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The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes

   Happy birthday to the amazing and wonderful JK Rowling and the badass Harry Potter! I have to admit, I only read the Harry Potter series last year when my friend, who's completely obsessed with HP, wanted me to read it. I finished the series in two weeks, loving every page! I tried to read it many times before, but I never got into it *sigh* my stupid adolescent self. So thank you, friend, for getting me into Harry Potter! Loved it and the movies, even though in the end, they started getting way off track with the book. Sorry, but I saw the movies first! So I still like them. Lol.
   This is my second Jojo Moyes book I've read. I have to say, Jojo did not disappoint. To me, not as great as Me Before You, but still really amazing. I was unexpectedly crying by the end of the book, finding out how Sophie and her husband ended up. Jojo Moyes has once again astounded me with her amazing writing, the flow of the story, and the way she shows how cruel our world can be. How people judge constantly for what they believe in when they don't know the whole story.
   The Girl You Left Behind is about two girls who live in separate times, telling their story about being left behind by the man that they love. A man set out to war. Another, unexpectedly dying after years of happy marriage.
   Reading, I thought the title was telling me something about the two girls, but it's also a french painting that has journeyed through tough times, somehow in the possession with both Sophie and Liv. I actually looked up the painting. Unfortunately, it's not real xD but I really wish it was.
   The first part, set in 1916, took my breath away. It was set during the first world war. Now, ever since I've learned about the world wars in World History at school, I've become really interested in it. That really gave this book points. I loved how Jojo described life there, with the Germans taking France and how poor the people were. I really felt their struggle through the pages. How little people ate and how cruel the German's were back in the day. Reading about Sophie really... hurt? I hurt for her. She was such courageous woman. Sophie did everything for her small town. Everything. She did all that while still trying to feed her own family, while trying to get the German's at a safe distance and at the same time helping them so they don't disturb the other townspeople. Her life my have been hard, but she held her head up high, not giving into the Germans.
   But one decision she doesn't have control over, one mistake, and the whole town bails on her. No one talks to her, no one goes to her hotel anymore. All she wanted was her husband. That's all Sophie asked, and very few, very few, understood that.
   The second part of the book is set almost a hundred years later, in 2006. Liv, a woman who's husband died, has been barely living for four years. But one step in a bar and four dates later, suddenly her most precious painting is being taken away from her. Liv, stubborn and hurt, will do everything she can to protect her painting that she's held dear to hear since she can remember. But as she finds out more about The Girl You Left Behind, she finds that it's more than just a painting. Sophie has come to be a real person, the good and bad now seen in the painting. And she finds it harder and harder to let it go. But while she's fighting for her painting, more and more people turn on her. Her somewhat friend, her neighbors, and she pushes away the guy she actually started to really care about.
   I really admire Jojo, how different she writes in each time period is phenomenal. In 1916, she writes how one would if they were living in that time period. Whereas in 2006, her writing was more modern, more of how someone would write today.
   She also brings to the table a huge point through this book. I don't know if it was meant to be this way, but I love how the main theme was how poorly people treat others. We may think they know everything about what's going on from tabloids, but in truth, we know nothing. Tabloids twist people's words all the time, making things seem more scandalous than what they really are.
   In 1916, they saw a woman serving German's at her hotel and immediately let their guards up with her, thinking the worst, when really, she couldn't help it. They saw a woman with lots of money and practically threw tomatoes at her, but all along, she wasn't as evil or selfish as they thought she was.
   In 2006, they saw a girl trying to keep a painting that she 'stole' and started sending nasty letters. They saw a girl in the tabloids as someone evil and stopped working with her, walking away from her husband's memorial.
   Today, we see a girl not wearing the latest fashion and think she's ugly or weird. We see someone with glasses or braces or acne and we think they're ugly. We see someone with their heads down all the time, hoodie up and overing their face. Better not talk to them, they're weird. Honestly, it's hard not to judge, but also hurts others. We don't know what other people are going through, their life, their problems. We judge celebrities too, by what the tabloids say, even though there's probably a 45% chance they're telling the whole truth. I'm not saying I don't judge people, I do, and I'm not proud of it. But what I'm saying is that this book really really showed me that there should be less of it.
   If you'd like to get The Girl You Left Behind on Amazon, click here.
   I really recommend this book to those of you who life meaningful books. Not in the love way, though there was a lot of that, too. But like I said, about people around the world and how we treat others. Also, anyone who enjoys Jojo Moyes' book will really like this one :)
   Hope you all liked my review! I'll be back soon with another! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream Catcher Update!

   Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally updated Dream Catcher! If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, I started writing again after countless times in the past giving up because I lost my passion. But now that I'm more into the book world, I decided to start again! Dream Catcher is about a teenage girl who has dreams that eventually come true. Not that her dreams of dating the football captain coming true, but more like premonition (seeing the future). She doesn't know why she has it, but ever since she was nine and dreamt her mom dying in a car crash (and it happening two weeks later), she's despised it. Now, almost seventeen, something weird has been happening to her. And, a handsome guy she spilled her drink on in school is strongly taking an interest in her. This story is about her trying to figure out what exactly is up with her dreams and how she will escape this guy coming after her.
   Not the best synopsis... theres a better one on Wattpad. Not that much better, but yeah. Haha.
   It would really mean the world to me if you guys read it and told me how you liked it. Bad thoughts, good thoughts, I'll take it. Just any feedback, is good feedback.
   If you would like to read Dream Catcher, click here.
   Thank you so much! Love you all <3 

Paper Towns Movie

   Hey everyone! I'm back with a review :D Firstly, I want to say that I've just updated Dream Catcher on Wattpad! I know it's been a while, but I've been plotting the story so it flows better :) Please go check it out and let me know how you like it! If you want to check out my story, click here.
   So it looks like the house painting will take longer than expected... bummed, but it's okay :) I just miss seeing my beautiful books on my shelf. Anyway, let's get onto this review!
   What I really like about both Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars movie is that they're both pretty loyal to the book. Paper Towns wasn't as spot-on as TFIOS, but it was actually really awesome. They left out a couple of things, like when Q fell off his bike and she helped him. Or when they break into Sea World, but overall, it was really good. I read this book a long time ago (haha probably just like a year ago), so I didn't remember the little details to nit-pick about, but that just made me enjoy the movie more. 
   Paper Towns is about a girl who runs away and a boy in love, trying to find her. The movie was filled with hilarious jokes, and moving moments. Although, I didn't feel as much as I did with TFIOS. Honestly, Paper Towns isn't one of my favorites of his. Despite it being a John Green book, I found the book and movie not as satisfying as everyone made it out to be. There was so much hype that I expected so much more.
   Even though, it wasn't one of my favorites, I was glad that it stuck with the book for most of the parts. The ending was a little different though, I really wanted it to stay true to the book for the ending, but it didn't. Yes, the outcome was the same, but I wanted the others to be there.
   In the end, I thought the story was pretty good. The acting was really good, and the whole experience was fun. I just missed the chemistry, probably because Q and Margo are only together for less than half of the book.
   Although, if you are a huge John Green fan, you will really enjoy the movie. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't let this review stop you from seeing it. It was pretty good, just not as much as I expected.
Please do not continue reading until you have seen the movie :)
   I really do love how Ansel Elgort made an appearance in the movie :D That was pretty awesome when I saw him at the gas station. It reminded me of TFIOS and how John Green made an appearance at the airport!
   I really do wish the group stayed with Q at the end of the book. I wanted them to yell at her. To be mad, so I could feel some emotion.
   Overall, it was good, though, so I guess that's what matters :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Destiny Calls by Phenice Arielle

*The author gave me a paperback version of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! I'm doing a review like I promised! And this one will have a spoilers section for those of you who've read the book ;) I haven't done that in a while because I've been super busy, but I have a lot to say about this book haha.
   Okay, so this week, these painter people are coming to paint the interior of the house and I'm actually pretty excited. Just because my room has been pink since I can remember and I'm so over it. Not that pink is a bad color, but I used to have everything pink (I think I just thought pink was a girly color and I'm a girl so I thought I had to like pink) and I'm now a sea green/blue gal. I'll give you all updates on it on Twitter! :)
   So the author emailed me talking about my blog and asking me to review her book. We had a long conversation about the Fast and Furious movies ;) haha. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm so grateful to have met Phenice. Did you know she's the female cover model??? Fun fact :D She's so nice and gave me a paperback of her book! I mean I normally get e-copys from authors or I'd have to pay for the paperback. And honestly? I'm a teenager. I don't have a lot of money, so it's not like I can buy every book out there (I wish). So yeah, she's really awesome and I hope we keep in touch. I was looking around and her book hasn't had a lot of reviews on Amazon or Goodreads... or anywhere, really. So, I just wanted you guys to know that this book was super action-packed with lions! Haha. Seriously though, I really want to help and get her book more out there. So if you want to get this book on Amazon, click here! It would mean to world to her! Good or bad review, she likes the input we readers have to give.
   Now, since I have a lot to say, I must get onto this review! When I was reading, I had to write all my thoughts on my phone because I had so many feels and I didn't want to forget each one xD But before I get to how I felt, I'll attempt to make a short summary. But I suck at synopsis' so you might just have to look it up xD
   Destiny Calls is about a girl, Kay, going to Africa because she was selected to go as a school trip. Instead of her intended journalist vacation, she is kidnapped and rescued to a magical-and secret- place called Ipharadisi. There she finds family, friendship, and love. Between fighting evil and her weird visions, she also finds the importance of loyalty and the true history behind Africa's secret utopia.
   I honestly don't know where to start... so much has happened and I'm still trying to process everything. Okay, I guess I'll start with the romance, since that I can think about. Most books these days have a love triangle or square or whatever shape. I guess the author wants you to struggle. Haha. Well this author doesn't. You might think so, but when you take a step back, she it really isn't a triangle. I actually really like that about this book. It's refreshing to not have to guess all the time on which man she's going to pick and just focus on the action and putting the pieces together. Now, Kay, the main protagonist, does meet two guys that she cares deeply for. And she does feel attraction to both, but there's really only one guy she loves, and will always love (And I knew it all along xD). I personally like both of the men she gets involved in. If she picked the other guy, I'd be equally as happy... maybe more just because THE ENDING WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED. HOW COULD YOU PHENICE?
   Haha another thing I absolutely loved about it was, I never got annoyed with the book. You know how sometimes the story line or the way the characters think or act just makes you so annoyed? Like you just want to shake them and yell,

   And a little like 

   Well, I'm happy to say, Destiny Calls isn't like that! Or except for two scenes, anyway. I think I was so wrapped up in the story, the fighting and figuring out about her family, that I didn't really feel like anything was annoying. I wanted to keep turning the pages to find out was was coming next. 
   Although I loved the story line, there were a few things that I didn't particularly like about the book itself. It's more of the technical errors that I saw. The first thing I saw was the formatting. I noticed that she used bolded and italicized words to show a beginning and end of a flashback or vision, and that was good and clear. Different, I've never seen bolded words before. I got used to it eventually, but sometimes flashbacks or visions weren't in the bolded words and it threw me off because I wouldn't know where it ended and sometimes began. So what I'm trying to say is that the formatting was inconsistent a some points in the book. Also, there was this one scene in the book I was really confused about. I can't really explain it without giving the scene away, so for those who've read the book, it'll be in the spoiler section of the review. 
   I saw little grammatical errors in the book and was really happy about that. 
   So other than that, I found this book gripping, exciting, and intriguing. Full of  twists and turns. It's like you think you're walking on the right path with how everything and playing out and the next thing you know, you're lost in the forest, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I found it quite fun, trying to piece together the story and if this character was good or if that character was bad. 
   I highly recommend this book. 4 out of 5 stars for Phenice! Seriously, the story line is unique and the cover, eye-catching. If you guys like a book with a lot of questions and fighting, you'll definitely love this book. 
   I must get on with the second part of the review! To those of you who haven't read Destiny Calls yet, I hope you liked the review and will soon pick up the book! 
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book :) 
   This is the part when I let out all my feels, but I still have a little bit of formal reviewing to do. I don't think I could explain this part without giving the scene away. But once I'm done, you'll know ;) It'll start with all the capitalized words ;) 
   You guys know the part when Zaina and Kay fight to see who'd be queen? In my opinion, I think that that scene went by too quickly. I mean, Zaina has been queen for almost all her life. She's been trained to fight since she was little. Kay had only been training for what? Six months? There's no way that scene ended in a page and a half. And I know Zaina was really filled with hate and jealousy, but seriously? SHE'S BEEN TRAINED SINCE FOREVER. FIGHTING SHOULD BE INSTINCT BY NOW. And then it was like Kay had been training all her life. Like what? Half a year may be a lot of time training, but not nearly enough. Especially for someone who was a journalist! 
   And when Zaina escaped? HOW DID NO ONE SEE THAT? There was a huge crowd there. No one saw her take down the two guards and run away? Please. She's not a ninja.
   Haha, okay. Next section. Callum and Erec. OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR THEM. Not that Kay was annoying in choosing them, but both are just such amazing people that my heart hurt when Callum came and say Erec and her about to kiss and then when Erec realized that she's choosing Callum over him D,: I was also team Callum. I guess because of the visions she had and their connection. Without the visions, I might be team Erec!
   When Zaina switched sides, it was a pleasant surprise. I'm actually glad Zaina and Kay got their sisterly bond... for about five seconds before FREAKING ZAINA WENT ALL WACKO AGAIN. Seriously? What is up with her? I think there's something mentally wrong. Yeah, losing her mother plays a really big part, but no one is...that crazy. Like you don't just stab your sister in the back. What. The. Freaking. Hell. Like you've lived all your life being this peaceful community and not killing anyone and then a split second later you want to kill this guy and that sister. Like no. And if you wanted so badly to kill the man, why didn't you go out and hunt him down before? 
   Ugh Zaina just... she's just too hurt to be any good. And Kay! OMG WHAT THE HECK, GIRL? You leave him, getting kidnapped and thinking you'll never see him again. You get him back, so happy and love him so much. When he's almost dead, you get torn and regret everything you've never said to him. Then he's okay and you're happy again. THEN HE THINKS YOURE DEAD AND YOURE LIKE "Hm, yeah let's not tell him". SERIOUSLY? I know I said that the characters weren't annoying, but it was just really those two scenes that kinda made my emotions go wild haha. 
   Ah, such a good book. I'm glad I got riled up, though. A book without an emotion forming on your face is a bad book. 
   Truly, amazing. If any of you would like to share your experience while reading, leave a comment or email me! 

   That's all for tonight! I hope you all enjoyed :) Thank you, Phenice, again. I'm so glad I got to read this book :) If you ever need any more reviews from me, you know where to find me! <3

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TWW Experience



   Hello everyone! Okay, I should really be studying, but I just had to write this experience! And it won't take too long ;) 
   This event was so much more than what I expected! When I got to the library, I think I was about forty minutes early xD I actually wanted to check out the library since the only public library I've been to is mine. Looking around, they actually have a really nice area. It was nice and quiet and the little place for kids was so adorable. Stuffed animals and children's books were scattered. This one dad was reading to his daughter on a rocking chair, both of them laughing. It was the most adorable scene. I wanted to take a picture, since I do photo edits, but then the dad glanced up at me and I thought better not haha. 
   So while I was stalking people around the library, trying to see if they were part of the writing workshop too, I'm on Twitter talking to one of my closest Twitter friends. Cat lives in Charlottesville and said she'd be coming too, we were desperately trying to meet xD Anyway, we kept talking and asking where we were when she finally walks over to me!!! I was really excited to finally meet someone I talk to on Twitter and what do you know, she's where a Harry Potter dress <3 Even better. 

   After we got through introductions, it was kind of awkward, honestly. We didn't really know what to say and were both just walking around looking at books. But once we sat down in the room, waiting for Kristen Simmons and Sara Raasch to come, it was a whole lot better.
   So yes, we walked into the room and met three other people, Kieran, Will, and Reagan. They were all in middle school, all pretty shy except for Will. Once Kristen and Sarah came, oh my gawd, it was awesome.
   I actually didn't know, but it was Kristen Simmons' birthday that day. I was actually really happy to spend a few hours of her birthday with her (hopefully she enjoyed it as much as Cat and I did). They passed around candy, snacks, and party hats (as you can see in the pictures ;) ) and we all pounced on those.
   The whole event was talking about the importance or character and world development in order to have a good story (I remember the props, Kristen!) and without them, your story will crash down. So the first half was the seven of us making up a story together using the formats that they use when writing and putting it all together. Our kick-ass story was about the Ducktator and his evil scheme to take all the Duck tape away from Ducktopia and replace it all with Staples. So it was really a war between Duck tape and Staples. The whole time, everyone was laughing and putting hilarious ideas out there for us to use. We have the ideas, now someone just needs to write it ;)
   The other half was us using the same format and putting our own stories in there. Apparently, every had a story they were working on, which was really cool. So of course, I did the protagonist of Dream Catcher, Jen Cohen. When I volunteered to present what I had so far, I was really nervous, as was everyone. It might just be a story to people, but even if it had aliens and robots, it's still personal to you. My story has some characteristics of people I know and just having two amazing authors hearing what I have, it's nerve-wracking. Very exciting, but nerve-wracking. While I was talking about my story, I realized how sad mine was. Mom and grandma dies, brother is taking care of me. My former babysitter is the one I lean on so I don't worry my brother. I have dreams that I can't yet control and I dreamed my mother's death. Yeah... very sad. Realizing this while I was talking, I started to get more and more quiet, because who wants to hear a sad story while we were just laughing about Duck tape?
   But Kristen and Sara LIKE IT! They said it was really coming off to a good start and how it's cool how I incorporated dream catchers in it and that it was cool how serious family is in the book. And they said my title was really catchy! YAS! Inside I was totally doing my crazy happy dance, jumping up and down. I told them I didn't know how to fit the antagonist in, and they started talking amongst each other about how the guy should know about the dreams and he can help her, but he needs something too, so it's a battle between how much she needs him. I actually haven't ever thought about that. After they suggested that, the whole book just came together in my mind. I could just picture everything going down. So thank you so much Kristen and Sara! You've helped me more than you know!
   The two other people's stories were surprisingly awesome, too. Kieran had an astronomy twist to his story. About how the protagonist reads the stars and starts warning people about an apocalypse. Reagan had a story about a girl's mother who is evil and tries to destroy the girl. She said it with so much enthusiasm, it just sounded really cool xD If they ever put their book out there, I'd totally read it and I can now say that I met them before so that makes me cool ;) hahaha.
   I also asked some questions I normally ask authors, to get different views on things. Like writers block, how hard it was to get your book out there, etc. They gave me some really great feedback and I now take all of them to heart <3
   The whole thing was awesome. I was really happy to see them for a second time, since the first time, it was a book signing and I was too excited about seeing them that I really didn't know what to say. haha
Sara Raasch and me at NOVA Teen Book Fest
Kristen Simmons and me at NOVA Teen Book Fest


   Anyway,  I had a really fantastic time. The people that follow me on Twitter are probably tired of me talking about it, but it's one experience I'd never forget. Now, if Sara or Kristen ever write the Ducktator story, my life would be made ;D
   Alright guys, I have to go back to studying now xD I'll see you all later with a review :)  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

When Rain Rises by Sirus Hunt

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! If you are seeing things changing around on this blog, that's just me trying new things to see how it looks and for the convenience for you all. I'm hoping to finish it all up today, but you never know ;)
   Okay, so this book was really good. And I stress out 'good'. I highly recommend this book to you all that like the action books and arrogant but funny protagonists xD So if you would like to get this book on Amazon, click here. It hasn't gotten a lot of reviews, even though it's super awesome, but so far, the people that have read it, have loved it.
   On to this review! I first want to say that I absolutely love this title. I don't know about you, but it's just so... beautiful? The protagonist's name is Rain, but if you didn't know that and you saw this title, I'd still pick this book up. It's like rain defying gravity, kind of like Rain (the protagonist) being a 'legend'.
   Anyway, the content of When Rain Rises is just as cool. It first started off weird, talking about work and not wanting to go to war. Then about his family and how poor they were. Now, that small part in the very beginning of the book was a little boring for me, but once you keep reading, you understand why Sirus put it in there.
   A few pages after that happens, that's when all of the action stuff comes in. The whole story after that is either fighting, training to fight, or figuring out what's happening (which is just as interesting).
   This girl comes into the picture, Alyse. And I mean, right off the bat, I like her. She is pretty snooty, but she's loyal. And badass. And tough. And awesome. I totally ship her with Rain. She is another protagonist in this story. Alyse and Rain have to work together in order to figure out all of the mysterious events that always happen around them. At first, Alyse hates him because of her hatred for 'street-born'. But as the story carries on, she starts to hate him less (ahhh yessss). I actually understand how Rain can be annoying. He's arrogant and thinks he's all that. But for some reason, the book was written in a way where he wasn't over-doing it. He was arrogant, yes, but to be honest, he's allowed to be arrogant if he's that good at reading people and situations. He figured basically everything out by himself and sometimes before his own mentor figured it out.
   But another girl comes in. She's not someone I like so much. Rain might like her because of who beautiful and cool she is, but the way she treats Alyse wasn't right. And yeah, Alyse might not be the friendliest, but you can't just treat Alyse like she's no one. I see some competition for Rain over here ;) And when she was over at Rain's house and his mom walked in? You can't just let her assume that happened! Might be funny, but that's just wrong.
   Anyway, I don't want to give too much away. You'll have to read the book for all those spoilers ;) On the technical side of it, When Rain Rises is still great! Sirus did a wonderful job writing. His writing style was perfect and there were little to no spelling or grammar mistakes.
   There was just one thing. I don't know if it was just the format that was sent to me, but the chapters were a little screwed up. It skipped from seven to nine and chapter eight was after fourteen. Fifteen was nonexistent and it skipped to sixteen. Twenty-four was nonexistent. This didn't really confuse me. Aside from chapter eight being moved down into somewhere later on in the book, the story flowed smoothly. I didn't realize the chapters where weird until I had to look at my table of contents on my phone after reading chapter eight and realized something was weird.
   So since the overall story still flowed, I didn't take off too many points for the format. I would actually give this book a 5/5 stars. It filled my days with so much adventure, cool technology, and badass fighters. Again, if you like that kind of stuff while you're reading, go and pick this book up! It needs more recognition than it currently has!
   Hope you guys enjoyed this review! I'll be reviewing again soon! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Accepting Requests Again!

   I have finished my two book reviews that I needed to finish and am now accepting book requests! I already have a few authors that I've asked to review for them, and so far, so good!
   I am willing to read any genre out there except non-fiction, erotica, and young children's books. Just because I don't think I am a good candidate with those genres since I haven't read any of them in a long time and I tend not to be interested in them.
   But I am willing to read them if you don't take criticism personally and are only looking for the technical details. For example, grammar errors, character development, etc. Also, I don't accept those genres if there is a due date that is close to when I receive the book. This is because since I don't normally read the genre and don't take a huge interest in it, I will tend to take longer.
   On that note, please feel free to email me! I'd love to read some of the stories that you all have to share with the world :)
   If you would like to email me about a requested review, you can contact me at


Under Revisions!

   Hello everyone! My blog is currently under revisions, so if you see anything weird that I post or change, don't worry, that's just me ;)
   It came to my attention by this very nice girl named Jess that I didn't really make my posts and blog in general very convenient to you all. I asked on Goodreads for some input on making my blog better and Jess emailed me some things that I could change to make it more user friendly.
   I put some thought into it and agreed with her that it's very hard to use right now. So, here I am, changing stuff :) Thank you Jess!
   Remember, if you have any ideas to make my blog better, don't hesitate to let me know! I want to make sure that my blog is welcoming and user friendly to everyone :)
   Alright, well, back to work! See you all soon guys with a review ;) 

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Mal Winter and the Cloud Runners by Danny Beaton

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Good evening! It's an unusual time for me to be writing a review, but I wanted to get it done tonight because I might not have time tomorrow. I haven't been to my public library in a really long time (I think it's been about a year and a half) and I miss this little sitting area that I always go to. It's surrounded by three walls of glass with a good view of this beautiful grass area. And it's really quiet, so that's a plus. Anyway, I wanted to go tomorrow and get some stuff done. Like continuing on outlining my book so I can finally start writing it again, do some AP Psych studying, and hopefully, an author will email me tomorrow with an e-copy of a book they want me to review.
   Ah, the good busy summer life of a book reviewer and (somewhat) writer.
   Anyway, you probably are not here to read about my boring busy life. You want the review! And I'm here to give it to you. If you want to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   This novel is about a fourteen year-old boy finding out about this other world when you sleep. I actually think that it was a really interesting way of interpreting dreams. Because no one really knows where dreams come from, how they are formed, et cetera et cetera. So I like this, I like reading about how 'Nightmares' work and why some people don't dream and all they see is black. Very interesting indeed.
   There was just one thing that kind of annoyed me about this book. First off, I think it's really hard to pull off a good character that's as young as fifteen or younger, even sixteen sometimes. I just think that it's really hard to grasp how naive and inexperienced they are with life and still make them a badass superhero character. So when reading this book in the beginning, I was actually really surprised that this Mal character wasn't so bad. He and his friends were a little weird, but not bad at all. That is, until he met Mr. Blue. I just felt like he was super naive to believe in a complete stranger, no matter how nice they look. I mean, "the ones you least expect are the bad ones" right? I don't exactly blame Mal for trusting him. He's young and his father just passed away so he's vulnerable. But I mean, how can you be so cool and be naive like that? Not listening to what your gut or heart were telling you to do. His naivety was realistic and I liked that, but it's hard to be naive and a superhero at the same time. What if he never figured out the missing piece to the mystery? Or never had his friends and Charli to show him the way? This whole story could be totally different.
   What also annoyed me was that I felt like he didn't face his problems. I felt like he kept running away from them. Like avoiding his mom when his father died. Like I get you need some space, and that's probably how you deal with stuff, but your mom is hurting just as much as you. She loved him just as much as you and it's okay if she sees you cry. Real men aren't afraid of crying. So let someone in, it's okay. Or in certain areas, he expected other people do stuff for him. Obviously, it's a test and they aren't the kindest people on earth.
   I don't know. Honestly, this really is just my preference. We all think differently on books and you might not think that he was annoying. Trust me though, he wasn't as annoying as I was making him out to be.
   The book was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually really shipped Charli and Mal. They're so cute. And Charli is so adventurous and "go with the wind" kind of girl. And from everything that Mal went through, he needs someone like that in his life. Someone that will pick him up when he's down and make him laugh when he feels like he can't. They both lost something through this book and they both need each other to hold on to right now. If there's a sequel, I hope they work out.
   Okay, the friends I honestly thought were mean in the beginning xD Just by reading the beginning, I though they just pretended to be his friend... you can say that when I read, I'm more of a "guilty until proven innocent" with my characters xD I just felt like James wanted all the attention and when Mal was being weird, he didn't like the spot light move from him. I don't know about Vic, but I think I was thinking he thought he was too smart for them and really didn't like them. I mean, he was portrayed as quiet and stuff... I was just waiting for them to be evil or something.
   Anyway, as the story progressed, I realized that they weren't so bad... actually, they were pretty awesome. They stuck with Mal through everything. Even when they thought he needed to be in a mental hospital, they supported whatever he was doing. You can't find that kind of loyalty just anywhere. He has some really awesome friends.
   What I also liked about this book was how realistic everything was. The many questions that Mal asked wasn't annoying this time because of course, any normal person would ask them. And of course his friends wouldn't believe him because who has ever heard of going into dreams and fighting "Nightmares"? Nightmares are just bad dreams, not monsters. And of course his mom would do anything to protect her baby boy, so I understood her strictness, too.
   I like that, how it wasn't "everything is perfect and people are so understanding", nor was it too harsh and everything went to hell... which it kind of did anyway... but you know what I mean. Everything was mediocre, reasonable, and realistic for that part of the book, wherever it was at.
   Out of everything, I give this book a 4/5 stars. Like I said, I might've talked a lot about Mal's annoyingness, but he really wasn't as annoying as I probably made him out to be. Sorry if I'm a little misleading haha.
   I really think you guys should pick this book up. It actually really makes you think about your dreams and how everything works, but it also had some fighting from the very first page. It was the book I needed right now, so thanks Danny :)
   I hope you guys like this review! I'm glad I got to write a longer one since I've only had time to write shorter ones lately. I'll be back soon with some more reviews! And I also want to thank Jess out there for giving me some awesome feedback on my blog! I'm going to work on the critique you've given me tomorrow and hopefully it'll be better! :)
   On that note, goodnight! 

Armentrout's Giveaway on Her Website!

*NOT my giveaway*
      Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that Jennifer L Armentrout is doing a giveaway on her blog! AND She also posted Chapter 1 of Every Last Breath!!!! How cool is that??
   She is giving away (in the picture above) swag, a The Power notebook, Signed books by the book queen herself, and a copy of The One, which is one of the books in The Selection series. Signed by Kiera Cass, of course.
   If you would like to enter and/or read the excerpt of Every Last Breath, click here.
   As you all probably know by now, Jennifer is one of my all-time favorite authors. Her Lux series is the inspiration for starting this blog and she is one of the few people (including Maggie Hall) that inspired me to write again :) So you can say that I am very thankful for her.
   I never win these things, but I mean, there's a first for everything, right? Good luck to you all that have or will enter! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Garden by A.S Oren

*This book in e-copy format was given to me for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! Okay, so the author didn't give me this book, but the author did give some e-copies to this girl, Paige, on Goodreads to give out for an honest review... does that make sense? So yes, this is an honest review. Just that the author didn't give the copy to me directly. So.... yes. haha
   So I actually really liked this book. Thank you Paige for giving me this e-copy for an honest review! If you guys want to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   I liked basically everything. Just a few minor things that I didn't like. I liked the story line, plot, and characters. I liked the writing too, but there were a few grammar mistakes that sometimes bothered me. Also, I got confused when they switched POV's but then I realized that it was shown in italics and I felt pretty stupid after figuring that out xD haha
   The characters were pretty awesome so far from the few pages this book has. I like how the female protagonist was curious about everything even if she's get in trouble. And I liked her rebellious side from pulling pranks. She might have to follow their rules, but at the end of the day she's still herself.
   I think the her to the throne is the male protagonist? Judging from his POV. I like how weird he is. Like he doesn't like eating food just because it looks weird or can't 'protect itself'. I find that really funny for some reason. I also like how he's so put up with Mirabelle (I think I spelled that right). When he gets annoyed it makes me laugh.
   I've only read the first episode, so I don't know how things will go in the future, but from what I read, I really like the story. How the class system worked and going into this world of cat-like people. Trying to figure everything out even from page one.
   It was really great, the only reason why it's a 4/5 instead of all five stars is because of the grammar mistakes and how it was a little confusing.
   I can't wait to read the other episodes in the future! I'm so sorry this is a really short review, but I have some July 4th stuff to go to ;)
   (Happy Independence Day to all of my U.S. followers!!!)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Initiation by Jen Lemons

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Back with a review! I got this book on March 23rd... But at least I finished it! Haha if you want to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   Alright, I have to say, I was surprised that by the end of the book, I was saddened that it ended. I only have to say that I was surprised because of some of the things I didn't like about this book. But don't get me wrong, I really loved the story line and the plot. Very cool going inside of what hit men do xD
   There are only two things that I didn't like about the story. The first one is the age difference between Jinx and Ace. I mean I know she's 18 so she's legal to do... stuff... but 20 years apart? That's just weird. I know that actually happens with quite a few people out there but still. And he wasn't ever the kindest person... like ever. The only time he was nice was at the end and I even felt that that was fake, because he needed something from her. Jen Lemons actually told me it was because of her daddy issues. That makes sense. I don't know, maybe because I'm just a sucker for people like X. I wanted him and Jinx to get together <3 So much so that I had a dream last night that I was reading the sequel and she realized X was what she really wanted and needed. Haha wow I'm really weird.
   The other thing that I didn't like about this book was how annoying Jinx was. I know she is the alter ego of Sam, and she has this huge sexual tension with Ace, but sometimes she went to far and it just got annoying. Like give it a break, you're looking desperate. I do like her sassy side, because we all need a little fun when times are hard, but Jinx just needed to be serious when she needed to be, not just when she's about to die or someone bitch-slaps some sense into her (sorry for the language).
   Those were really the only two problems and that's probably only because I'm Team X haha. I mean, she did show signs of liking him a lot but with his stupid but reasonable "no friends" policy, she didn't do anything about it. I feel like Sam would pick X over Ace, but she's like... not there haha. Ugh, Jinx ruins everything even if her name is pretty badass ;)
   Anyway, like I said, I really like this book. I was awesome to see in my head how they train and what they do. It's like a more realistic Throne of Glass because there aren't any Fae involved (who's ready for Queen of Shadows?!).
   I also really liked seeing her development in her family history throughout the book. It was really interesting to see how everything went down with her mom and then how much her dad changed after it. It was also nice how she opened up to X (See? Should be with X). It showed that she wasn't holding up all the anger inside her anymore, or at least not as much. Because we wouldn't want to know what would happen if that anger exploded.
   It was actually really sad, finding out about her mom. I think the thing that really made me feel for her was how much she loved her mom. How much she missed her. And I mean, she missed her a lot because even the alter ego cries for her mom and decorates her room a certain way so she would have something of her mom overtime she walks into the room. That's just... wow. I don't even know what I'd do without my mom. My life would just... crash. So yeah, I really really liked how much she loved her mom.
   I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars :) I really hope you guys go and get the book! It's really cool ;) I always love reading about badass girls (girl power!) so if you like that and action and killers, definitely pick this book up.
   That's it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed! I will be back with that review for Snow Like Ashes soon... I remember writing about everything! I don't know what happened to it :( Anyway, I'll rewrite it. 

Teen Writing Workshop

   Hello everyone. It was announced yesterday that both Sarah Rassch (author of Snow Like Ashes) and Kristen Simmons (author of The Glass Arrow) will be in the NoVa area to do a half day writing workshop with us fellow people! Can I just say:
   I don't like telling people where I live for security reasons (after all these books and CSI shows? You can say I'm paranoid xD ) but obviously, I'm allowed to go and see these two great authors again! I don't know if they remember me (probably not) but I met them at the NOVA Teen Book Festival a while back! They were both so nice and down to earth. When I met them I was so excited I didnt know what to say xD #smilingidiot.
   Anyway, right when I found out, I needed to go since there were only 20 open spots! Another great thing is that one of my closest friends on Twitter, @KieraneKaine, will be going too! I'm really excited to finally meet her :) So if any of you guys are going, please let me know! I'd love to meet all of you if I could <3
   I'm really excited and nervous at the same time... haha. I've only been to two book signings in my life (3 if I didn't break my leg), and have never done anything like this before, so I don't know what to expect o.O But I know that since these two amazing authors will be there, it will all be okay <3
   Haha that's all for now. I'll let you all know how it went after!
   I'll be starting my review for The Jax Chronicles: Initiation soon, so stay tuned for that ;)

If you would like to read my post for the NOVA Teen Book Festival Experience, click here.

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I could've sworn I wrote a review for Snow Like Ashes... but I guess not, stay tuned for that, too ;)