you expect another thing to happen and again, you're thrown off balance. 
   Rachel did a really amazing job showing the different conflicts Ryiah had gone through. Her struggles with her powers, the relationship the people closest to her have made, and especially the decision to chose one guy or the other. I have to say, I chose the right guy;) It was also great to show Darren's many sides, Alex's determination for his love, Darrik's growth throughout the years. The character development was amazing and I loved it:) 
   And a  book isn't good if it's not making me want to scream "COME ON!" In the middle of class... And I nearly did! Countless times I've had to fight the urge to throw my phone across the room or hold back the urge to yell at my phone as if it just turned off on me in the middle of an intense game of Temple Run. And I have to admit, it made me want to cry out of anger, annoyance, hurt, and love. 
   There's not much else I can say without giving everything away! And I feel like if I keep writing, something's going to slip and I don't think you would be all too happy about thatxD The only thing I can say is that these unique books are worth the read<3 And- not wanting to sound too desperate, but- Rachel E Carter is an amazing writer and I am dying (DYING) for the next book (so hurry up so I can read it already:D)! 

   Good night everyone:) Hope you guys enjoyed<3


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