The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel

*The publisher gave me an e-ARC of this book for and honest review*

   Beyond the fence. I am alive. Barely. 
   My name is Ivy Westfall. I am sixteen years old and a traitor. Three months ago, I was forced to marry the president's son, Bishop Lattimer- as all daughters of the losing side of the war are sold off in marriage to the sons of the winners. But I was different. I had a mission- to kill Bishop. 
   Instead, I fell in love with him.
   Now I am an outcast, left to survive the brutal savagery of the lands outside of civilization. Yet even out here, there is hope. There is life beyond the fence. But I can't outrun my past. For my actions have set off a treasonous chain of events in Westfall that will change all of our fates- especially Bishop's.
   All this time, it is not enough to just survive. 

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   Wow, I can't even talk about my life like I normally do because I just need to talk about this book. Now.
   I love everything about this book: from the storyline, to the love, to the writing. I have been waiting for this book ever since I finished The Book of Ivy (which was also an amazing start to this series), so I had high expectations. I can happily say that this book didn't disappoint!
   Like the first book, The Revolution of Ivy, wasn't totally filled with action, though I believe that it did more so than The Book of Ivy. But the fighting and action parts of the book aren't why people read the book. It's the storyline. Man, it's totally the storyline. Amy Engel is so great at creating such a magnificent book with characters that are so dynamic that it's like you know them yourself.
   Ivy has left her life. Her family, friends, loved one. Even though she didn't like where she lived, with people telling her what to do, she misses it too. At least it had showers and food you didn't have to hunt kill yourself. It's rough out there, but once she finds that there is life outside of the fence, she realizes that it's not so bad- if you have the right people around you, of course. Ivy is one of my favorite female protagonists ever. Unlike others, she's smart, independent, strong, and can love truly. Not that other female characters can't, but Amy is so good at blending that all in without making her annoying and too narrow-minded. She was a bit confusing in the book, but then again, she was confused herself. She didn't understand herself and I liked that about her. She didn't know what she was feeling, and instead of pretending like she knew, she understood that she didn't.
   Ivy hangs out with two important people in this book. They're the ones that helped her survive outside of the fence. Without Ash and Caleb, Ivy would most likely be dead. Even though Ivy is a fighter, a surviver, she would never have learned to skin a deer or throw a knife if it weren't for them. Since they're new characters in this series, it's hard not to spoil them. But I love Ash's need to help people and Caleb's overprotective nature around her. They're a team, and though they can't stand each other at times, they couldn't deal with being apart. That's family. I'm sure when you guys read the book, you'll love them as much as I do ;)
   Bishop is my babe. Seriously, could you ask for a better guy?! It's so hard to talk about him without giving anything away. Let's just say, his love for Ivy is so... pure. It makes me jealous of Ivy, a fictional girl, that she has that love haha xD Like Ivy, everything about him is perfect. He's the shoulder you can cry on, someone you go to when you just need someone to listen, and the guy you go to when you need a badass guy to fight for you.
   As the story progresses, the four of them find trust and love between each other. Their loyalty is what leads them all to follow Ivy in her revolution at Westfall. Ivy only went back for one thing, or person. But it somehow ended up with her and Bishop and Bishop's mom standing in front of the people, telling them that everything is going to change... hopefully that wasn't a spoiler...
   The ending is so good! Everything is perfect as they stand together, away from all the bad things in life. I couldn't have asked for a more happier ending <3 My only question is... is this the last of the series? Will there be another? Because I can see how there can be another book, but at the same time, this ending was so perfect, it'd be amazing if it left off like this. Though, I gotta say, I'm gonna miss Bishop and Ivy and Ash and Caleb so much <3
   I hope you guys pick this book up! And if you haven't read book 1, pick that up first!!!! The Revolution of Ivy releases TOMORROW!!! So gogogo! It's WAY worth the read!


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