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   Two posts in a day? Is this the same person who used to never post anything? You can put your worries to rest, yes it's me ;) As you know, I am trying to promote my blog as much as I can (if you want to promote it too, I would deeply appreciate it) and in return, I am trying to promote others' work (blogs, books, etc). If any of you have anything you would like me to try and get to the world, feel free to tell me and we will talk about it :)
   As I said, I'm trying to promote people's work. And like my friend's book, Royally Twisted (check out My Friend's Book in the Making), I am going to be promoting another book!
   As I am on Goodreads, I try to talk to a lot of friendly people. I met this man named Krystain. He is currently writing a book and needs some beta readers out there to help him read his book! So if any of you are willing, let me know and I will tell him! Or go on Goodreads and look him up (his name is Krystain Brown)! He's more than happy to have you :)
   Krys is, as said, writing a book called, Caged. Heres the summary:
   Jamie, Don, and Sarah- the "Caged" family- are given a sudden surprise as their once missing and proclaimed said brother, Jansen, returns. Only, the longer Jansen stays in town- alive and well- the longer everyone's secrets are being threatened. 
   Jansen, returning to his home town and surprising his family, brings more than trouble with him. Sadly, like a twisted welcome home gift, Jansen knows that someone in his family is plotting his certain death. Having a plan of his own at play, Jansen being to move his chess pieces. 
   Jamie is thrilled that her brother is alive and well, even if her secrets are now being threatened. With her brother in town and at her side, Jamie's life is taking a twisted turn as she realized that the world isn't what it once seemed. 
   Don was thrilled with his life before his brother reappeared. And now, Don has to deal with the dangers of having Jansen back in town. With Jansen back, Don has to discover his secrets before Jansen begins to uncover Don's. If Don is too late, then theres a chance that his own life can take a twisted turn for the worst. 
   Sarah has to swallow the biggest pill of all- her son is alive. With everyone on the line, Sarah beings to make a few calls and move a few pieces on her chess board. In the end, she knows what she has to do. 
   I have read the first two chapters that are up and so far, so good! I really like the story so far and the different POV's that Krystain has made. I also like the different battles between the family. I know, I know, family feuds aren't supposed to be a good thing. But I mean, this isn't a normal one! It has demons and angels and probably more that I haven't even read yet! So far, there is no love interest, but I kind of like the fact that people are fighting about a sibling instead of a girl/boyfriend. It's different and we need that in books right now.
   Krystain is working hard and is willing to hear how he is doing. I see the great potential in this book, and we want you to go read this intriguing story! if you do, let me know! Let Krys know! And/or subscribe to his page ( 


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