The Wrath & the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

   Man, I can't even start off my review with a little personal rant like I normally do. I honestly don't know where to start. Many times I've crossed paths with this book on the shelf. Every time, I would pick it up, admire it's beauty, read the synopsis and think "Wow, this sounds really cool". And just as I'm about to put it in my pile of books to read, I think "I really don't have enough money... and I really need these other books". So I'd put it back down, saddened that I can't buy all of the books I want. 
   Until one day, when I went into the bookstore, this time not with the intention to buy anything, but to merely look around. And again, I stopped at this book. And I thought of the reviews this book has gotten, the love I've seen for it on Instagram and Twitter, the amazing pictures people take with this book. And I said to myself "Why the hell not?" And picked it up. I didn't look at any other book, for fear I might put this one back down again. I stared straight again and purchase this book, not realizing this book will be part of my undoing. 
   So here I am, two days later from when I bought the book, still drying my tears from that tragically beautiful story. 
   The Wrath and the Dawn will grip you from page one, capture you like the Mountain of Adamant. Every word written had a definite purpose: to make sure you keep reading. Either by the gripping love, the vast amount of humor, the curious feeling you get when clues are revealed about their secrets, or the way you fall off the edge of your seat because you're so enraptured by the story. 
   This story ripped my heart out, stepped on it, tore it apart, and carefully put the pieces back just for it to take a lighter and melt my heart in a bittersweet love. 
   I was frightened that this book had too many amazing reviews that I would set it on a high stool and it would end up not meeting my high expectations. But no, I was gladly proved wrong, for this book met my expectations and surpassed it all. I got so wrapped up in the story I was totally lost to this world, captured by this great love affair. 
   Khalid is made out to be this stone cold murderer, set out to kill a daughter of a family with each passing day. And he is, in part. Cold and calculating to everyone. Smart, watching every move. Unforgiving. Angry. Aloof. Dejected. Lonely. Heartbroken. Tired. It's not until Shazi comes into the picture when you see the fire igniting in him like a proper teenager should have. The way his guard falls around her, the love so plainly seen through the pages. With every page you turn, you find out a little piece of Khalid that makes him more... vulnerable. Always a face of stone, but you start to see the lonely teenage boy that other people tend to look past. 
   Shahrzad, also known as Shazi, is the next queen. But unlike the other girls, she isn't ready to meet the light at the end of the road. Not yet. Her intentions are to avenge her best friend's death. Shazi hides her fear by using her wit and her quick thinking. But the longer she stays, the more she sees the truth behind the killings. That the king may not be as bad as everyone thinks. Her struggles between her heart and head are palpable through the pages. Avenge her best friend or fall for the not-so-cold king? 
   Both Khalid and Shazi are wary of each other, not really knowing what the tension is between them... until they do. But like real love stories, there are countless things that stand in the way between them. Starting with his secret, and her need to stand up for Shiva and all the other women who had a slow, terrible death. 
   As they grow more attached to each other, it's hard to hold their secrets dear to them. Hard to plan a kill, hard to hide why he truly killed the girls. The end of the book truly killed my heart. The way it was written, the relief and pain and love felt all in one last page. One last note. 
   It took my a while to get through the ending. I had to stop from time to time to lessen the strong emotion building up, knowing the end was near. I am so glad there was an excerpt for The Rose and the Dagger at the end of the book. But even that made me hurt, cry, love the story even more. 
   Overall, I truly loved this book. There wasn't anything that I didn't like. I loved the way you can see Shazi struggle. The way Shazi and Khalid struggled with each other until they slowly grew closer together. I loved the writing. Almost how it was written in calligraphy, the beauty of each word on each page. Poised and strong, ready to hit you with emotion. 
   I highly highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a good, unexpected story. Filled with action and love, equally perfect.

   Now, I could go on for days talking about this book and how perfect it is, but I must go before my compute dies. Goodbye! Renée, I'll be waiting for The Rose and the Dagger! <3


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