Review Policy

I do accept books from authors and write honest reviews for each book. I am usually a Young Adult reader, but I can also accept New Adult or Middle Grade books, as well! My most preferred genres are:
-Mystery/ Thriller
-Science Fiction
-Historical Fiction
*Not in ranking order

The only genre I prefer not to read is Erotica. If your genre isn't listed above, I'd still love to look into it. If your book is Non-Fiction, I will read it and comment about the technical errors, but as for review, I'm afraid I do not read enough Non-Fiction to review them.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough money to buy every single book an author wants me to review, so if you could send your book in e-copy format or paperback in the mail, it'd be much appreciated. If you are a self-published author and I have enjoyed your book, I'd be more than willing to help out and buy a paperback or hardcover format of your book. If you aren't self-published, but I liked the book and you ask, I'd love to buy yours too! All you have to do is ask :)

I will normally finish a book between one to two weeks. Depending on my school or if I have other review deadlines I need to do, I'll let you know in an email. If you have a specific deadline you would like me to review the book in, just let me know and I'll see if I can do it :)

In my reviews, I do mention that you have given me the book for free for an honest review. I include a picture of the cover of the book, a rating with 1 being bad and 5 being the best, a synopsis that I've taken from Amazon or Goodreads, and I have links for people to click if they'd like to purchase the book on Amazon, Books-A-Million, and/or Barnes&Noble if they have a copy.
I talk about the writing style, any grammatical errors, and how the story flows. I format my reviews differently depending on the book and what would be best. I would most likely either do the good and then bad things I liked about the book, or pick a couple of main characters and talk about them and how they worked into the story. If your book is in a past time period, I will talk about that and how the writing style flows with that or if it didn't grab my attention.
The review will be spoiler free, but if there is something I really want to talk about to the readers that've read it- or you, the author- then I will include a spoilers section at the end.
*Sometimes, in the beginning of a review, I will put in some personal matters that I wish to share with my readers. If you do not want to me share that on your review, just let me know :)

I am more than willing to put up my review in other places if I have the account to do so. Just let me know and I'll see what I can do :) 


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