The Garden by A.S Oren

*This book in e-copy format was given to me for an honest review*
   Hello everyone! Okay, so the author didn't give me this book, but the author did give some e-copies to this girl, Paige, on Goodreads to give out for an honest review... does that make sense? So yes, this is an honest review. Just that the author didn't give the copy to me directly. So.... yes. haha
   So I actually really liked this book. Thank you Paige for giving me this e-copy for an honest review! If you guys want to get this book on Amazon, click here.
   I liked basically everything. Just a few minor things that I didn't like. I liked the story line, plot, and characters. I liked the writing too, but there were a few grammar mistakes that sometimes bothered me. Also, I got confused when they switched POV's but then I realized that it was shown in italics and I felt pretty stupid after figuring that out xD haha
   The characters were pretty awesome so far from the few pages this book has. I like how the female protagonist was curious about everything even if she's get in trouble. And I liked her rebellious side from pulling pranks. She might have to follow their rules, but at the end of the day she's still herself.
   I think the her to the throne is the male protagonist? Judging from his POV. I like how weird he is. Like he doesn't like eating food just because it looks weird or can't 'protect itself'. I find that really funny for some reason. I also like how he's so put up with Mirabelle (I think I spelled that right). When he gets annoyed it makes me laugh.
   I've only read the first episode, so I don't know how things will go in the future, but from what I read, I really like the story. How the class system worked and going into this world of cat-like people. Trying to figure everything out even from page one.
   It was really great, the only reason why it's a 4/5 instead of all five stars is because of the grammar mistakes and how it was a little confusing.
   I can't wait to read the other episodes in the future! I'm so sorry this is a really short review, but I have some July 4th stuff to go to ;)
   (Happy Independence Day to all of my U.S. followers!!!)


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