My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   What? I'm back already? Yes I am and I have my Dairy Queen next to me, so I should be set! I really wanted to write this review today for two reasons: I need a break from school work- it's so bad I'm listening to Bach... Not that Bach is bad but it helps my migraine- and this book is SO FREAKING FANTASTIC that I just needed to let everything out before I forget everything I want to say xD If you would like to buy this book on Amazon, click here.
   Picking up this book, I was pleasantly surprised on how well it was written. I think that's the first thing I fell in love with with this book; the writing. It is so poised and amazing. I want to say it's close to Sarah J Maas or Cassandra Clare. I could feel how Jack was feeling and see everything he was seeing just by the way Jen worded everything. It's amazing how much a writing style could really change how you feel about a book. If it was a more laid back style, I'm not sure I'd give this so much credit!
   When I first learned about the story line and what happened to him back then, I thought that this book was like the Fallen series by Lauren Kate (Torment really did almost kill me with so much repetition), but it's nothing like that series. The general story line may be similar, but all the little things are so different. An amazing masterpiece. And this didn't make me want to throw my phone across the room in annoyance, so that's a plus ;) Jack's story is something I want to read about every day. Too bad I have to wait for book two :'(
   Anyway, on to the characters. Jack has this calm demeanor to him only someone born in the nineteenth century could possess. It's like he's been through life for so long that he understands every facial expression, every action, every reason. And yet, he still has a youthful quality of a young man. Not naïve, I know he's not that from his arguments with Leah about hope. But I can't explain it. It's like he's has the thought process of a one hundred and seventy year old, but a soul of a twenty year old. He's thoughtful of everyone else, knows how to behave with chivalry but still able to blend in (not that chivalry is lost, but rare), but he puts his heart and soul into everything he loves. Lydia, Leah, his memories.
   God, his memories alone has my heart going out for him. To just have random flashbacks of a time you can never go back to? The pain in your chest never going away would just be too much for me.
   What I really loved reading throughout this book is how funny he is when it comes to Leah. He's so 'old' per say but he acts like she's the first girl he's ever liked and it's just so adorable. I love reading his thoughts when he's like 'come on, pull it together' and he's trying to act calm and natural. SO ADORABLE. He makes me believe that there is someone out there that's that cute.
   Speaking of Leah, she's awesome. She is also naïve. But she just turned eighteen so... That's an exception. Leah and Grady's relationship is amazing. It's rare to find a sibling relationship that's as good as theirs. No matter what, they stick with each other, trust each other. That's what I loved about her and Grady.
   But I wish there was more conflict between her and Jack. Not that I like the fighting and drama, but in real life, how many people would just accept what Jack is without having time alone to process everything? Well, in real life, there probably aren't many people from the nineteenth century... but you know what I mean? I feel like she was too accepting. But I still love her <3 She's been really strong through everything and has a little independent side that I like.
   Okay... Artagan. Whoa, dude. Just calm down.

   Not him. Me. He's made me flip-flop through liking him and wanting to punch him in the face. Everytime I don't like him, he gives me a reason to like him again... it should be the opposite, but he's such an awesome guy. Really laid back, but on the inside, thinking of ways to help any way he can to save his family from harm. Artagan is one of those people that smiles on the outside (sometimes in the devilish way... sometimes in the flirty way ;) ) but on the inside, he's still thinking about his loved one. OMG that story about him, the true one, was soooo sad! He shouldn't have done what he did but I just can't help but feel for him. Tears may or may not have been present. I don't really have anything else to say about him... I just keep feeling so sad for him but so like 'YOU GOT THIS, I GOTCHU' kinda thing.
   Okay, I have to say, when I was reading chapter twenty-seven, All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey come on and when the 'thing' happened, it was just sooooooo perfect! Ahh I literally squealed in front of my whole class. Perfect song for the perfect scene <3
   And then came the epilogue... man... what's Jack going to do now? Argh. I want to talk about it so much but I can't! I don't want to spoil anything for you all. All I can say is that it was a perfect, but annoying ending. Very cliff-hanger-y. JEN I WANT THE SEQUEL! haha.
   The only critique that I have with the book is that I wish there was more action stuff. I know that this book is a romantic paranormal, but when they see Vita at the church, I wanted some small battle or something. Hopefully I see that in the next book ;)
   Other than that, I really loved it. I'm giving this book a 5/5 stars even with my critique because everything else that was really amazing just over shadows it. I hope you guys liked this review and you go pick up the book! I really loved it and I hope you guys do, too.
   That's all I have for today, got to get back to work *sigh* good night everyone (or good morning, depending on where you live). 


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