Brazen Blog Tour Coming Soon!

   Good evening! I am so happy to be typing on my computer again, writing about stuff that doesn't involve homework. I seriously don't know if I can finish all the deadlines I have. But I'm trying! (*crosses fingers*)
   One book I did finish is BRAZEN by Christina Farley! I am so happy to announce that I am part of her blog tour! I will be posting my review and giveaway on the 8th of October, so stay tuned!
   Seriously, this blog tour and book... they're both so interesting. I love every part of it. I hope you guys are too! It's running wonderfully <3
   Well, that's all I have to say, since I have to head to bead now. Hope to see you at my stop! :D
   P.S. Did anyone see that awesome supermoon eclipse?! It was so beautiful. The first one in yearssss.
   Haha, alright, good bye everyone! See you soon ;) 


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