Under Revisions!

   Hello everyone! My blog is currently under revisions, so if you see anything weird that I post or change, don't worry, that's just me ;)
   It came to my attention by this very nice girl named Jess that I didn't really make my posts and blog in general very convenient to you all. I asked on Goodreads for some input on making my blog better and Jess emailed me some things that I could change to make it more user friendly.
   I put some thought into it and agreed with her that it's very hard to use right now. So, here I am, changing stuff :) Thank you Jess!
   Remember, if you have any ideas to make my blog better, don't hesitate to let me know! I want to make sure that my blog is welcoming and user friendly to everyone :)
   Alright, well, back to work! See you all soon guys with a review ;) 


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