Destiny Calls by Phenice Arielle

*The author gave me a paperback version of this book for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! I'm doing a review like I promised! And this one will have a spoilers section for those of you who've read the book ;) I haven't done that in a while because I've been super busy, but I have a lot to say about this book haha.
   Okay, so this week, these painter people are coming to paint the interior of the house and I'm actually pretty excited. Just because my room has been pink since I can remember and I'm so over it. Not that pink is a bad color, but I used to have everything pink (I think I just thought pink was a girly color and I'm a girl so I thought I had to like pink) and I'm now a sea green/blue gal. I'll give you all updates on it on Twitter! :)
   So the author emailed me talking about my blog and asking me to review her book. We had a long conversation about the Fast and Furious movies ;) haha. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm so grateful to have met Phenice. Did you know she's the female cover model??? Fun fact :D She's so nice and gave me a paperback of her book! I mean I normally get e-copys from authors or I'd have to pay for the paperback. And honestly? I'm a teenager. I don't have a lot of money, so it's not like I can buy every book out there (I wish). So yeah, she's really awesome and I hope we keep in touch. I was looking around and her book hasn't had a lot of reviews on Amazon or Goodreads... or anywhere, really. So, I just wanted you guys to know that this book was super action-packed with lions! Haha. Seriously though, I really want to help and get her book more out there. So if you want to get this book on Amazon, click here! It would mean to world to her! Good or bad review, she likes the input we readers have to give.
   Now, since I have a lot to say, I must get onto this review! When I was reading, I had to write all my thoughts on my phone because I had so many feels and I didn't want to forget each one xD But before I get to how I felt, I'll attempt to make a short summary. But I suck at synopsis' so you might just have to look it up xD
   Destiny Calls is about a girl, Kay, going to Africa because she was selected to go as a school trip. Instead of her intended journalist vacation, she is kidnapped and rescued to a magical-and secret- place called Ipharadisi. There she finds family, friendship, and love. Between fighting evil and her weird visions, she also finds the importance of loyalty and the true history behind Africa's secret utopia.
   I honestly don't know where to start... so much has happened and I'm still trying to process everything. Okay, I guess I'll start with the romance, since that I can think about. Most books these days have a love triangle or square or whatever shape. I guess the author wants you to struggle. Haha. Well this author doesn't. You might think so, but when you take a step back, she it really isn't a triangle. I actually really like that about this book. It's refreshing to not have to guess all the time on which man she's going to pick and just focus on the action and putting the pieces together. Now, Kay, the main protagonist, does meet two guys that she cares deeply for. And she does feel attraction to both, but there's really only one guy she loves, and will always love (And I knew it all along xD). I personally like both of the men she gets involved in. If she picked the other guy, I'd be equally as happy... maybe more just because THE ENDING WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED. HOW COULD YOU PHENICE?
   Haha another thing I absolutely loved about it was, I never got annoyed with the book. You know how sometimes the story line or the way the characters think or act just makes you so annoyed? Like you just want to shake them and yell,

   And a little like 

   Well, I'm happy to say, Destiny Calls isn't like that! Or except for two scenes, anyway. I think I was so wrapped up in the story, the fighting and figuring out about her family, that I didn't really feel like anything was annoying. I wanted to keep turning the pages to find out was was coming next. 
   Although I loved the story line, there were a few things that I didn't particularly like about the book itself. It's more of the technical errors that I saw. The first thing I saw was the formatting. I noticed that she used bolded and italicized words to show a beginning and end of a flashback or vision, and that was good and clear. Different, I've never seen bolded words before. I got used to it eventually, but sometimes flashbacks or visions weren't in the bolded words and it threw me off because I wouldn't know where it ended and sometimes began. So what I'm trying to say is that the formatting was inconsistent a some points in the book. Also, there was this one scene in the book I was really confused about. I can't really explain it without giving the scene away, so for those who've read the book, it'll be in the spoiler section of the review. 
   I saw little grammatical errors in the book and was really happy about that. 
   So other than that, I found this book gripping, exciting, and intriguing. Full of  twists and turns. It's like you think you're walking on the right path with how everything and playing out and the next thing you know, you're lost in the forest, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I found it quite fun, trying to piece together the story and if this character was good or if that character was bad. 
   I highly recommend this book. 4 out of 5 stars for Phenice! Seriously, the story line is unique and the cover, eye-catching. If you guys like a book with a lot of questions and fighting, you'll definitely love this book. 
   I must get on with the second part of the review! To those of you who haven't read Destiny Calls yet, I hope you liked the review and will soon pick up the book! 
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book :) 
   This is the part when I let out all my feels, but I still have a little bit of formal reviewing to do. I don't think I could explain this part without giving the scene away. But once I'm done, you'll know ;) It'll start with all the capitalized words ;) 
   You guys know the part when Zaina and Kay fight to see who'd be queen? In my opinion, I think that that scene went by too quickly. I mean, Zaina has been queen for almost all her life. She's been trained to fight since she was little. Kay had only been training for what? Six months? There's no way that scene ended in a page and a half. And I know Zaina was really filled with hate and jealousy, but seriously? SHE'S BEEN TRAINED SINCE FOREVER. FIGHTING SHOULD BE INSTINCT BY NOW. And then it was like Kay had been training all her life. Like what? Half a year may be a lot of time training, but not nearly enough. Especially for someone who was a journalist! 
   And when Zaina escaped? HOW DID NO ONE SEE THAT? There was a huge crowd there. No one saw her take down the two guards and run away? Please. She's not a ninja.
   Haha, okay. Next section. Callum and Erec. OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR THEM. Not that Kay was annoying in choosing them, but both are just such amazing people that my heart hurt when Callum came and say Erec and her about to kiss and then when Erec realized that she's choosing Callum over him D,: I was also team Callum. I guess because of the visions she had and their connection. Without the visions, I might be team Erec!
   When Zaina switched sides, it was a pleasant surprise. I'm actually glad Zaina and Kay got their sisterly bond... for about five seconds before FREAKING ZAINA WENT ALL WACKO AGAIN. Seriously? What is up with her? I think there's something mentally wrong. Yeah, losing her mother plays a really big part, but no one is...that crazy. Like you don't just stab your sister in the back. What. The. Freaking. Hell. Like you've lived all your life being this peaceful community and not killing anyone and then a split second later you want to kill this guy and that sister. Like no. And if you wanted so badly to kill the man, why didn't you go out and hunt him down before? 
   Ugh Zaina just... she's just too hurt to be any good. And Kay! OMG WHAT THE HECK, GIRL? You leave him, getting kidnapped and thinking you'll never see him again. You get him back, so happy and love him so much. When he's almost dead, you get torn and regret everything you've never said to him. Then he's okay and you're happy again. THEN HE THINKS YOURE DEAD AND YOURE LIKE "Hm, yeah let's not tell him". SERIOUSLY? I know I said that the characters weren't annoying, but it was just really those two scenes that kinda made my emotions go wild haha. 
   Ah, such a good book. I'm glad I got riled up, though. A book without an emotion forming on your face is a bad book. 
   Truly, amazing. If any of you would like to share your experience while reading, leave a comment or email me! 

   That's all for tonight! I hope you all enjoyed :) Thank you, Phenice, again. I'm so glad I got to read this book :) If you ever need any more reviews from me, you know where to find me! <3


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