Chaos by Nia Davenport

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! The weather is finally getting warmer and I love it! I'm that person that is always hot (and sometimes I hate that during the summer), so I'm looking forward to shorts and short sleeves <3 Is is warm where you live? Or is it currently cold?
   Anyway, I am back to write a review for Chaos (sorry if the picture above is too small, I couldn't find a bigger one :/)! Nia Davenport asked me to review the first book, Two-Faced for her a while back, and since she loved it, she asked for an honest review of Chaos before it comes out :) That just makes me so happy, to have an author follow up with me on the next book <3 So amazing. So Chaos comes out on April 1st (April Fools Day!) if you guys wanted to pre-order it! I can assure you that it will be worth the read ;) Anyone that would like to pre-order it on Amazon, click here.
   As I said before, I have gotten the book before it has obviously been released. This is an uncorrected manuscript of the book and so all of the grammar mistakes are there. I have to say, at some points it was confusing because it took me a while to figure out what the sentence was saying since not all of the editing was done. There were also some repetitiveness in the book that I think can be taken out in some areas. But guys, if there were no -or few- mistakes in the story, I would have enjoyed it much more. And that's pretty enjoyable on account that I already love it.
   On to the story. When I first read the book, I didn't realize that it started off as four years before the first book. Now, it actually says it before the book begins so I felt really stupid. Anyway, it's like that for a little while until chapter five, where it (and it states) that it now takes place in current time. Just wanted to put it out there so you guys don't do the same dumb mistakes that I did xD I really like the way Nia added that 'Four years prior' section in the beginning of the book. It really made for a nice background story, and when reading, I understood everything that they were talking about.
   Nia did a magnificent job in describing and explaining everything in great detail in such a short book. I really felt like I was with Zander and Skylar. Their journey was mine, and I enjoyed every step of the way.
   Zander's loyalty to Skylar is... phenomenal. If I was in his position, I'd totally fight and fight with her until I couldn't speak anymore. I mean, Skylar has made some decisions that aren't good. I know she couldn't just out and tell him but, man, I would still be pissed at her for longer than he was. Wow, the love that the two have is... I can't fathom it. I love the love that they have. I love how they know exactly how to be there for one another. Wether it's talking to distract them or to just stand there and hold each other. In other words, I'm totally jealous of them in all the best ways <3
   I personally liked this story better than the first one. Everything fit perfectly together. But honestly, it's a matter of preference. The two books are the same, but different. The same two characters and love, but what they focus on are two totally different things. I can divulge anything for obvious reasons, but I really liked Choas. I think it was because there wasn't so much... girl-drama. There was no 'evil' fighting for the guy and the guy liking two girls (even though the second part didn't happen in the first book either...). Nia did an astounding job mixing together action and love without making it too complicated. Though, there wasn't a lot of romance, when there was, it made my heart soar for the two <3
   I give this five out of five amazing stars. The only problem I had was the grammar mistakes, but I know that is being taken care of at the moment :) Everyone should read this amazing book. EVERYONE! haha. Thank you so much Nia for coming back to me and asking me to review it! I did't know what to expect when reading this book, and this exceeded everything I thought it would be. Let me know if you would like me to review the third when it's ready! <3
   That's all for today guys, I'll be back!


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