The New Wild by Holly Brasher

*The publisher gave me an e-ARC of this book for an honest review*

Jackie is loving her last year of summer camp, despite new-guy Xander, jerk extraordinaire. That is, until disaster strikes on the senior backpacking trip. At first, it seems like a nightmare, but Jackie quickly realizes that the huge fire and resulting carnage around her are as real as real gets. 
Miraculously (and infuriatingly, in Jackie's opinion), Xander survives the burning, too, but that's the least of her worries. Mother Nature has wiped out millions and burned cities to the ground, plants are growing at a crazy-rapid rate, and fairytale creatures are very real- and very dangerous. 
Jackie and Xander must learn to survive sans food, shelter, and soap, and battle their way across the wild American landscape in search of their families- all without killing each other. Along the way, the duo learns that maybe the other isn't so terrible after all, but going months without toothpaste isn't exactly a recipe for romance. Will the journey be too much for their growing relationship? Will it even be worth it at all? Or will their homes and families be burned to a crisp? 

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   How is everyone? You may be surprised that I'm writing another book review, but you'll be even more surprised when you find out I'm writing three today! It's weird, I get these spurts of reviews, and then I go MIA for a month... well in this case, it's only been half a month, so I'm pretty proud of myself. Haha, school's been hectic, so I'm glad I get today and tomorrow off! Then I get time to write my book!
   Okay, I'm so upset to say that I was very disappointed in this book. The cover is so cool and awesome, the synopsis makes me want to read the book, but the actual book did not meet my expectations. It's like a beautifully wrapped present, but when you open it, all you find is nothing. I understand that what I say and what I will say may be a bit candid, so if you liked this book and don't want to read a bad review on it, you should probably skip this review.
   Jackie isn't so bad. I liked her and how logical and independent she is. She's strong and funny at times, but has a vulnerable side when it comes to her family back home... and eventually Xander.
   Xander is... not as handy as Jackie. Though he puts on a big show, he doesn't know without Jackie, he'd be dead. Then again, without that elder women to show her the way, Jackie would be dead too. He's witty and annoying to Jackie, but obviously that's his way of showing that he likes her. And okay, when they were just about to kiss OMG WHY JACKIE WHY? SERIOUSLY?! UGH.
   Haha anyway, yeah, with Jackie and Xander (besides that part when they were about to kiss), I didn't really feel nay chemistry between them. When they're making out or holding hands or saving each other's lives, I didn't feel a tug at my heart like I do when I feel chemistry between two characters. Don't get me wrong, it's hard to make that connection between two characters with just using words. I have a hard time too, and I know a lot of other people do too. But it would've been nice to have that.
   Holly had a good idea going with the whole "mother nature got rid of everything that harming the earth" theme, but everything else felt too... fake? Unicorns, bubbles that held trees and flowers, flowers that bloomed to be as tall as them. All of that felt too much. I feel like if it was written better, it would've been on the contrary very cool to have all of that. Everything was too over the top and didn't feel realistic at all. And you all know how I love the realistic feel of books.
   I think the cover and synopsis made me have high standards for this book that once I read it, it didn't meet my expectations. I didn't feel anything in the book, even in the suspense part. It just didn't capture my attention and make me want to keep on reading it.
   Judging by her unique idea for this book, I know Holly will come up with some other terrific ideas for other books. I just hope it's carried out better than this one.


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