I Have A Wattpad!!!

   Hello everyone!
   Where I live, it's Saturday. It's also April 11th, 18 days until my birthday!!! *Happy dance* I'm so excited! My best friend and I are going to go to this place where they do glamour shots. I have another friend that went and she said she loved it, so I wanted to try it out ;)
   Anyway, I got a Wattpad! Back when I went to the NOVA Book Festival, I met Maggie Hall and we chatted for a bit (probably just ten minutes but it was the best ten minutes of my life). She said that I should pick up writing and to keep her updated on when I start writing again.
   Well, I started writing again and emailed her! I asked a few questions about advice when writing and stuff (maybe added a little fangirling in there, too). She responded and OMG I FREAKED OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. SO worth it though xD I knew Maggie was nice and caring when I talked to her before, but it was still amazing to read her response to me and see those things again. She definitely helped me a lot and I am so glad that I emailed her. She has helped me so much, and it's much more fun writing, now.
   Okay, back to Wattpad. I just started a story called Dream Catcher. I don't have a summary for it yet. I know what the book is going to be about, but I want to get the whole story down before I write the summary so I know all of the information is correct.
   Dream Catcher is basically about Jen, a 17 year old girl, who has a sort of premonition. She doesn't remember her dreams, but when she does, it comes true. Sometimes, it's meaningless stuff like getting a bad grade in math, or spilling coffee on some poor guy's test. But other times, it's big. Like when her mom died in a car accident when she was nine.  Now, her dreams are more frequent and she's trying to understand what is happening to her.
   The story is in first person and theres more stuff to it, but I haven't gotten there yet xD If you want to read the prologue to my story, click here. I will also put it in the 'Contact' tab if you guys forget it.
   I just posted the prologue this morning and a lot of people (hopefully you're reading this) have already said they loved it! I am so grateful for you guys! It really eased the worry I've had when I was writing it and when I pushed the 'Publish' button I was like "Hm, this isn't so bad!" xD
   I'm working on the first chapter right now and it's been easier to write it now that I'm more comfortable :) I'll let you guys know when I have it done! I might make a new tab just for my book updates...
   Anyway, I hope you guys like the story so far, if you decide to read it! Every comment, good or bad, is welcome with open arms!
   That's all for today! Thank you everyone <3 You guys are awesome.


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