Accepting Requests Again!

   I have finished my two book reviews that I needed to finish and am now accepting book requests! I already have a few authors that I've asked to review for them, and so far, so good!
   I am willing to read any genre out there except non-fiction, erotica, and young children's books. Just because I don't think I am a good candidate with those genres since I haven't read any of them in a long time and I tend not to be interested in them.
   But I am willing to read them if you don't take criticism personally and are only looking for the technical details. For example, grammar errors, character development, etc. Also, I don't accept those genres if there is a due date that is close to when I receive the book. This is because since I don't normally read the genre and don't take a huge interest in it, I will tend to take longer.
   On that note, please feel free to email me! I'd love to read some of the stories that you all have to share with the world :)
   If you would like to email me about a requested review, you can contact me at


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