Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

   Hello everyone!!! I am back with a review! :) It won't be as long as I normally do because I have to leave soon for a family dinner, so sorry in advance, guys :/ I feel like it's been forever since I've posted something, but i guess it's only been a week! So weird. Anyway, my friend was nice enough to lend this book to me :) I saw the author at the NOVA Teen Book Festival, but didn't have enough money to buy this one :/ I wish I did though, because it was really great. My said friend is on Wattpad and is currently working on a story (I made the cover ;D ), she doesn't have anything published yet, but if you have an account on Wattpad and want to get updates on it, just follow her here!
   Okay, on to this review. When I first started reading this, I was kind of annoyed at the protagonist, Harper. I'm not that kind of girl that needs the perfect shade of lipgloss for homecoming or is super picky about everything. And I don't not like those kinds of people, but I guess I was in a bad mood that day because of all the tests I had in school. Anyway, just reading about how important lipgloss was was kind of annoying.
   When the bathroom scene started, I thought this book was really cheesy, but cute at the same time. I totally knew that I liked the right guy ;)
   Honestly? It is very cheesy, but written in a way that made it really fun and interesting to read. I didn't think I would like it at first, but I was presently surprised when I found myself trying to find time to read it.
   I really liked how the romance was in the background of the story, just because when your life is basically turned around, I don't know about you, but I'd totally forget about liking or no liking a guy. I'd probably break up with my boyfriend (if I had one) right away so he wouldn't get hurt since he's close to me. I mean 'if you love someone, let them go. If they come back, then it's meant to be', right?
   Anyway, I really liked everything about this book... except the ending with the girls. I mean, it was good! It was, but I don't think it really connected together. I know there's a second book coming out, but what happens to them? I won't say anything else for those who haven't read this book yet (which I highly recommend that you do), but I didn't like how that happened. I hope something happens in the second book to make it better, though!
   I give this book a solid 4 stars! The only thing that bothered me was the ending, but even that wasn't a huge deal! I can't wait for Miss Mayhem!
   I hope you guys aren't mad at me for this really short review! I'm going to be busy all weekend and don't know when I'll be less busy! Speaking of busy, this is the last quarter of school, which means... FINALS! Ugh I hate them! They always stress me out. So with finals coming, I will be inactive for a bit on all of my social media accounts. Sorry in advance! I'll still try to write my story on Wattpad as much as I can, though.
   Love you all <3 I'll be back when I'm back ;)
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book :)
   Okay, with the ending part, I just want you guys to know what I was talking about. I was talking about the time at the end when all of the girls turn into Paladins. I know you guys probably feel differently, but I just feel like it should be just Harper. I mean, so the Ex-boyfriend makes everyone forget about the evening... What happens when theres a girl-fight at school and they end up literally throwing each other across the room? Then other girls will realize that they have powers and they will all go crazy with it and get out of control.
   Unless there will be an army of them in book two like what the evil girl said (sorry I totally forgot her name), I don't see a reason she put that in there. And even if there was something bigger that needs more Paladins, I don't think the three of them would want to put more teenagers in danger, even if they needed them. They would find a way.
   Then again, I'm not the author and really don't know what they want and not want, so I guess we will see ;)
   Tell me what you think in the comments below! :D

   Bye for now, everyone ;) 


  1. I won a copy of this a few months ago but still haven't gotten to it! I'm glad it ended up being a surprise enjoyment for you. Hopefully I can get to it soon! Great review!

    1. It's good! Haha yeah, it took some getting used to, but really good at the end :) I hope you get around to it soon, tell me how you like it when you finish it! And thanks so much <3


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