Invaded by Melissa Landers

   Two reviews in one week?! Yes, it's true. I would have finished this book way earlier, but Rachel E Carter, the author of the Black Mage series had asked me to read her book Apprentice and write a review before it comes out (please check it out;D Also, the first book of the Black mage series, First Year, is on sale for $.99 in ebook form!). No, I didn't stop reading this one in the middle because it was boring, I simply wanted to make sure I finished Apprentice on time. Plus, I did try to read both books at the same time, it's hard for me to read multiple books because I tend to get the stories mixed upxD Trust me when I say I'm in love with the Alienated series.
   The reason why it has taken me to long to read this lovely book is because I pre-ordered it online so I could get a specialized signed copy of it (pictures are on my Twitter)! It was totally worth it<3 So since it's been out for about a week and you guys that have read it already, feel free to comment below and tell me what you think of the book:)
   Okay, to the actual review part. I think what I really loved most about this book- besides Aelyx, of course- is that I rarely had an instance where I knew what was going to happen next. I was pondering their problems right along with Aelyx and Cara, thinking about what's going on and how to fix it. I loved the conflicts the two were facing and the decision Clara made towards the end of the book. I liked how she didn't make a decision wholly based on one person (sorry, I can't go into further detail for those who haven't read the book yet. But for those who have, I think you know what I mean).
   Argh, this is so hard to write without giving anything away! Let's just say that I truly loved this book and out of 5, I'd give Invaded a 10.
   This book... along with all the action and hurt, it was at the same time sweet. You see Aelyx and Cara's love and I swear, it's so palpable you could practically reach out and feel it. And then, you see the love that blooms right when you thought that you couldn't feel happy again, that's the best kind of love. And you see the slow love, first indifference, slowly coming into something more (and hopefully in the third book, they will be together). This book just shows you that there are so many different kinds of love, and most of the time, it's when you least expect it.
   I think what I really got out of this book is that not everything is so black and white, good and bad. There's that huge grey area where you don't know if it's good or bad. I think we all know that in life, there is no clear line where the white starts and the black ends, but sometimes we can't help feel that certain things are just all bad or all good. We need a wake up call from that and try to see both good and bad in everything.  Like phones for instance. Most might think that yes, phones are always good. And in some ways they are, faster communication and mobile games when we're bored for example. But in others, like ruining your eye-sight and killing your brain cells or decreasing the amount of face-to-face conversations and mailed letters (I personally think that letters sent by mail are the sweetest things in the world... I don't know why), it's not so lovely.
   I love Melissa Landers' writing and really hope that she is able to make a third book. Unfortunately, she doesn't know if she can because it all depends on how well her books sell. So go go go and buy Alienated  and Invaded! WE NEED THE THIRD BOOK.
   I'm just sitting here, thinking about what the third book will be like. I'm sort of like this...
   Yes, I. Need. The third. Book. Now.

   Well, I have to stop here so I can get ready to go to my friend's house. So guys, hopefully you all have enjoyed this series as much as I do:) Tell me what you guys think and we can all talk about it! Love you guys<3


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