The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons

   Good evening everyone. SUMMER! My brain is finally free of studying! Well, not really because I have SAT Prep... but that won't be too bad... hopefully. I hope the tutor that comes to my house is geeky with glasses and stuff, because if it's a cute guy, I'd be too focused on him and not my work. Haha, girl problems. If you guys wanted to know, chapters 1-4 are up on my Wattpad for Dream Catcher! If you guys wanted to check it out, click here. 
   Anyway, can I just say how awesome Kristen Simmons is? I met her at the NOVA Teen Book Festival (click here to read my NOVA Teen experience) and Kristen was so nice and down to earth. When she talked on the stage, it was so relaxed and funny at points, but she also got her point across. All of the authors I met there were awesome <3 I just love authors in general haha.
   Of course, before we start, if you would like to get this book on Amazon, click here
   Okay, finally to the review part. I didn't think I'd enjoy this one too much, that's why I got the book in the winter and didn't start it 'till a couple of days ago. I don't really know exactly what I was thinking, but reading the synopsis (which doesn't do this book justice) made me feel really mad already. Seriously, girls getting sold to make children? How sexist could this get? I know, I know, the protagonist is different. But still. I thought I would be annoyed the whole time I would be reading (and I was annoyed at how the other girls wanted to be sold. Like wth?). But I was surprised to find myself giving this a 5/5 stars on Goodreads! 
   It actually took me a few chapters to get into it. I don't know if it was the book or if it was because I was still wary of the sexist thing or if I was too busy with my finals, but I didn't get into it until about chapter four. But damn. Once I did start liking it? Whew, what a ride this book was! Overall, this book was full of adventure and the love for a wolf (and family, of course). 
   Aya is what you would call a true protecter of her family. Ever since she got caught, even before that, she fought tooth and nail to try and help her family. Whether it's to train them to hide or to get them out of the city, she was there for them. When she wasn't, when she was trapped, Aya fought every second of the way not to get sold so she can go back to her family. That's what I really admire about Aya, she would do anything for her family, even if someone doesn't value it. I also like that she's smart. She thinks and strategizes or at least, tries. She doesn't get in over her head about anything.
   Kiran and Aya are... Ugh they're such a good match. They're both so strong and think the same. Kiran doesn't try to keep Aya safe because he knows that it would be a lost cause, knows that she can take care of herself.
   THE ENDING THOUGH. GUYS I CRIED. Gosh, that was so amazing, Kristen. I'm wondering if there is going to be another book? No spoilers, but it was... so brave. And AH. Haha, I'm at a loss for words on how to describe it. All I can say without giving it away is that I REALLY hope that there's a sequel. Or at least a novella to keep it going. 
   I really don't have anything else to say other than that I recommend this book to all <3 Those who like tough girls who stand up for themselves and action and this cute cute little love story <3 
   Love you Kristen! Thanks for making such an awesome book :D Hope to see you again soon! 


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