Updated Chapter!

Hey everyone! It's been a long awaited event, but chapter 10 of Dream Catcher is finally up on Wattpad! Here's the link:

Dream Catcher: Chapter 10

It's a shorter chapter than before. I wish I could've written more, but I didn't have the time :/ Fortunately, Thanksgiving Break is just a couple weeks away and I'll be writing and reading nonstop!

I know that some people have forgotten about my story because I haven't updated it, but it's okay because I really just write for my amusement and hope I also get good feedback in the process so I can become a better writer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to comment here, on Wattpad, email me, or anywhere else to let me know how you felt and if have good feedback for me to improve on my writing!

Thanks guys :) <3


  1. Hey! I've nominated you for the Desert Island Book Tag. Check it out here: https://victoriajaynesbooks.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/desert-island-book-tag-incomplete/


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