Thursday, May 28, 2015

Origins Rising by Eric Andreas

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello fellow friends! I am so sorry I didn't post anything during the weekend. Super busy, but I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Summer is about two weeks away and I'm just so done with school.
   Okay, so for those who are friends with me on Goodreads, I know I said I would put up reviews for An Amber in the Ashes, Never Never: Part Two and Unleashed, but I'm just so behind on my reviews and writing that I need that to just be on hold for just a little more.
   I have to do this review first, actually, because the author kindly gave me an e-copy of Origins Rising for an honest review back in March... lol. It's been a while, so sorry Eric! I actually started it earlier but I was in a huge reading slump during that time and couldn't finish any of my books. Very frustrating. But I started this one again about a week ago and I've finished! I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised :) If you would like to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   I have to say, reading a book with totally different species' was really weird. It didn't grab me at first because of how different everything was. But then I kept reading and I really enjoyed it. Eric has a very nice writing style that I can say I 100% enjoyed. It was refreshing to read a book with good, professional-ish writing instead of more laid-back writing. The way Eric describes places, animals and everything in between is incredible. He wrote so vividly that I could actually see what he was describing, no matter how weird the creature was or how action-packed an event was happening. I only wish I could write like that in my story.
   What Eric also has is a good story-line. I think it was a very original. Eventually, I liked how he had different species' as his characters, because if he made them human, I feel like it would be like any other book with a boy saving the world. The love story behind it was in the background and I liked that. Because with everything going on, that should not be the main focus. I honestly wish he picked the other girl, for those of you who've read it, but I guess not everything can go my way ;)
   I like the fact that all three races came together to fight the evil ones. The Feshwons are actually my favorite (but Kama is my favorite character) xD I don't know why but they seem like the most fun. Anyway, having them all come together was great, especially since the Erdwons and Skywons haven't seem much of them for a while and everyone thought that having the Erdwons and Skywons together would create total destruction on everyone (um... dramatic much?).
   The ending was amazing. I liked the peacefulness of it all. I was really tense when I read the battle that after it, I felt so relaxed and satisfied. Haha. Still, I wanted Tor to pick the other one! Omg I totally forgot, but Flak! How could I ever forget him! Well, actually I could with everything he's done but still... at least he's satisfied with his ending.
   Overall, obviously, I liked the book. It was really interesting and had me at the edge of my seat, surprisingly. I honestly didn't thin that I'd like it because of the whole 'different race' thing. But it was good! You guys should really read this if you like action-y books without a lot of a love story behind it :) 4/5 stars for Eric! Thank you again for letting me read and review your book! I'm so sorry again for writing this so late! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

   Hey everyone! I dissected a squid in my Biology class! This might make me sound like a total loser and weirdo, but it was actually pretty awesome! Haha. Anyway, I first wanted to talk a little about Maggie Hall. If she reads this, I hope she doesn't think I'm a weird person haha that would be very awkward...
   Maggie Hall was one of the two people that I really really enjoyed meeting so far. Key words 'so far' since I've only been to two book signings. When I met her at the NOVA Teen Book Festival, she blew my mind. She was really easy to talk to and super nice (and pretty... and just cool in general). I asked her what inspired her to write and told her about how I've tried writing multiple times but never got into it. After that day, I was really inspired to write (probably because she said to keep her updated on my writing and I didn't want to let her down xD ). I did have good stories to write but I emailed Maggie on some other questions about the story I'm writing (If you want to read Dream Catcher, click here) and she answered them very thoroughly without just one word answers (she also said she's cheering me on!!! *fangirling*). So this review is all dedicated to your awesomeness, Maggie (and it wouldn't be so bad if you read the story I'm writing ;) hehe)! I'm so sorry that it took me this long to read your book, I don't know why I did! But OMYGOD IT IS SO GOOD.
   Okay, on with the review. Obviously, I just said that I loved this book. The Conspiracy of Us is full of adventure and puzzles. The conspiracy is mainly based on the New World Order conspiracy (I spent all of my weekend researching it because I was so intrigued). Reading it, I liked how Maggie kept me on the edge of my seat, but I really liked how the whole story just flowed together. Everything fit together really perfectly :)
   Avery is very strong-willed and does what she thinks is right even if it puts her life on the line. What really saddened me about Avery is that I felt like she didn't have a lot of self-confidence in herself. At least in the beginning of the book. She didn't think she was good enough for anyone, always thinking they're doing something out of pity. While reading that, it made me sad :/ like 'No girl, you are gorgeous and amazing inside and out! You kill 'em girl.' I didn't see that so much in middle and end of the book (probably because she was too busy running for her life), so that was good :) I hope she feels that confidence in herself. I actually don't know if Maggie meant for her to have low self-confidence but that's what I felt she had xD So if you're reading this, Maggie, and I'm getting it all wrong, I'm so sorry!
    Jack is like total hotness #TeamJack <3 Seriously though, I like how he isn't that arrogant, cocky guy that most girls go for in books. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it's refreshing to read about a girl to like the mysterious but very gentle guy. I really like how it wasn't always Jack saving Avery all the time, but they worked together as a team to figure things out and escape danger together.
   AND THEIR FIRST KISSSSSS AHHHH *swoons* lol xD Loved it! And under the covers ;) haha. Their chemistry that they have is amazing. Avery had to learn how to trust him again and Jack had to figure out what he wants in the future; they both tried and failed to not like each other and when they couldn't fight it anymore, they don't even have enough time to process it before they're sucked into danger again. But at least they know that they have each other <3
   And Stellan. He is that arrogant, cocky guy that I was talking about earlier. Stellan is so so funny and annoying but there's this other side to him that we catch a quick glimpse of in the book. The side that cares about his family, hiding his hurt from what happened before The Circle. It makes me want to have Map of Fates just so I can see more of his past.
   The actual plot of the story has so many, as I said before, twists and turns, you never really know what's going to happen next. And those damn Order people. They just come out of nowhere every 5 minutes! I'd be sitting on my bed like
Gosh, I hate them. I mean, I can totally see where they're coming from when they don't want The Circle running everything, but killing them? Fast, yes, but not the best way.
   Okay, I think I got off track. Back to the plot. I really learned a lot of history while reading The Conspiracy of Us. Probably because I was so intrigued that I had to google everything on the NWO and I kept clicking on links. It must've taken a lot of research by Maggie to connect everything to perfectly together, put in the right background, and make the story true and exciting all at the same time.
   There's really nothing to say except to say that if you waited for an ungodly amount of time like me, you must get this book. Now.
   Hopefully this wasn't a too crazy post. Do tell me who yo guys like Maggie's book so I have someone I can talk to about it without worrying about spoilers!!!
   I shall go wait for Map of Us now.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J Maas

   Hello everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful and amazing moms out there :) I wanted to post this review yesterday, but I've been super busy and right now I only have less than thirty minutes before I have to leave and run errands and then study. Argh, so so busy... So I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes.
   Alright, so can I just say how amazing Sarah J Maas is? One of my favorite authors out there. And she didn't disappoint with ACOTAR!
   This story was such a great twist to Beauty and the Beast that I had to watch that Disney show again xD Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney Princess movie and Sarah just made me love it a million times more. When I first heard of how it was a twist to the Disney movie, I thought it was going to be like The Lunar Chronicles where it's not that noticeable until you know (don't get me wrong, I love the Lunar Chronicles, too). But I could really see the Beast and Beauty in the story and I really liked that.
   The characters amaze me. I really just want to jump into Sarah's books just so I can meet all of the hot guys she puts in them. I don't ever remember any character described as 'unattractive' in her books. Anyway, I really do love all of the characters. I love Feyre and her braveness. She isn't what you would called someone who knows how to wield a sword or kick some major ass like Celaena Sardothian can, but she is a true fighter who can either attack with a bow and arrow or her cleverness. Tamlin is the perfect beast. Having to harden himself after everything he's been through, finding a way to defeat the darkness. Man, the ending to this book is soo good like YESSSS <3 And Lucien! Oh I love the love-hate relationship him and Feyre have. It's just so adorable... don't judge me. Unfortunately, I have to say that I like Rhys, too. The typical arrogant, bad, and badass guy that has a past he doesn't want to share. Really excited to see where that leads him... I see a love triangle buildinggg.
   I can already tell that the ACOTAR series will be just as good as the ToG series that Sarah J Maas wrote. I can't wait for Queen of Shadows to come! (I got my mom addicted to the story now xD ) Anyway, if you haven't read ACOTAR yet, I really suggest you do. Such a beautifully darker twist to the Disney movie that I'm sure most of you would love. If you have read it, be sure to tell me how you like it! I need more people to talk to about this book without worrying about spoilers! haha
   Happy Mother's Day, again. You moms deserve the world <3 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ACOTAR Is Out!!!

   Good evening! I'm back already! Today is a really awesome day! I finished a huge math test that took hold the day, it's Cinco de Mayo (which means it's taco night!), and A Court of Thorns And Roses released today!
   See, I would wait until the next time I go to the book store or order it on Amazon, but I just couldn't wait that long (and plus, kindle is cheaper...)! I started it after I finished my test and O.M.G.GUYS. It is soon good so far! I'm literally only on chapter like four and I cannot get enough of it! Seriously though, I haven't been this excited about a book for a long time and I love this feeling! I fell in love with the Throne of Glass series... well I'm still in love with it xD And I know Sarah J Maas won't disappoint with this one <3 So I just had to tell you all about it.
   Just in case you have no idea who or what I'm talking about, here is Sarah J Maas' website, The Throne of Glass series on Amazon and A Court of Thorns And Roses on Amazon :) I suggest you go get all of these right now before Twitter and all social media EXPLODES with spoilers xD I guess I won't be on it for some time... xD
   Well, I have to go and write a book, read a book, talk about a book, etc. now ;) See ya'll this weekend with a review for ACOTAR <3 

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

   Welcome :) Sorry, I'm a little late for this review. I promised it during the weekend and now it's Monday where I live... I feel like I haven't been on here in forever when it's only been a week! I just wanted to let you all know that I won't be as active on here or any social media probably until the school year ends for me (June 16th). There's a lot of havoc going around at school because I am so nervous for all of my finals and Standards of Learning tests I have to take!
   Also, I posted chapters 2 and 3 of my book Dream Catcher on Wattpad! Sorry it took me forever, I couldn't post the second chapter without the third because I had a lot of changes I wanted to make before I published it xD Click here if you want to read my story :) If you do, tell me how you like it! Good or bad, it doesn't matter ;) But nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy it <3
   Alright, onto the review! I just want to say how thankful I am for this book <3 It got me out of this huge reading slump I had before I picked this up. Now, it's all cured thanks to Violet and her awesome, yet terrifying, powers. If you want to get this book on Amazon, click here (wow, it's really popular on Amazon, it's like almost out of stock right now)!
   Man, this story is so unique. I've never read a book or read a sypnosis (is that how you spell it?) about a girl who can feel where dead people are and who killed them. Like wow... that takes imagination right there, who would have thought to write about that? That's a question I have for the author ;) : How did you come up with such a distinctive story?
   When I first started this book, I really liked how mysterious and creepy everything already was. I really like fast books when it comes to the action books. It wasn't too drawn out and really kept me on my toes. It first starts off as Violet as a little girl, finding something that no one, not even an adult should see. Gosh, I can't imagine how terrified I'd be. It's so amazing how strong she pulled through.
   I also really like the two POV's. When I realized the killer was the second POV, I was like AHHHH! That's so awesome because very few books have the antagonist as the second POV. It's such huge plot twist when 'The Truth' comes out. Like I never expected him to be the evil guy!.. I actually didn't know who it was... no one was suspicious to me. And I love that. This book was so unpredictable, except for who Violet falls in love with, but that was a given ;)
   Violet is a strong girl. She might not be able to fight, but to be able to see two dead bodies? That takes some special strength. And to see dead bodies in the ground? To see people that's killed animals and humans? If I were her, I'd probably lock myself in my room after third grade. I like how she didn't hide her gifts from her parents and they didn't shun her or anything. That really shows that they all have a good relationship and it makes me happy to read that :) It's nice to see a family that really comes together and is there always for each other.
   I really can't find anything to criticize about this book. The male interest was totally reasonable in everything, the protagonist didn't annoy me at all (which takes skill), the family was so supportive, and the story is beyond unique. All I can say is that I'm saving up all my money to buy the sequel <3

   So sorry, Kimberly, that I didn't write a longer review. I could spend days talking about your book and I have to hold myself back ;) And I have to catch up on my sleep for a huge math test tomorrow *sigh*.
Anyway, for those of you who have read The Body Finder, tell me what you think! And if you haven't read it, I'm giving this a five our of five stars... which basically means you have to read this ASAP.