NOVA Teen Book Festival Experience

Maggie Hall

Sarah Rassch

Kristen Simmons

Marie Rutkoski
Jason Reynolds
   Good evening everyone! Or good morning :) I promised you guys that I will be posting my NTBF experience with you guys. And the event was two days ago, so sorry, haha but I was super busy with school (I was studying for a test that turned out wasn't happening until Wednesday...) If you don't want to read, feel free to skip this blog post :)
   OMG SO WHAT?! I totally didn't expect this even to be so good! I actually saw someone retweet the event on Twitter and noticed that it was near where I live! Unfortunately, all of my friends couldn't come. A Twitter friend, Batool, came but I never got the chance to say hi!
   The event was for authors to come and share their experiences while writing their books, talk about how it related to the real world, and answer some questions from the fellow readers :) Going in, I was kind of confused with the room numbers, but now I feel stupid because it said where everything was right on the schedule paper that they gave you... I swear I'm smart. I ended up staying in the auditorium the whole time...
   The authors were so amazing. Some talked about bullies, depression and suicide. Some talked about the government, war and women trafficking. And others talked about women and the different ways that girls are strong. Mentally, physically and/or verbally (HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY).
   For lunch, there were food trucks! I've always wanted to experience it! I heard they had some pretty authentic stuff. And yes, it was pretty amazing! There was a donut food truck and their donuts there delicious <3 and there was a cheese food truck that sold cheese sandwiches. It was a pretty long line, but man, that was a really good sandwich. So glad that I finally crossed something off of my bucket-list xD
   There was this signing at the end. I must say that they were very organized with everything! The authors were spread out and the lines were so bad :) I got some pictures of the amazing and beautiful authors (in the picture above). All were so nice and Maggie Hall answered my question (what inspired her to write). I want to start writing again but haven't found my inspiration, yet. But she said to write something I want to write and read. SHE TOLD ME I SHOULD START WRITING AND TO KEEP HER UPDATED! SHE ALSO SAID THAT THE PICTURE OF US WAS REALLY GOOD AHHHH *currently fangirling* *happy dance*. I think that right there just inspired me.
   My mom bought Jason Reynold's book because he really sold the idea and was really funny haha. I started some of it and it was so so good!
   AND KRISTEN SIMMONS FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG YAY! *more fangirling* *more dances*. She is so nice! All of them actually, are so nice and down to earth. All of the authors I've met so far are more than I expected and I'm so glad about that :) It doesn't ruin my vision of all of these celebrities being mean. hahahah yes, they are celebrities to me... don't judge xD
   Anyway, yes. I am so happy that I got to attend. For those of you thinking about going next year, YOU SHOULD GO!!!! I mean, if the authors attending are ones you like. It's never fun if there isn't at least one author you know. But yeah, I'll definitely be attending next year, so if you decide to go, let me know! Hopefully I'll see more of you. And Batool, we totally need to see each other next time!!! haha.
   Hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry, it's not my most organized post ever haha. I'll see you guys soon, Nia Davenport has asked me to review her sequel to Two-Faced! YAYYY!
   Good night <3


  1. Glad you had a fun ! I attended as well but didn't want to wait for the sandwich truck, glad to see it was worth the wait. NTBF does such a great job making a fun event.

    1. Oh awesome! How did you like the event? And yes, they were pretty amazing! Yeah, the lines for the food trucks were super long, I felt like my toes were going to fall off xD haha but it was a pretty good sandwich


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