Mal Winter and the Cloud Runners by Danny Beaton

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Good evening! It's an unusual time for me to be writing a review, but I wanted to get it done tonight because I might not have time tomorrow. I haven't been to my public library in a really long time (I think it's been about a year and a half) and I miss this little sitting area that I always go to. It's surrounded by three walls of glass with a good view of this beautiful grass area. And it's really quiet, so that's a plus. Anyway, I wanted to go tomorrow and get some stuff done. Like continuing on outlining my book so I can finally start writing it again, do some AP Psych studying, and hopefully, an author will email me tomorrow with an e-copy of a book they want me to review.
   Ah, the good busy summer life of a book reviewer and (somewhat) writer.
   Anyway, you probably are not here to read about my boring busy life. You want the review! And I'm here to give it to you. If you want to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   This novel is about a fourteen year-old boy finding out about this other world when you sleep. I actually think that it was a really interesting way of interpreting dreams. Because no one really knows where dreams come from, how they are formed, et cetera et cetera. So I like this, I like reading about how 'Nightmares' work and why some people don't dream and all they see is black. Very interesting indeed.
   There was just one thing that kind of annoyed me about this book. First off, I think it's really hard to pull off a good character that's as young as fifteen or younger, even sixteen sometimes. I just think that it's really hard to grasp how naive and inexperienced they are with life and still make them a badass superhero character. So when reading this book in the beginning, I was actually really surprised that this Mal character wasn't so bad. He and his friends were a little weird, but not bad at all. That is, until he met Mr. Blue. I just felt like he was super naive to believe in a complete stranger, no matter how nice they look. I mean, "the ones you least expect are the bad ones" right? I don't exactly blame Mal for trusting him. He's young and his father just passed away so he's vulnerable. But I mean, how can you be so cool and be naive like that? Not listening to what your gut or heart were telling you to do. His naivety was realistic and I liked that, but it's hard to be naive and a superhero at the same time. What if he never figured out the missing piece to the mystery? Or never had his friends and Charli to show him the way? This whole story could be totally different.
   What also annoyed me was that I felt like he didn't face his problems. I felt like he kept running away from them. Like avoiding his mom when his father died. Like I get you need some space, and that's probably how you deal with stuff, but your mom is hurting just as much as you. She loved him just as much as you and it's okay if she sees you cry. Real men aren't afraid of crying. So let someone in, it's okay. Or in certain areas, he expected other people do stuff for him. Obviously, it's a test and they aren't the kindest people on earth.
   I don't know. Honestly, this really is just my preference. We all think differently on books and you might not think that he was annoying. Trust me though, he wasn't as annoying as I was making him out to be.
   The book was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually really shipped Charli and Mal. They're so cute. And Charli is so adventurous and "go with the wind" kind of girl. And from everything that Mal went through, he needs someone like that in his life. Someone that will pick him up when he's down and make him laugh when he feels like he can't. They both lost something through this book and they both need each other to hold on to right now. If there's a sequel, I hope they work out.
   Okay, the friends I honestly thought were mean in the beginning xD Just by reading the beginning, I though they just pretended to be his friend... you can say that when I read, I'm more of a "guilty until proven innocent" with my characters xD I just felt like James wanted all the attention and when Mal was being weird, he didn't like the spot light move from him. I don't know about Vic, but I think I was thinking he thought he was too smart for them and really didn't like them. I mean, he was portrayed as quiet and stuff... I was just waiting for them to be evil or something.
   Anyway, as the story progressed, I realized that they weren't so bad... actually, they were pretty awesome. They stuck with Mal through everything. Even when they thought he needed to be in a mental hospital, they supported whatever he was doing. You can't find that kind of loyalty just anywhere. He has some really awesome friends.
   What I also liked about this book was how realistic everything was. The many questions that Mal asked wasn't annoying this time because of course, any normal person would ask them. And of course his friends wouldn't believe him because who has ever heard of going into dreams and fighting "Nightmares"? Nightmares are just bad dreams, not monsters. And of course his mom would do anything to protect her baby boy, so I understood her strictness, too.
   I like that, how it wasn't "everything is perfect and people are so understanding", nor was it too harsh and everything went to hell... which it kind of did anyway... but you know what I mean. Everything was mediocre, reasonable, and realistic for that part of the book, wherever it was at.
   Out of everything, I give this book a 4/5 stars. Like I said, I might've talked a lot about Mal's annoyingness, but he really wasn't as annoying as I probably made him out to be. Sorry if I'm a little misleading haha.
   I really think you guys should pick this book up. It actually really makes you think about your dreams and how everything works, but it also had some fighting from the very first page. It was the book I needed right now, so thanks Danny :)
   I hope you guys like this review! I'm glad I got to write a longer one since I've only had time to write shorter ones lately. I'll be back soon with some more reviews! And I also want to thank Jess out there for giving me some awesome feedback on my blog! I'm going to work on the critique you've given me tomorrow and hopefully it'll be better! :)
   On that note, goodnight! 


  1. This book sounds pretty good. It's funny how recently I was talking to my sister about dreams and why the hell I don't remember what I dream about, or if I even dream. Good review. And the cover for this book reminded me of The Lighting Thief even though I never read the book. Thanks for posting.

    Eduardo @ BoomingBooks

    1. Yeah! Sometimes I can't remember a dream until a week later when something reminds me of it. It's weird. Haha. And thanks so much! :) Yeah it reminded me of that too, you should totally read the series if you're into the greek mythology stuff. It's really good ;)


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