Changing It Up... Book Recommendations!

   Hello Book Lovers!
   Today is the first official day of spring break for me! I'm a morning kinda person (I know, I hate it sometimes) so yeah, I'm up at 8 in the morning, reading. And 8 is like sleeping in for me. Can you believe it? No, I really can't either. But I am so happy to wake up and not have to go to school! I'm seriously so done with it. Are you on break right now?
   If you've noticed, I added a new tab to the blog! It's called 'Recommendations'. From here, every once in a while- when I don't have a book in mind to review- I'll post something that either I'll recommend to you, fellow readers, or you can recommend books to me!
   That might have sounded very confusing, but once I start doing it, I think you will get the hang of it.
   Today, I want you guys to give me some books to me. God knows how many books I have in my TBR list, but it's always good to add more! Next week, my next post will have a few books that I would recommend to you guys :)
   Anyway, I hope you guys have fun reading and whatnot ;) Sorry, this was kind of a lame post. 


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