Origins Rising by Eric Andreas

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello fellow friends! I am so sorry I didn't post anything during the weekend. Super busy, but I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Summer is about two weeks away and I'm just so done with school.
   Okay, so for those who are friends with me on Goodreads, I know I said I would put up reviews for An Amber in the Ashes, Never Never: Part Two and Unleashed, but I'm just so behind on my reviews and writing that I need that to just be on hold for just a little more.
   I have to do this review first, actually, because the author kindly gave me an e-copy of Origins Rising for an honest review back in March... lol. It's been a while, so sorry Eric! I actually started it earlier but I was in a huge reading slump during that time and couldn't finish any of my books. Very frustrating. But I started this one again about a week ago and I've finished! I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised :) If you would like to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   I have to say, reading a book with totally different species' was really weird. It didn't grab me at first because of how different everything was. But then I kept reading and I really enjoyed it. Eric has a very nice writing style that I can say I 100% enjoyed. It was refreshing to read a book with good, professional-ish writing instead of more laid-back writing. The way Eric describes places, animals and everything in between is incredible. He wrote so vividly that I could actually see what he was describing, no matter how weird the creature was or how action-packed an event was happening. I only wish I could write like that in my story.
   What Eric also has is a good story-line. I think it was a very original. Eventually, I liked how he had different species' as his characters, because if he made them human, I feel like it would be like any other book with a boy saving the world. The love story behind it was in the background and I liked that. Because with everything going on, that should not be the main focus. I honestly wish he picked the other girl, for those of you who've read it, but I guess not everything can go my way ;)
   I like the fact that all three races came together to fight the evil ones. The Feshwons are actually my favorite (but Kama is my favorite character) xD I don't know why but they seem like the most fun. Anyway, having them all come together was great, especially since the Erdwons and Skywons haven't seem much of them for a while and everyone thought that having the Erdwons and Skywons together would create total destruction on everyone (um... dramatic much?).
   The ending was amazing. I liked the peacefulness of it all. I was really tense when I read the battle that after it, I felt so relaxed and satisfied. Haha. Still, I wanted Tor to pick the other one! Omg I totally forgot, but Flak! How could I ever forget him! Well, actually I could with everything he's done but still... at least he's satisfied with his ending.
   Overall, obviously, I liked the book. It was really interesting and had me at the edge of my seat, surprisingly. I honestly didn't thin that I'd like it because of the whole 'different race' thing. But it was good! You guys should really read this if you like action-y books without a lot of a love story behind it :) 4/5 stars for Eric! Thank you again for letting me read and review your book! I'm so sorry again for writing this so late! 


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