The Summer Marked by Rebekah L. Purdy

*This e-ARC was given to me by Entangled Publishing for an honest review*

WARNING: This is a sequel to The Winter People. If you've not read the first book yet, do not read the synopsis, because it contains spoilers. I'll try by best to make my review spoiler free to everyone.
   Salome left humankind behind to be with her boyfriend, Gareth, in the Kingdom of Summer. But now, forces of darkness are rising. Her happily-ever-after is coming apart, and the Kingdom is on the brink of war. 
   Newly-singly Kadie Byers is on her way home for Thanksgiving, imagining a visit filled with hot chocolate, a hot guy for a little rebound action, and some girl time with her bestie, Salome. Except she receives a message from Salome with two important words: PLEASE HURRY. 
   When Kadie rushes to help Salome, she's ripped from the human world and pulled into the kingdoms of Faerie, where she's shocked to learn that Salome's monsters are real, and that she's now at the mercy of one extremely vengeful Winter Queen...
   Now both Salome and Kadie must find a way to survive the deadly chaos, or lose themselves to Winter's deadly, icy grasp. 

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   Wow, it really has been a long while since I've written a review. I am so sorry for that! Towards the end of summer, I really wanted to get as much writing done as possible, because I know the first quarter of school will be hectic. And it is. Then I also have SAT Prep class, which is going okay, but I'm so stressed because if I don't get a high enough SAT score, I might not get into the college I really want to go to! There's just a lot of stuff going on, homework, sleep, trying to get these reviews in. I don't know if I'll continue reviewing until after things have settled down. Of course, I'll definitely finish the book I need to review.
   Like this one. :) When I first requested to review this e-ARC for Entangled Publishing, I honestly thought it was the first book in the series or a stand-alone. I was so confused when I opened it and it was talking about this grandmother person and not explaining anything. Then I looked up the book, and what do you know? It's the sequel! Needless to say, I bought and read the first book before continuing to read this one.
   Since I don't have the time to write a review for the The Winter People, I'll just share with you some brief thoughts I had about it. Overall, I really liked the story line and characters. The plot was very original, a story I've never thought about, but somehow thinking, how can it not be? The Winter People is about a girl named Salome finding her way to who she really is. Salome is awesome, determined and kind. But what she really is is confused. All the time. She's trying to figure out how to break a curse, and the answer is right in front of her. Everyone practically throws the answer out at her and she still doesn't understand. Her confusing caused me to be annoyed quiet often. That and a few grammar mistakes I found made me give this book a four star. That aside, the romance, action, and mystery pulled me in, keeping me intrigued so I could find out what the heck is going on.
   The Summer Marked is the sequel, and the first chapter in itself is a huge plot twist. I think at that moment, when I read that chapter and figured out that everything was going to change, is when I already decided I like this book more than the first one. Rebekah L. Purdy doesn't waste any time to get to the action and romance. It's there from when Kadie comes home looking for a guy to when Salome rides away on a horse with her man. Since the first book is the one that sets up characters and their respective characteristics, the sequel always gets into the action quicker. This book is no exception.
   I really felt like TSM ran more smoothly than TWP did. I had a more enjoyable read than I did with the first book, and for that, I'm grateful. I really did see an improvement in Rebekah's writing.
   In TSM, Rebekah wrote two main POV's. The first is Salome, the main protagonist in the story. She's not as... simpleminded in this one than she was in the first. In fact, she was really smart in most of what she thought and acted. Her character development was really strong throughout this series, and it's nice to see how mature she's become. Salome is hot-headed and stubborn, but she's brave and compassionate. Her kindness can also make her naive, but she is starting to understand that not all people can be trusted. I've grown to like Salome through the pages, and hope that everything works out for her. One thing I didn't like was how... adamant she was at rejecting who she really was. She denies it left and right, up and down, and all around until something tragic happens that pushes her to accept it, and then when she does, she says, "Yes, this is who I am." Like, obviously! They've only been telling you that since forever... But that was only for the first part of the book, and after that, she was so awesome. Badass, too, in some parts.
   The second POV is Salome's best friend, Kadie. UGH. I have a lot to say about this one, but I can't divulge without giving away everything. So, if you've read TSM already or your name is Rebekah L. Purdy, then my spoiler part will be at the bottom of my review ;) Kadie and Salome are so different from each other. Kadie is carefree, going with the flow, and preppy. Salome is more conservative, quiet, scared. And for good reason, if you've read TWP. In this book, Kadie finds out that Salome's stories are, in fact, true. And she will do anything to survive. I don't particularly like Kadie. In book one, I tolerated her and liked how easy-going she was, but I shrugged her off. I'm more like Salome, quiet and reserved. So Kadie dating someone every week kind of annoyed me. But whatever. Now, in book two, she's just... She goes... I can't even explain it. Her reasoning for everything is so... off. I understand that not everyone thinks the same and whatnot, but... she's so... aggravating. Although, I must admit, her character development is really strong. Stronger than Salome's, and I like that. Her POV might have been annoying to me, but it was interesting to read, and kept me reading.
   Sometimes, a character is so annoying that you can't even read the book anymore. Fortunately, Kadie wasn't like that. She might have been hard to read at times, but in the back of my mind, I kind of understood where she came from... even though I have to think really hard for that to happen.
   Man, this is hard to write without giving everything away.
   Anyway, as much as Kadie exasperated me, I did love how much change she went through and how I saw it happen with my own eyes... through the book. Haha. I wish I was literally there... in the safety outside of the Winter Court, that is.
   There was one thing I didn't like about the girls altogether.  They were both so... stubborn. Yes, that comes in great handy at times, but when it doesn't, it can really hit hard. Both of them are untrusting, and when they're in a middle of a fight (literally), they stood there contemplating what they should do. Trust him? Or go free for all? I always got annoyed, like you're in the middle of a battle, you don't have time to pause time and decide your best bet. Both options might not get you out totally alive, but you have to pick the lesser evils, am I right?
   With a more technical review, there were a few writing errors that I noticed. Only a very few were ones I thought, "well, the editors should've seen this one", and the rest, I didn't mind. The writing flowed well. I noticed the change in language when Salome or Kadie talked versus when Gareth or Nevin spoke, since they come from different places, and I liked that. Some authors don't change how people talk when it's needed, and I'm glad Rebekah wasn't one of those. It makes the book more realistic not matter how unrealistic the story is.
   I'm giving this a 4.4 because Kadie did sometimes take away the awesomeness of the book and the few writing errors did sometimes throw me off. But I did thoroughly enjoy this book and hope you all have a chance to read it when it releases on the 22nd! All I can really say now, is that if you want a series that will make you at the edge of your seat reading, pick this series up!
   Please do not continue reading until you have read the book :)
   WARNING: This part contains some bad words.
   Okay, this Kadie girl. WHAT THE CRAP IS UP WITH HER? I'm so glad she's staying evil, because she does not deserve Salome's friendship or Etienne's love. What the actual crap?! First, when she meet's Etienne, he warns her that what he says in public isn't true because he has to play a role. He's told her that at least three times. Then she gets mad when he said something to the evil guys and she's like "What an ass, I'm not a pet". HE TOLD YOU HE WAS LYING.
   And then she gets mad at everyone that doesn't treat her with the upmost care. Kadie, I hate to break it to you, but you're in their territory. Surrounded by EVIL BEINGS that aren't even human. You don't have a say as to what they do or say to you. You play by their rules, and you're fine. But the minute you talk back and step out of line, you're dead. So whatever they do to you, you did it to yourself. Obviously! I know you're new to this whole kidnapping concept, but you can't possibly be that stupid. Or naive and spoiled. Have you not seen any action movies or read any books?
   I know not everyone is as noble and loyal as someone like... Harry Potter, but to be on the verge of giving up your friend... ending up trying to KILL her, just so you 'survive' and can have an opulent lifestyle that's not as luxurious because it's ruled by an evil queen? To have to force yourself not to give up your friend and humanity? Damn, you just lost my total respect for you.
   And when Ms. Witch here is talking about how sad her life was because her sister 'betrayed' her and you're comparing yourself to her? GIRL YOU CAN'T EVEN COMPARE YOURSELF! You spend your whole life helping a find try to get over her fear and you STILL care for people, while she's running around cutting PEOPLE'S HEADS OFF just because her sister 'betrayed' her and a guy cheated on her?! Talk about obsessive. Yeah, Kadie, you caught your man cheating. But would you really take it that far?.. I guess now you would.
   Then you call Etienne an asshole for saying her choice to give in to the Queen is stupid. because he did 'the same thing'?! NO BITCH, he did it because he thought it'd protect his people. His court. You're falling to her side to 'stay alive'. You're not doing it for anyone but yourself and I get that you're trying to 'think for yourself' for once, but this is literally the WORST time to do that. Maybe you're not strong or brave enough to keep information back about your BEST FRIEND since forever, but your logic is just so... off.
   Then you get possessed or whatever when you're about to kill Salome. Well, at least now you admit you're a monster.
   I got that all off my chest. That felt good. Haha Sorry for that MAJOR rant. But seriously though, I'm really wishing Salome never forgives her for everything she's done. I hope Etienne never goes back to her, even if I did ship them in the beginning. Haha it was funny when she wanted him and he obviously didn't want her anymore because of the way she was acting and changing. I mean, I guess he did still want her, but the old her. The less annoying her. I do admire what she'd go through just to say alive. Like Etienne said, though, "There are worse things than death". I thought seeing Mr. Montgomery as a tree and him wanting to die would've at least shown her that.
   ANYWAY, enough with this rant. I still really loved the book! The first chapter really got me. Like HOLY CRAP WHAT?! Did NOT see that coming... And it's so cool how everything comes together.
   And Nevin being gay or bisexual?! DIDN'T EXPECT THAT EITHER! I think that's so cool, though. That he's the way he is because he couldn't be with the one he truly loves. I really hope really find a way to work out.

Okay, that's it for today! Hope my review wasn't too bad, since it's been a while for me! :) 


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