Fast And Furious 7 Movie (More Like Paul Walker)

   Hey everyone! Sorry this is a little late, I got caught up on stuff I needed to do and (surprise surprise!) finishing Voyager (Outlander #3). Well I finished my book (and it was so amazing!) and I got what I needed to do, done. And with all the stuff I was doing, I had See You Again by Wiz Khalifa on repeat </3 That song is just the definition of Paul Walker and the Furious family <3 You guys should totally listen to it! Even if you don't watch the Furious movies, it's so meaningful and sentimental.
   Anyway, this won't really be a review of the movie, but what I felt while watching it. So in other words, it will be fairly short. *Starts playing See You Again*
   Gawd. I don't even know where to begin. I guess at the beginning. When my mom texted me during Biology class saying that she got tickets to see Fast And Furious 7 on the weekend, I almost squealed and cried on the spot.
   The day of the movie, I didn't know if I would be super happy or sad. I was both, I guess. The movies are all fantastic and amazing. But seeing Paul Walker on screen again? Gosh, I don't know how I'd handle that.
   I know some of you are probably like, 'Why is she so upset over him? She doesn't even know him.' And you're right. I don't know Paul Walker. I haven't talk to him or seen him in person, but he's one hell of an actor. Fast And Furious is all about family... or the last two are. And just talking about that through both of those movies, just makes you cry for him. He was a major part of the Furious family and having him go, hearing about his death, listening to the other actors/actresses talk about him, it's just sad. Did you know Vin Diesel (the middle guy in the picture above) named his baby girl after Paul (Pauline)? That's just so amazing to me.
   So yeah... I think I just got side-tracked there. Anyway, the movie was magnificent. I think they all did their own stunts without a green-screen. That's pretty cool. Their stunts and all the action in the movie was top-notch if I do say so, myself. There was a lot of humor in to movie. God, those parts were hil-ari-ous! I don't want to spoil anything, but OMG everyone was so funny!
   And now, we get to the ending. I know the ending wasn't what they originally planned and they had to redo some scenes to make it flow and fit. Paul Walker's brother helped out in the movie as a fill-in for Paul. A lot of people out there noticed the difference, but I didn't. Or at least, when I was trying to see, I always saw Paul and missed his brother.
   So the ending. There were so many hidden meanings behind each scene, each word, each look. Everything just killed me. I cried. And not the girly kind. Like snot coming out. Gross, I know. But yeah. OMG AND THEN THE 'FOR PAUL' AT THE END????? AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so happy the lights were out, my eyes felt all puffy and I can tell my nose was red. They just... they... they played out everything perfectly. EVERYTHING. I loved it.
   I do know that if you don't follow up on the movies, you won't get it and you won't feel the meaning behind everything. So have a Furious marathon (lol I am definitely doing that) and watch the movies! If you do, tell me how you like it :)
   Sorry this wasn't really a review so much as a blog post. But, I told you guys I would share my experience and I just can't talk about the series without talking about Paul <3
RIP Paul Walker <3 Forever In Our Hearts.


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