Monday, March 30, 2015

Changing It Up... Book Recommendations!

   Hello Book Lovers!
   Today is the first official day of spring break for me! I'm a morning kinda person (I know, I hate it sometimes) so yeah, I'm up at 8 in the morning, reading. And 8 is like sleeping in for me. Can you believe it? No, I really can't either. But I am so happy to wake up and not have to go to school! I'm seriously so done with it. Are you on break right now?
   If you've noticed, I added a new tab to the blog! It's called 'Recommendations'. From here, every once in a while- when I don't have a book in mind to review- I'll post something that either I'll recommend to you, fellow readers, or you can recommend books to me!
   That might have sounded very confusing, but once I start doing it, I think you will get the hang of it.
   Today, I want you guys to give me some books to me. God knows how many books I have in my TBR list, but it's always good to add more! Next week, my next post will have a few books that I would recommend to you guys :)
   Anyway, I hope you guys have fun reading and whatnot ;) Sorry, this was kind of a lame post. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Insurgent Movie

   Hello everyone! For people who are friends with me on Goodreads, I did promise a review today :) For anyone who hasn't seen the movie, don't worry, I won't spoil anything until the spoilers section at the bottom. 
   Okay, so there is some controversy going on about Insurgent. Some say it's really good and some say the don't like it. I, myself, liked it. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I can say though, that if you are someone who doesn't like any change from book to movie, then you won't like the Insurgent. But if you can accept change, then you'll enjoy. 
   The first part of the movie is actually close to the book. They took some stuff out because of their time limit, but overall, it was basically the same. The second part was different, and I think that's where it got some people. Almost everything was different. What they didn't change was the story line, so at least it wasn't like The Mortal Instruments movie where the whole plot sort of changed and everything was switched and mixed around. 
   The thing is, they sort of had to change the second part of the movie. The whole series is basically categorized as dystopian/action. Honestly, if they had the movie just like the book, Insurgent and Allegiant would be boring for the most part. Those two books have a lot of political/ governmental stuff going on, so she directer had to add more action parts to make the movie more interesting to make you want to come back. Now, on the other hand, changing it causes some fandoms to not like it, so it's hard to decide what he should and shouldn't have done. 
   Don't get me wrong, I love this series! I love the story and the author and the characters, but I have to admit that there isn't a lot of fighting parts in the second and third book. 
   What was really funny, was that I liked Peter in the movie xD I didn't ever really like him in the books, but they made him funnier. Uriah was in the movie, too. He only really had two scenes, so that was sad. I wanted to see more of him :,( Tris was very well played. I could see the emotion played out. The fight going on inside her, the guilt from what happened. Tobias was, as always, super hot ;) Another thing was I didn't really see any conflict between Tobias and Tris. I know they had to take some stuff out because of time, but I wanted to see that in the movie. Jennie was more... Evil for lack of a better word, in this one than Divergent. I liked that :) It was awesome seeing Tris' mom throughout the movie. It made me sad to see her and have her disappear. That would literally be torture if that happened to me. To see your mom die, and then see her everywhere? In dreams and simulations. Terrible. Tori! I love love love Maggie Q. She is such an amazing actress and I love all of the shows (NikitaStalker) and most of the movies that she's in (Priest, Divergent, Insurgent, etc)! So yeah, you can say I think she was awesome ;) Okay, Tobias' mom? Whoa man. I know she was young when she had Tobias, but JEEZ! Gosh... But she was still well played! She had the characteristics I expected from her. Strong, manipulative, but inside, caring towards Tobias in a both good and bad way. 
   Anyway, haha, overall, it wasn't too bad, but not great for me. I liked it! But didn't love it. Again, it's really preference on who you are. If your sitting there picking out the many details to judge (how the stunt doubles aren't exactly like actor/actress, or how things changed here and there, and oh! They left that out!) then I can assure you won't like it. Just sit and relax and enjoy a good movie :) 
   Whether you watched it or will soon, tell me what you think! I'd love to hear more from you guys and what you thought of the movie :) 
   Please do not continue reading until you have seen the movie :)
   Okay okay okay. Can I just say how youn Tobias' mom looked! She looked you enough to be his sister! Younger sister, if I might add. And I swore Tris called him Tobias and not Four once she realized his name? Or is that just me? 
   I found it sad that Tris never said 'I love you' back to Tobias. I know she was going through some stuff and with everything going on, they don't have a lot of time alone together, but still :/ I'm like 'Aw, Tobias! I love you!' Haha. 
   What did you guys think of the simulation? I think it was well done. NOTHING like the book, but they had to add something to have more fighting. I just thought the walls and Tobias dissolving into water or pieces or whatever it was, was kind of weird. Too... Animated... Even though it was a simulation... Haha the whole movie made me have complicated feelings. I didn't really feel anything when watching it. Except when Tris was talking abut killing Will and her talking to her mom in the simulation. But other than that, it didn't really get me. 
   DID YOU GUYS SEE URIAH??? When I read a book, I imagine someone the way I think they would look like, you know, most people do. But when I think hard about it, I can't really describe them unless I'm reading the characteristics off of the book. Uriah was a mix of what I imagined him to be and something different. I really wanted to see him more in the book. He plays such a huge part in the series. Not in the way Tris or Tobias is, but probably the same level as Peter or Caleb. 
   Anyway, tell me what you guys thought of the movie :) 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Firefly by P.M Pevato

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hey everyone! I just had word from school and it has closed today! Yes, today is the first day of spring, I know. Last year, it snowed during spring break! Ugh, the weather these days. And the snow isn't even sticking to the roads! But I'm not complaining, I just got out of my math test ;) Is there any unusual weather where you live?
   I received this book from Paula to give an honest review of the book. If you guys want to get the book on Amazon, click here. Now, to be honest, I wanted to kind of rush through the book and be done quickly so I could get back to reading Voyager. I know, I feel terrible for saying it! Gosh, when I read this book, it totally changed my mind set! I wanted to read and take it slow, enjoy the story.
   Speaking of, I really did like the story. It was very original to me. I haven't read a book in a while solely based on witches, so it was a nice read :) I liked all of the friends and people. I even liked that annoying Cooper guy! Haha. And while reading this book, I was amazed by all the metaphors thrown in there. I don't know why, but they really were so deep and meaningful. I could picture what she was saying and relate it to what happened in the book! Just so spot on ;)
   The author explained to me that she wanted Em (the female protagonist) to not fall into love so quickly, something she found important from being a girl herself ;) And I thought that was really amazing. Love is amazing and wonderful, but I read too many books where the two start saying 'I love you' a week after they meet; it loses to meaning of saying 'I love you' even though they do end up together at the end. It shouldn't be something you say right away but a saying you say to the right people.
   Ben (the male protagonist) was well written, too. The way he felt about himself is just so... saddening. He is so good inside and he doesn't see that </3 I personally liked reading his side of the story more (there are two POV's). I wish I could just reach into the book and hug him. Just to let him know that he shouldn't do anything stupid. Em needs you Ben!
   There are only a couple things  I would like to criticize about this book. I wish there was some way to differentiate whether something is a Vision or not. I tended to get confused on most of the Visions, never knowing when one started or ended until I it says 'I woke up', but then I was confused through the whole time reading the Vision that I have to re-read it. At the end of the book, I thought Em was in a Vision or Dream but it turned out the be real life? Another minor/preference thing is that I wish Ben's POV started earlier. Although he does say how he felt about what happened in the beginning of the book, I kind of wanted to know at that moment how he felt and what was going through his mind.
   Other than those two things, it was awesome!! I know it sounded like a lot of bad things, but it really wasn't. I thoroughly enjoyed this story :) I'd give this book a 4 out of 5 stars! I really want to read the next one! OMG PAULA THAT WAS SUCH A CLIFF HANGERRRR. WHERES THE NEXT ONE???
   That's all for my review today :) Hope you guys enjoyed my review! And go get the book! You'll like it!
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book :)
   WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! IS SHE DEAD??? I mean theres book two coming I think... she can't be dead.... unless Ben ends up figuring out if he wants to stay alive or die and be with Em again... BUT NO IT CANT HAPPEN! Ahhhhh I need to second book! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blog URL!

   Hey everyone!
   So I know I just said that I was leaving, but I'm back! I just wanted to update you guys and tell you that I have changed the URL to my blog to (I took out the 'and') so it's a little shorter to write. I know that it's not that much shorter... I have had people say that it was really long and I agree. I don't really know how to change it without totally changing the whole name. I really like the name I made (I chose it because the books are out of this world and 'they are more than just books') so I don't really want to change it. 
   Okay, that's officially all haha. Have a good rest of your day :)

Chaos by Nia Davenport

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! The weather is finally getting warmer and I love it! I'm that person that is always hot (and sometimes I hate that during the summer), so I'm looking forward to shorts and short sleeves <3 Is is warm where you live? Or is it currently cold?
   Anyway, I am back to write a review for Chaos (sorry if the picture above is too small, I couldn't find a bigger one :/)! Nia Davenport asked me to review the first book, Two-Faced for her a while back, and since she loved it, she asked for an honest review of Chaos before it comes out :) That just makes me so happy, to have an author follow up with me on the next book <3 So amazing. So Chaos comes out on April 1st (April Fools Day!) if you guys wanted to pre-order it! I can assure you that it will be worth the read ;) Anyone that would like to pre-order it on Amazon, click here.
   As I said before, I have gotten the book before it has obviously been released. This is an uncorrected manuscript of the book and so all of the grammar mistakes are there. I have to say, at some points it was confusing because it took me a while to figure out what the sentence was saying since not all of the editing was done. There were also some repetitiveness in the book that I think can be taken out in some areas. But guys, if there were no -or few- mistakes in the story, I would have enjoyed it much more. And that's pretty enjoyable on account that I already love it.
   On to the story. When I first read the book, I didn't realize that it started off as four years before the first book. Now, it actually says it before the book begins so I felt really stupid. Anyway, it's like that for a little while until chapter five, where it (and it states) that it now takes place in current time. Just wanted to put it out there so you guys don't do the same dumb mistakes that I did xD I really like the way Nia added that 'Four years prior' section in the beginning of the book. It really made for a nice background story, and when reading, I understood everything that they were talking about.
   Nia did a magnificent job in describing and explaining everything in great detail in such a short book. I really felt like I was with Zander and Skylar. Their journey was mine, and I enjoyed every step of the way.
   Zander's loyalty to Skylar is... phenomenal. If I was in his position, I'd totally fight and fight with her until I couldn't speak anymore. I mean, Skylar has made some decisions that aren't good. I know she couldn't just out and tell him but, man, I would still be pissed at her for longer than he was. Wow, the love that the two have is... I can't fathom it. I love the love that they have. I love how they know exactly how to be there for one another. Wether it's talking to distract them or to just stand there and hold each other. In other words, I'm totally jealous of them in all the best ways <3
   I personally liked this story better than the first one. Everything fit perfectly together. But honestly, it's a matter of preference. The two books are the same, but different. The same two characters and love, but what they focus on are two totally different things. I can divulge anything for obvious reasons, but I really liked Choas. I think it was because there wasn't so much... girl-drama. There was no 'evil' fighting for the guy and the guy liking two girls (even though the second part didn't happen in the first book either...). Nia did an astounding job mixing together action and love without making it too complicated. Though, there wasn't a lot of romance, when there was, it made my heart soar for the two <3
   I give this five out of five amazing stars. The only problem I had was the grammar mistakes, but I know that is being taken care of at the moment :) Everyone should read this amazing book. EVERYONE! haha. Thank you so much Nia for coming back to me and asking me to review it! I did't know what to expect when reading this book, and this exceeded everything I thought it would be. Let me know if you would like me to review the third when it's ready! <3
   That's all for today guys, I'll be back!

Monday, March 9, 2015

NOVA Teen Book Festival Experience

Maggie Hall

Sarah Rassch

Kristen Simmons

Marie Rutkoski
Jason Reynolds
   Good evening everyone! Or good morning :) I promised you guys that I will be posting my NTBF experience with you guys. And the event was two days ago, so sorry, haha but I was super busy with school (I was studying for a test that turned out wasn't happening until Wednesday...) If you don't want to read, feel free to skip this blog post :)
   OMG SO WHAT?! I totally didn't expect this even to be so good! I actually saw someone retweet the event on Twitter and noticed that it was near where I live! Unfortunately, all of my friends couldn't come. A Twitter friend, Batool, came but I never got the chance to say hi!
   The event was for authors to come and share their experiences while writing their books, talk about how it related to the real world, and answer some questions from the fellow readers :) Going in, I was kind of confused with the room numbers, but now I feel stupid because it said where everything was right on the schedule paper that they gave you... I swear I'm smart. I ended up staying in the auditorium the whole time...
   The authors were so amazing. Some talked about bullies, depression and suicide. Some talked about the government, war and women trafficking. And others talked about women and the different ways that girls are strong. Mentally, physically and/or verbally (HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY).
   For lunch, there were food trucks! I've always wanted to experience it! I heard they had some pretty authentic stuff. And yes, it was pretty amazing! There was a donut food truck and their donuts there delicious <3 and there was a cheese food truck that sold cheese sandwiches. It was a pretty long line, but man, that was a really good sandwich. So glad that I finally crossed something off of my bucket-list xD
   There was this signing at the end. I must say that they were very organized with everything! The authors were spread out and the lines were so bad :) I got some pictures of the amazing and beautiful authors (in the picture above). All were so nice and Maggie Hall answered my question (what inspired her to write). I want to start writing again but haven't found my inspiration, yet. But she said to write something I want to write and read. SHE TOLD ME I SHOULD START WRITING AND TO KEEP HER UPDATED! SHE ALSO SAID THAT THE PICTURE OF US WAS REALLY GOOD AHHHH *currently fangirling* *happy dance*. I think that right there just inspired me.
   My mom bought Jason Reynold's book because he really sold the idea and was really funny haha. I started some of it and it was so so good!
   AND KRISTEN SIMMONS FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG YAY! *more fangirling* *more dances*. She is so nice! All of them actually, are so nice and down to earth. All of the authors I've met so far are more than I expected and I'm so glad about that :) It doesn't ruin my vision of all of these celebrities being mean. hahahah yes, they are celebrities to me... don't judge xD
   Anyway, yes. I am so happy that I got to attend. For those of you thinking about going next year, YOU SHOULD GO!!!! I mean, if the authors attending are ones you like. It's never fun if there isn't at least one author you know. But yeah, I'll definitely be attending next year, so if you decide to go, let me know! Hopefully I'll see more of you. And Batool, we totally need to see each other next time!!! haha.
   Hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry, it's not my most organized post ever haha. I'll see you guys soon, Nia Davenport has asked me to review her sequel to Two-Faced! YAYYY!
   Good night <3

Friday, March 6, 2015

Rebel Song by Amanda J Clay

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! So yesterday, where I live, we had a full day of snow and got about 10 inches! I don't know if that's usual or unusual for where you guys live, but it was a lot for me! All that shoveling the past couple months sure helped me stay fit xD
   Okay, so I received this e-copy for an honest review. If you would like to get Rebel Song on Amazon, click here. Sarah was nice enough to give it to me, and I apologize for taking so long on getting to this book! There are so many books I need to read and review and I'm trying to get through all of them.
   I honestly liked this book. It was a good story and really cool (and sometimes funny) characters. There are always stories about star-crossed lovers, but this one I really liked :) I thought it was funny because they knew they could never be together, but they still found ways to sneak into each others' lives.
   When reading this book, I thought that it would only be one or two POVs but it was just about everyone! The POVs were very strategic in who was thinking what and I thought that was really great and smart of Sarah to do that :) It was a nice surprise. I think the first different POV (one that wasn't Rogen or El) was Ben. I'm normally quick to learn when a POV changes, so when I noticed it was Ben, I was surprised. I didn't know why Sarah would want to show his side, but when I understood, I was all like 'Yes, that was perfect'.
   I really liked Rogen. Strong and smart (most of the time) and fights for what he believes in. He can be so arrogant sometimes when he is faced with someone he doesn't like and wants to hide his emotions. El, is complicated. I liked her, what she believes in and going against the government. Pretty, funny, and girly, she is very much underestimated by the people around her who don't know her smart, strong-headed side. I just wish that she was more... strong. Not physically, but she was always doubting herself and never thought of ways to fix things. And she is strong in arguing with so political powers but when she is with herself, she was down all the time. Those were the moments where I just want to say 'Just think of something better!' haha
   Other than that, I really liked it! I'm hoping for more from the story :) So if you have another one releasing, let me know! I'd be more than happy to read it :) So you guys, pick up the book and read! I really hope you guys like it, too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AMANI: Remember by Lydhia Marie

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone :) As you know, I am currently reading e-copies of books that authors have given me for an honest review. One of which, I just finished! It's called AMANI: REMEMBER. Now, I know you guys are wondering why, if you look it up, why you can't find anything about it or the cover. This is because it hasn't been published yet! Lydhia is on her way right now trying to self publish this story :) I personally think that that's really awesome. I don't know, just doing something yourself, that independence is amazing. Anyway, she is trying to fund raise so she can promote the book and pay for everything she needs in order to get it out there (it's more expensive than you might think)! Any amount will help a ton and whatever you pay, there is a prize that she will give you! If you would like to help chip in anything, click here. Even just sharing about the book will make a difference :)
   Okay, so I really really like this book. According to Lydhia, there are going to be more of them! And you guys don't know how happy that made me feel :) REMEMBER is a book about a girl, Amya, who found herself in a hospital and no memory of the last 11 or so months. This story is about her trying to uncover the truths that are hiding in her head and saving her best friend. Nothing is what it seems anymore when one person that was very close to her, betrays her.
   Lydhia did an amazing and creative way of explaining our emotions through this book. I was a little confused in the beginning with the concept of it, but it explains later on in more detail. I don't believe that I have yet read a book that described how we felt things. And the way Lydhia wrote, it was both interesting and not a bit dull.
   Each page was captivating. From page one, theres already suspense and darkness. It made me want to find out the true story to all that was happening and you only ever realize it towards the end. This book is nothing like I've ever read. The story was so unique and different than others that I was absolutely amazed. I know there are a million more stories that haven't been written, but seriously! Who can write such a unique story? Authors amaze me these days.
   Haha anyway, the characters in this book... I loved! I loved Xander and Amya and Samera <3 The bestest of friends. The only thing I didn't like about Amya was that she was so sucked up on a place or idea that she forgot her priorities. It made me want to say "Okay, great. But you have to go!" haha it's both amazing and annoying at times.
   I seriously recommend this book, guys. Everything was so fascinating. I want to be in the Blue!!! Haha you would get it if you read the book! ;)
   Remember, if you want to read the book, go to the website above and help! The littlest amount would help Lydhia :) Or if you can't, spreading the word is always amazing, too!
   I hope you guys enjoyed! And thank you all for the comments and emails! It really makes my day to hear from you all :) 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NOVA Teen Book Festival

   Hello everyone! I am here to share some amazing news with you all :) I will be attending the NOVA Teen Book Festival on the 7th! I just realized that I am going to go yesterday and hope so see some of you there. A lot of authors are going to be there including: Maggie Hall (The Conspiracy of Us), Jennifer Niven (All the Bright Places), Sara Raasch (Snow Like Ashes), Marie Rutkoski (The Winner's Crime), Kristen Simmons (The Glass Arrow), and Jasmine Warga (My Heart and Other Black Holes). There are 20 authors in all, I believe. The ones I just listed are ones that I know or want to know, so hopefully I have enough money to buy them all! The even is free! It starts from 9:30am-5:30pm. I will be there at noon, so I won't be there in the morning. Nonetheless, tell me if you will be going!
   I will be posting my event experience after I come back with some pictures, hopefully! :) If you want to know more about the festival, click here. All the questions and schedules are on there, but if you have any questions, you can tweet them (@NoVaTEENBF) or email them.
   Hope to see some of you there :)