AMANI: Remember by Lydhia Marie

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone :) As you know, I am currently reading e-copies of books that authors have given me for an honest review. One of which, I just finished! It's called AMANI: REMEMBER. Now, I know you guys are wondering why, if you look it up, why you can't find anything about it or the cover. This is because it hasn't been published yet! Lydhia is on her way right now trying to self publish this story :) I personally think that that's really awesome. I don't know, just doing something yourself, that independence is amazing. Anyway, she is trying to fund raise so she can promote the book and pay for everything she needs in order to get it out there (it's more expensive than you might think)! Any amount will help a ton and whatever you pay, there is a prize that she will give you! If you would like to help chip in anything, click here. Even just sharing about the book will make a difference :)
   Okay, so I really really like this book. According to Lydhia, there are going to be more of them! And you guys don't know how happy that made me feel :) REMEMBER is a book about a girl, Amya, who found herself in a hospital and no memory of the last 11 or so months. This story is about her trying to uncover the truths that are hiding in her head and saving her best friend. Nothing is what it seems anymore when one person that was very close to her, betrays her.
   Lydhia did an amazing and creative way of explaining our emotions through this book. I was a little confused in the beginning with the concept of it, but it explains later on in more detail. I don't believe that I have yet read a book that described how we felt things. And the way Lydhia wrote, it was both interesting and not a bit dull.
   Each page was captivating. From page one, theres already suspense and darkness. It made me want to find out the true story to all that was happening and you only ever realize it towards the end. This book is nothing like I've ever read. The story was so unique and different than others that I was absolutely amazed. I know there are a million more stories that haven't been written, but seriously! Who can write such a unique story? Authors amaze me these days.
   Haha anyway, the characters in this book... I loved! I loved Xander and Amya and Samera <3 The bestest of friends. The only thing I didn't like about Amya was that she was so sucked up on a place or idea that she forgot her priorities. It made me want to say "Okay, great. But you have to go!" haha it's both amazing and annoying at times.
   I seriously recommend this book, guys. Everything was so fascinating. I want to be in the Blue!!! Haha you would get it if you read the book! ;)
   Remember, if you want to read the book, go to the website above and help! The littlest amount would help Lydhia :) Or if you can't, spreading the word is always amazing, too!
   I hope you guys enjoyed! And thank you all for the comments and emails! It really makes my day to hear from you all :) 


  1. I added your review on my website! :)
    Thanks again!

    1. Oh wow thank you so much! How is the self-publishing thing coming along?


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