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   This evening I'm doing a book promo for a friend of mine, C.E. Wilson. I've recently reviewed her book Five Seven Five: The Boy With Words and I absolutely LOVED it! She is currently writing the second book in the series called To Nowhere and I'm SOOO excited to get my hands on it! I can tell you that the cover is definitely way better than the first book's cover :D
   C.E. has asked me to help promote her two books and I gladly took the chance to spread the word about this amazing series. So without further ado, here are FIVE teasers from Five Seven Five!!!

Teaser #1
The Creators. Entities in the Unknown. No one but the Chosen Ones knew if they were real beings or simply legends to be worshiped and feared. Only the Chosen Ones got to see what existed in the Unknown. For the rest of us, all we knew was black and gray. Candlelight and the crack of white in Zone Five. The Chosen Ones were the strongest of our people and they were the ones who went out once a month for an entire week to gather supplies from the Unknown.
The Creators were always watching us.
The Creators were always to be feared.
They created us and they could easily destroy us if we drew attention to ourselves.
I huffed because none of that vague information mattered. All that mattered was Shade had finally come back from his week-long journey and he hadn't had time to recover. Whoever Penny Lincoln thought she was, she ticked me off. My cousin needed to rest. He and twenty or so others were the ones who had to risk their lives once a month to venture out and gather supplies. Usually they all came back, but we lost two or three people a year from those journeys. Sometimes more. A few years ago there was the massacre... but Shade doesn't like when I talk about it.
When Shade and the others ventured out into the Unknown, they were only allowed to gather what could be used and what was needed. Anything gathered and brought back needed a purpose and had to go unnoticed by the Creators – they were always watching. Papers with hidden messages served no purpose, but I loved when my cousin brought them back. They were the only clues I had to what was in the Unknown.
That and the crack in Zone Five.
I still had so long to wait before I could have a chance to become a Chosen One. I wasn't turning nineteen for another month and the youngest Chosen ever selected had been twenty-two. The standard age requirement was twenty-six to thirty-six and while there were exceptions, a nineteen-year-old girl probably wasn't going to be one of them. Shade trained me to be strong – one of the strongest girls in the colony – but that wasn't enough to become a Chosen.
I bit my lip hard as I collapsed back in bed and looked up at the ceiling.
So many words. So many messages. Occasionally I would recognize familiar terms from the Documentation of our Creation, but most were fantastical. I knew blue and I knew skies, but I didn't know a blue sky. I knew pink and I knew black, but I didn't know how a sky could look pink. And I had no idea what a rainbow was. I knew what a bow was because I wore one on my head sometimes, but as far as rain... I drew a blank.
And it killed me because Shade knew. He knew the secrets because he was a Chosen.
“Red horizons,” I whispered, as my dark eyes scanned over the texts of the paper above my head. “Heavy rains. Corn fields and freckled dogs.” My brow furrowed. Nothing. I wanted to know what the words meant, but since I was not a Chosen, there was no way I could obtain the knowledge.
 Teaser #2
I was so desperate for the knowledge he so obviously had, but didn't so readily divulge.
“Please,” I tried one last time. “What are the Creators? What are they really? Did they actually write the Documentation of our Creation or did someone like President Copper write it? One of our own? Someone who wanted us to be afraid—you must at least know the true answer to that, Shade.”
He swallowed. “The scriptures...” his eyes searched mine. He wanted me to back down, but that was not going to happen. I leaned towards him and his shoulders seemed to slump. “It is a combination of the two.”
My face blanched. “Seriously?”
“I have to go,” he said. “Please... tell no one. I don't want... just... tell no one.”
“My lips are sealed,” I promised. I lunged forward and embraced my cousin tightly. He stiffened at first, but eventually his long and thick arms wound around my slender frame. “Be careful,” I whispered into his chest. “You're my only family. You're all I have now. Come back in a few days, you hear me?” I pushed away so I could look at him. “Come home... and tell me more.”
I expected him to put up a fight, but he only pulled me closer. The fear he felt about going back out was palpable. I suddenly realized that he must feel this way every time. My ribs cried out in agony from his tight embrace, but I held onto him like my life and his depended on it.
And then he nodded, squeezing harder.
“I'll tell you,” he muttered. He was broken at last. “I'll tell you everything when I get back.”
 Teaser #3
I yelped in surprise as someone plunked a large hand on my shoulder.
“White Frost?”
I nodded hard. The man was a stranger, but I could tell he worked with the President. Like the Chosens with a red badge on their chests, those who worked directly for the president were tagged with a large silver button. An old face was engraved on the heavy looking item, but it looked weightless against the man's large chest. “Who are you?”
“Fresh,” he said. His voice was low and it rumbled in my stomach. “I was sent out to find White Frost, and after asking around, they pointed you out. You are White Frost, correct?”
“Yes,” I said with exasperation. “What's going on? And who are you?”
“Come with me.” He reached out, roughly grabbed my elbow and pulled me towards one of the yellow curtains.
I stammered to find words as several people watched as I got pulled past. Pepper. Pebbles. A few acquaintances from my education classes. I frowned and looked up at the massive shoulder of the stranger who continued to drag me along.
“What's this about?” I hissed. “Are the Chosens back?”
“Yes.” His voice was terse and simple.
“And did they find Penny Lincoln?”
“We believe so.”
“You believe so?” I grumbled. “How can that be? Either you found her or you didn't. How can you not be sure?”
“What we have may not be enough evidence to prove that it is indeed Ms. Penny Lincoln.” His voice started to lose that hard edge as he bumped a few people out of his way.
My eyes widened. “Was there an attack?”
Teaser #4
“You wanted to see something that could get me in trouble,” he continued softly. “Here it is.”
“And what... is it?” I asked tentatively.
Salt spun around. He came up close and thrust the paper into my hands before I had a chance to react.
“This,” he said. He took a few quick steps away from me.
The new paper was so much different than the others. Thinner. Smoother. Almost slimy to the touch. My thumb and fingers passed over the surface a few times like a blind person as I stared at Salt.
“This is what you want, isn't it?” Salt's voice was hoarse as though it hadn't been used in years. As though he didn't come to my room every night and try to start a conversation with me. “You wanted something beyond the words. You wanted something that could get me into just as much as trouble as you.” He swallowed hard. “You wanted something to prove there's more to the world than what you see in front and above you. This is it.” He took a heavy seat on the bed. “Look at it.”
My eyes lowered. I squinted. I didn't understand what was on the slippery paper.
“What is this?” I whispered.
Salt smiled. “The world.”
Teaser #5
“Trust comes from a leap of faith,” Salt said vaguely. “Your cousin trusted me to look after you.”
“How can I know that's true?” I muttered. “Shade never spoke about you. He never spoke about anyone—”
“You can decide whether or not you want to trust me,” Salt said softly. “Tell me... are you looking for a way out?”
My eyes watered. I didn't know why he bothered to ask. If he knew my cousin as well as he said he did, then he must have already known. He knew I wanted more than a stupid life of dark passages and secrecy. I frowned and looked away. I wouldn't let a stranger see me cry, but Salt nodded out of the corner of my eye.
“Leap with me, White. I can help.” He pushed the curtain aside. “I'll be back tomorrow with dinner.”
I sniffed. “But wait—” I started.
He was already gone.

That's all of them! Intriguing right? ;) Trust me, it's super worth it! If you want to check out my review of Five Seven Five, you can check it out here
Don't forget, To Nowhere and Five Seven Five is on sale right now for a limited time! Be sure to pick it up while the price is still low!!! 

Hope you guys enjoy :) <3 


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