My Friend's Book in the Making...

   Hi everyone!:)
   Has anyone had to shovel a boat load of snow today? I sure did... it was surely a great work out at least hahaha. This morning, I was stuck between photo editing and shoveling!
   Photo editing what exactly? Why, I'm glad you asked (or maybe you didn't, but I will answer it anyway)! The above picture is a cover I literally just made for my friend's book that she is making on Wattpad (her username is on the bottom right corner). She hasn't written anything yet, but she wanted me to make a cover for her and give her input on the details of her story.
   Now, the story... I can't really give any specifics, but I think I can give some generalities. Lia lives in modern-day England (think Jemima West with brown hair)... She's has the typical smart mouth and knows how to defend herself if needed. One day, she gets kidnapped and sent where?... not where. When. To the 17th century...To 1673. She is brought to a kingdom, where everyone thinks that she is the missing princess that has went away. No... she can't be. But that's not what the people are telling her. She has to learn about the royal ways: dresses and shoes (theres no way she's ever going to wear those things that looks like a disaster waiting to happen), fighting (now that, she can handle), princes, and least of all, politics. And out of nowhere, she is caught in a love triangle between the prince, Alexander, and the man who kidnapped her, Eric. Who will she choose? And does she really want to go back to her time anymore?
   For the cover, I took a picture off google and colored the back black. The silhouette shows someone that helps her throughout the way, in ghost form;) It also shows her responsibilities of being a princess and her wanting to run away from it, not wanting them. But Lia wearing the dress shows that, at the same time, she kind of likes the new world she is cast into. She wants to help, but she also wants to go home.
   I think that's all I can tell you before I give anything away! Hopefully my terrible summary intrigued you to read the book and that you like the not-too-crappy cover xP I'll post more details at my friend consent.
   Well, I think that's all for today:) Hope the snow isn't too bad where you are! And if there isn't any where you live, well, you're lucky. Tell me what you think of anything!
   Thank you for 800 views! You guys rock my world<3 


  1. Hi. Pretty sharp work, that cover. But do you realise that having vertical print makes it hard to read? YOU literally have to spell it out. Slaved away on a cover myself. Whatever anyone says, they're absolutely critical. My book, The Musket Girl (want an e-copy?) went nowhere for a year on Amazon with the first cover I made. Literally sold nothing. Then I got a friend to do a really great illustration, and now the sales trickle along.

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you :) and no, I didn't realize the title was hard to read. I tried making it horizontal and it didn't look right, but then again, I'm not the best at editing photos and how to make a picture look perfect, but now that you mention it, I do see that it is hard for people to read. It's my first time actually making a cover (even if it's just for Wattpad) and I really do understand how hard it is trying to make something pleasing to the eye. Thank you for mentioning that to me! And that's amazing! I would definitely enjoy a copy :) I'm glad that the sales are going up! Covers for books do seem to make a difference on sales.

  2. I think this books sounds pretty interesting and original :)

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

    1. Well thank you Cecilie! :) She's really excited to share it with you! She's one of those people that hates writing things that has already been written a million times, so she's happy you said that.


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