Sapphire by Sarah Fay Olson

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Good day, everyone :) First off, as you can see, I've been changing the background to my blog a lot. Sorry if that makes things a little confusing (I'm still trying to find a good one for me to use). I am liking the one that I am using now, but tell me what you think! Also, if the person in question is reading this, my friend's birthday is tomorrow!!! I have this present I want to give to her and a little surprise on Instagram ;) haha hopefully she won't be too mad at me xD
   On to the book, for those waiting to hear about it while I rant on about measles things xD I've been asked to review this story by Sarah for an honest review. And I have to say, this will be completely honest. If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here. Before reading this book, I was going in, think that I would be interested in it! It really was intriguing. But, as I kept reading, I was starting to feel more and more disappointed. Everything was going by way too fast and I didn't like it. I didn't feel anything and that didn't sit well with me. The girl in the book was so... I don't know. She didn't think about things and was just waiting for everything to be perfect. Layla was so girly: talking about dresses, only thinking about the ball, rainbows and unicorns. And of course, being a girl, I love dresses and dances, but she took it way too far. And you guys know by now how I feel about girls who are strong unless it's obviously a contemporary/realistic fiction.
   BUT then this huge plot twist came and everything changed (you thought I was going to say I didn't like this book, didn't you?)! I don't even know how this book went from me almost putting the book down to me not being able to get away for 5 minutes! Unfortunately, I cannot spill the juicy content with you, so you will just have to read and find out yourself ;) But let me just tell you, I KNEW IT ALL ALONG! haha.
   I grew to respect Layla and her choices. She did what she thought was right at the time and that's all that matters. Her love for family and the people around her really made her stronger and more determined in what she wanted in life.
   I also liked her friends a lot. Tristan, Charlotte, and everyone else that came into her life and showed her the way to the right decisions. Some might have talked kindly and others might have called her names ;) But they all did it out of love for her and it really showed the importance of friends. Without them, we probably wouldn't be where we are today.
   And then there's James.  Ahh *swoons*. For some reason, I never hated the man. Even when he yelled and yelled. I knew there was something about him ;) I knew it, Sarah! *happy dance* It's amazing how well guys can hide behind masks. In real life and in books, mind you. They hold up such a front, it's amazing the mask doesn't melt into their skin and become a part of them... wow that was a weird metaphor. But still, it took James a while to take the mask off, and I'm glad he did because the face behind it is handsome <3 Anyway, when you figure out about his father, it's so sad. Who lives with that and barely has time to deal with it (This may be confusing to those who haven't read it)? Not many, I say.
   The plot in this book was always high. I loved it. After I wasn't annoyed with the beginning of the book, I liked the fast speed of it (who knew after the book was finished, 3 years have already passed). Because time and life isn't going to wait for you when you need it the most. And that sucks. But that's life and although the book was definitely fast-paced, it still went into detail when it needed to be, and I liked that. It's hard to write a fast-paced book and still write about how a building looks or the emotions a person has, but Sarah did that.
   This book really showed you the importance of family and to never look back. Everyone makes mistakes and you can't dwell on the past if you ever want to move on. The mistakes you make, no matter how bad, you wouldn't be where you are today. So always be thankful for that <3
   Sarah, please let me know if you have a second book out! :) I'd love to read it and see more or James and Layla and Charlotte and Aria<3
   Okay guys, I think that's it for the review! I rated this 4.5 just because of the beginning of the story. But other than that, READ IT haha. If you finish or have read it already, tell me what you think!


  1. Oh, now you've got me intrigued! I want to know the plot twist. Haha!

    1. Haha yay! Honestly, I didn't think this book would have any action in it, but apparently it does! When you finish reading it, tell me how you like it :)


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